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The digital generation has created a culture obsessed with entertainment. No longer forced to sit around living room television sets for the weekly episode of our favorite shows, the Internet has brought speed, efficiency and variety to TV series, by bringing TV shows and films from the or the television sets to our personal lap-tops, tablets or mobile smartphones. We can access nearly anything from

The role that the Internet has played in bringing TV closer to people has created new viewing habits. Easier access has prompted marathon viewing sessions, no longer beholden to waiting for major television or cable networks to release a show in separate segments at allowed times each week, digitizing television watching habits catalogues an entire series for viewing wherever and whenever you want. Shows can be easily accessed by download or streamed directly online all in one go.the_walking_dead.tvshow

It has also ushered in an era of increased variety and talent in television. Over the past three decades, television has undergone a renaissance of sorts in development and investment in writing and producing, with major film stars like Matthew McConaughey, Claire Danes, Kevin Spacey, Kerry Washington and Kevin Bacon taking on more and more television roles and high quality series releases. Once considered an inferior medium to film, TV has now begun to eclipse blockbuster films in popularity and viewing numbers. This has attracted top talent from the silver screen to the small screen, major directors like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, David Fincher and Jane Campion have all tried their craft in TV work.

As the medium has expanded, it’s not necessarily major networks that are producing quality TV series anymore. Independent and even Internet based producers are also now all wading into the field, which has increased the number of series on offer into the hundreds. From drama, to comedy, to sci-fi, to adventure, to documentaries and even reality TV, there is a show to suit almost any audience in any language.


Benefits of Downloading TV series and shows


Downloading television series is much more convenient than waiting for them to air on TV. Instead of waiting for a show to air at a time that may not even work for you, downloading it takes out all the hassle as you can watch it anytime you want. Once you have the show on your device you can view it at any time of day form anywhere.



Traditionally, TV shows are aired one episode at a time, at least one week at a time. Downloading a TV series onto your device allows you to watch an entire season in one sitting if you were so inclined. This applies to episode that wouldn’t have even aired yet on a traditional TV channel. It’s all neatly catalogued on your device to watch as much or as little as you like.


Variety of episodes

If variety is truly the spice of life, the same applies to TV series watching. Downloading a telly series allows you to pick from a range of episodes. You are not hampered simply by what the major television networks decide to play, you can pick and choose for your own schedule of viewing. You can also re-watch, re-wind or jump forward to different episodes when you download TV series, allowing for more greater viewing opportunities.


Accessibility from any device

Before the advent of television on the Internet, you were restricted by what to watch according to your region or country, only having access to shows that were shown by your local networks. Downloading TV series has changed all that. You can live in one part of the world and easily download a popular program from another country that you normally wouldn’t have access to if it were not for the Internet.



In comparison to streaming, downloading is advantageous as it allows you to store and watch a show on your device at any time. The file is held locally on your device, so you are not held back by spotty WIFI or data access. Streaming leaves you open to issues with buffering that can slow down your viewing. When you download your favorite TV series on to your lap-top or tablet the whole file is there to carry it with you, providing hours of entertainment while traveling.



Downloaded TV series tend to have a higher quality (HD 720p 1080p)  than streaming. Many lap-tops and tablets and mobile phones today are equipped with incredible graphics displays and downs systems which make you feel like you’re in your own personal theater. A downloaded series also allows you to screen the shows on a large format screen or projector for friends and family, making it an enhanced viewing event.


With numerous advantages to download TV series, the process of actually doing it is fairly simple and user-friendly. Numerous websites exist with entire TV series to download, while many tablet operating systems offer digital stores to buy TV shows, while many digital companies now offer their own produced TV shows to download.the.100.tvshow

The digital stores and sites can guide you on what type of download might be best for the machine you desire to view it on. Many paid for downloads come in multi formats to be played on multiple devices. Other sites will offer formats of shows in .mp4 (digital video and audio format), .mkv (open multimedia format), or .avi (audio video interleave format). Both Windows and Mac operating devices tend to work with .mp4, while .avi is typically used on Windows, but can be used with Mac with an attachment. What format is best suited for you and your device can easily be decided with some brief Internet research into the make and operating system of your machine.

Television has changed greatly with the rise of the Internet and digital networks. This has both improved the quality and variety of shows on offer. It’s shifted big time movie stars and directors to smaller screen roles and brought entertainment options from around the world to our fingertips. Downloading TV series only enhances this experience through availability, ease of use, quality and portability, providing entertainment anywhere at anytime. Time will tell what the next big thing in the digital world will be, but for now television is on the rise thanks to developments in the computing age.