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Documentary, Mystery TV Series Ancient Aliens (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2012-12-21 by The History Channel Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Robert Clotworthy. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.4/ 10.

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Secrets of the Pyramids

air day: 2012-12-21

For countless years, pyramids were the biggest frameworks in the world. The very best recognized were built in Egypt as well as Central America, however others have actually been located all over the globe, consisting of in China, Africa as well as Indonesia. Exactly what function did the pyramids offer? Scientists check out unusual resemblances in between all pyramids, in addition to the geographical, calculated as well as transcendent links in between these strange significant frameworks.


Aliensas well as Cover-Ups

air day: 2012-12-28

In 1980, 3 young armed forces guys were sent out right into a UK woodland to check out unusual lights. They supposedly experienced a spacecraft of unidentified beginning. When among the guys touched it, he declares to have actually obtained telepathically a lengthy series of binary code, which he later on jotted down as well as converted. The armed forces got them to never ever mention the event. Why do such UFO experiences continuously be maintained under covers, as well as exactly what might they disclose regarding our ancient past?


Alien Power Plants

air day: 2013-01-04

Egyptian hieroglyphs portray using light bulbs in burial places as well as secret chambers. As well as batteries might have been found amongst artefacts from Mesopotamia. Did the Ancients recognize electrical energy, as well as if so, just how did they uncover this innovation? May they have had aid from space beings?


Destination Orion

air day: 2013-01-11

Why were ancient people around the globe so concentrated on the Orion constellation? While researchers website several earthly links, scientists recommend this factor in the evening skies might have been a supposed Stargate, or entrance factor, for unusual life kinds. If space beings have been going to Earth for countless years, might they have stemmed from the Orion Nebula?


The Einstein Factor

air day: 2013-01-18

Was Albert Einstein a wizard? Or was he superhuman? Was his wizard ‘of this world,’ or was it ‘otherworldly?’ Is it feasible, as Ancient Astronaut philosophers think, of an extraterrestrial link to the clinical wizard of well-known historic numbers such as Albert Einstein, Galileo, Archimedes, as well as Aristotle?


Secrets of the Tombs

air day: 2013-01-25

Around the world, excavators have actually discovered ancient burial places loaded with unusual things as well as works. Impressive resemblances have actually been located at each of the websites. Just how is it feasible that the funeral chambers of far-off societies were so comparable in style? Ancient Astronaut philosophers think that several of these made complex as well as practically progressed burial places were developed with the aid of space beings.


Prophets as well as Prophecies

air day: 2013-02-08

They were the carriers of magnificent understanding as well as seers that shared visions of the future. For countless years, human world has been directed by the words as well as acts of ancient prophets, however simply that– or exactly what– were these prophets interacting with? Might the experiences of background’s prophets be proof of interaction with a beautiful resource– or were seers like Elijah as well as Joseph Smith in fact interacting with extraterrestrial emperors? As well as if so, exist comparable prophets at the workplace today?


Beyond Nazca

air day: 2013-02-15

Erich von Daniken’s spots publication, Chariots of the Gods, accentuated the strange sensations of the Nazca Lines. Numerous massive lines, some in the form of pets, geometric patterns as well as an alien-like being, expand for miles throughout a remote Peruvian desert. Scholars are separated regarding that constructed them, as well as why. Some Ancient Astronaut philosophers think that the large markings have an extraterrestrial link, as well as maybe the ancient individuals of the area developed these massive numbers in homage to the gods that saw them. As well as with among the biggest down payments of nitrates on the planet– a crucial active ingredient in rocket gas as well as weapons– could Nazca have been a mining procedure for innovative beings in the far-off past?


Strange Abductions

air day: 2013-02-22

In 1975, Travis Walton declares to have actually been abducted as well as taken aboard a rocket ship populated by extraterrestrial beings. A number of individuals observed his experience as well as almost 40 years later on Walton’s tale of unusual kidnapping, missing out on time as well as mind-telepathy adjustment has actually not fluctuated. Scientists state that kidnappings are not a contemporary sensation. The Hebrew Bible is loaded with tales of kidnappings by transcendent beings. Jonah, Moses, Ezekiel as well as Enoch all portray exactly what could best be referred to as literally being required to various other measurements and afterwards returned. Is it feasible that extraterrestrial beings have been snatching people for countless years as well as if so, might there be an unusual schedule behind the sensations?


The von Däniken Legacy

air day: 2013-04-05

A boy’s spiritual trip. A questionable bestseller. As well as a clinical concept that intimidated to transform the globe. Simply exactly what are the truths behind Erich von Däniken as well as Ancient Astronaut concept? For greater than 40 years, his publications have actually marketed over 65 million duplicates worldwide. He is a hero to some, as well as an apostate to others– however Erich von Däniken’s debatable concepts have actually recorded the focus of the globe as well as stired up a motion called Ancient Astronaut Theory. His extensive look for the reality regarding humanity’s transcendent beginnings have actually begun to acquire approval with a little however expanding variety of Ancient Astronaut philosophers– males and females that have actually broadened, as well as sometimes fine-tuned, von Däniken’s searchings for. Did ancient astronauts actually involve world Earth? As well as, if so, exactly what was their function? As well as maybe a lot more vital– will they return?


The Viking Gods

air day: 2013-04-12

They were instructors as well as destroyers. Mighty warriors that scorchinged throughout the skies in dazzling chariots as well as possessed enchanting tools that might lower hills. Odin, Frey as well as Thor. The gods venerated by the Norse Vikings were terrifying as well as strange, however were these beings really divine, or exists, maybe, an extraterrestrial link? The Norse were amongst one of the most technically innovative societies of the ancient globe. They were impressive travelers that started nautical trips to Africa as well as the Middle East as well as got to North America at the very least 500 years prior to Christopher Columbus. Were the Norse directed by effective gods, or could the super-beings that directed the Vikings have in fact been site visitors from one more world?


The Monoliths

air day: 2013-04-19

Enormous rock frameworks that reach to the paradises … unusual, gigantic numbers hidden deep in the Earth … as well as power releasing balls linked around the world … What forced ancient guy to removal gigantic rocks, in many cases evaluating countless extra pounds, as well as to develop extremely comparable rock monoliths all over the globe? From the forests of Costa Rica to England’s country countryside, ancient individuals accomplished amazing accomplishments of building and construction without innovative devices or innovation. Is it feasible that space beings advised the ancients to develop these intricate frameworks? Or were our forefathers owned to produce these pillars in order to reconnect with holy tourists that when strolled the Earth? Could ancient pillars hold innovative, extraterrestrial powers we have yet to recognize? As well as if so, simply exactly what will take place when we open the enigma of the pillars?

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