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Documentary, Mystery TV Series Ancient Aliens (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2011-07-28 by The History Channel Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Robert Clotworthy. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.4/ 10.

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Aliensas well as the Old West

air day: 2011-07-28

AncientAstronaut philosophers think aliens have actually been going to planet for hundreds of years. If so, might we discover proof of this also in the tales of America’s Old West? In Aurora, Texas, the regional burial ground asserts to hold the body of an unusual whose ship collapsed there in1897 In Utah, petroglyphs illustrate weird beings using just what appear like room fits. In southerly California, 19 th century herdsmans reported seeing a transcendent animal arise from Elizabeth Lake. Or even in Tombstone, Arizona, the residence of Wyatt Earp as well as the website of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, cowboys asserted to have contended a titan, metal bird Are these just campfire stories, or did the cowboys as well as indigenous individuals of America’s Wild West really are available in call with unusual beings from an additional– far more far-off– frontier?


Aliensas well as Monsters

air day: 2011-08-04

Hindu bible explains a massive flying animal called a Garuda that drank the ground when it came down on Earth. Is it feasible that this beast was really a misunderstood unusual craft? Are crossbreeds like the Centaur, the Minotaur as well as Medusa simply legendary animals of dream– or could these ancient representations of scary beasts have been the outcome of sophisticated extraterrestrial hair transplant treatments?


Aliensas well as Sacred Places

air day: 2011-08-11

Are spiritual locations the item of guy’s respect for God– or the outcome of call with ancient room tourists? Jerusalem’s Temple Mount has actually been called a beautiful entrance. Islam’s temple at Mecca shows a Black Stone thought to have actually dropped from paradise. And also the holy place at Baalbek, Lebanon was improved a huge rock framework looking like a touchdown pad. Did guy run into magnificent beings at these sanctuaries, or might they have satisfied ancient space beings?


Aliensas well as the Temples of Gold

air day: 2011-08-18

Could gold be the utmost web link in between people as well as aliens? A church in southerly France is stated to hold the trick to alchemy– as well as a portal to an additional component of deep space. Residents in Cusco, Peru think UFO discoveries are linked to shed gold at the end of Lake Puray. And also some think below the Great Sphinx of Giza exists a whole collection left by space beings– a collection saved on gold.


Aliensas well as Mysterious Rituals

air day: 2011-08-25

Throughout the globe, ancient ceremonies as well as routines are thought to link people to an additional measurement. Simply that– or just what– are we connecting with? Could today’s routines, such as events, crownings as well as funeral services, be based upon very early guy’s efforts to imitate ancient unusual site visitors? If so, just what various other ancient routines might discover their origins in a kingdom– not of this globe?


Aliensas well as Ancient Engineers

air day: 2011-09-01

Might the devices as well as modern technology of ancient contractors have originated from far-off galaxies? Proof recommends that an ancient mountaintop citadel in Peru was built with laser-like devices … holy places at Vijayanagara India were developed to harness planetary power … as well as an acoustic chamber in Malta allowed interplanetary interaction. If the ancient contractors did make use of sophisticated modern technology, could it verify that aliens went to Earth hundreds of years ago?


Aliens, Plagues as well as Epidemics

air day: 2011-09-08

Researchers are consistently tested by unknown pressures of microorganisms with mystical beginnings. Could several of our most debilitating plagues as well as upsurges be mapped to the darkest devoid of room– and even extraterrestrial treatment? Throughout the Black Death of the Middle Ages, individuals reported bronze flying ships giving off an unusual haze. As just recently as 2011, NASA researcher Richard Hoover released proof of life in meteorites. Is it feasible that ancient aliens– as little as germs– have formed human background?


Aliensas well as Lost Worlds

air day: 2011-09-15

Mystical tales as well as falling apart damages are all that is left of our world’s shed globes. Could there be evidence of ancient unusual site visitors concealed amongst the artefacts of human beings that have lengthy disappeared? Odd makings recommend the Mayan city of Copan was ruled by the offspring of transcendent beings. And also some think the ancient Nazca individuals changed their bodies– as well as their lands– to indicate the celebrity gods to return. Are the remarkable achievements of shed human beings just the items of ancient mythology– or could they have been something … wonderful?


Aliensas well as Deadly Weapons

air day: 2011-09-22

Iron swords built in scorching warm fires … Gunpowder with the power to abuse human flesh … And rockets with the ability of ruining whole cities … Throughout background, developments in modern technology have actually caused the growth of effective tools– each even more fatal compared to the last. Were these dangerous tools the item of human advancement– or were they developed with assistance from an additional, otherworldly resource?


Aliensas well as Evil Places

air day: 2011-09-28

For hundreds of years, there have actually been locations all over the world taken into consideration unsafe to people. May these areas hold the trick to a transcendent link? At Australia’s Black Mountains, regional misconceptions mention ancient snake gods as well as walkers vanishing. Yearly hundreds are attracted to a dark woodland at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan– to dedicate self-destruction. Just what triggers these locations to be wicked? Could there be proof that previous extraterrestrial task cause the adverse power in Earth’s wicked locations?


Aliensas well as the Founding Fathers

air day: 2011-10-05

Just what is the definition behind secret messages located throughout Washington, D.C.? Did America’s Founding Fathers understand something concerning ancient aliens that the public did not? And also if so, could this expertise have been included right into the icons, design, or even the starting files of the United States of America?


Aliensas well as Deadly Cults

air day: 2011-10-12

Mass self-destructions. Human sacrifices. Unholy routines. Throughout background, individuals have actually asserted to have transcendent expertise, as well as have actually led fans to dedicate terrible acts of physical violence. Are they bilker? Are they crazy? Or might the voices in their heads truly be of an extraterrestrial beginning? And also if so, did they just misunderstand the messages they obtained? Or might there be space beings with a scary program?


Aliensas well as the Secret Code

air day: 2011-10-19

Megalithic monoliths connected with each other by electro-magnetic power … Prehistoric damages set up throughout huge ranges direct … And sophisticated maths sculpted right into spots greater than 5000 years back. Were ancient guy’s amazing frameworks developed by people alone? Or do they birth proof of being made– as well as adjoined– by transcendent site visitors?


Aliensas well as the Undead

air day: 2011-10-26

Zombies increasing from their tombs … Blood drawing vampires damned for all infinity … as well as people caught in a life as well as fatality battle in between paradise as well as heck. For hundreds of years, the human race has actually informed stories of experiences with weird, feral animals. Are these ideas just manmade manufactures– or could there be extraterrestrial beginnings in earthly experiences with the undead?


Aliens, Gods as well as Heroes

air day: 2011-11-16

Superhuman toughness … Supernatural powers … And the outstanding capability to fly. Throughout background, the human race has actually informed amazing stories of gods with amazing powers. Are these accounts just high stories, or could they be based on valid occasions? If legendary gods truly did exist, were they, as ancient astronaut philosophers think, extraterrestrial beings? And also could this aid to clarify the long-lasting appeal of gods, titans as well as various other supposed “super-heroes”?


Aliensas well as the Creation of Man

air day: 2011-11-23

Why are people so various from each varieties in the world? Did we progress from ape– or is our knowledge the outcome of call with a transcendent resource? Could unusual developments in human advancement be the job of interstellar beings? 10,000- year-old petroglyphs connect our ancient forefathers with celebrity beings. May proof of unusual get in touch with assistance open the enigma of the Creation of Man?

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