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Documentary, Mystery TV Series Ancient Aliens (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2013-09-30 by The History Channel Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Robert Clotworthy. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.4/ 10.

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ThePower of Three

air day: 2013-09-30

Respectfor the number 3 return numerous years, along with can still lie today in art, layout, clinical research study, compositions, along with confidence. Just just what is it worrying this number that stays to impress the mankind? Could this reoccuring motif have a considerable message? The ancient Egyptians believed the design of the 3 pyramids of Giza stemmed from theGods Varied cultures throughout the world treasured spectacular beings that ruled as all-knowing trine. Isaac Newton sought the tricks of deep area in an ancient tablet computer system that stated the power of the number 3. Also the language of our DNA is produced in a pattern of Fives. Could the mix of all the set of threes along with trinities set up throughout the epic along with spiritual world suggest that the power of 3 might somehow web link mankind with divine or, as some would definitely believe, extraterrestrial stress?


TheCrystal Skulls

air day: 2013-10-07

Luminescentvintages through human heads. Transcendent artefacts believed to harness the tricks of deep area. Are the Crystal Skulls element of an expensive rip-off? Or do they have an exceptional, possibly additionally transcendent power? The Crystal Skulls are a few of among one of the most open to question of ancient artefacts. While there have in fact been in fact various crystal heads situated throughout the world, inning conformity with story, there are simply thirteen which are believed to hold an exceptional, wonderful power whose tricks will definitely be revealed when the heads incorporated to produce an around the world grid. Could this meant “get-together of the heads” stimulate spiritual know-how of the gods? Understanding that has been hidden from the mankind for numerous years? As well as if so, will the Crystal Skulls reveal the truth worrying our extraterrestrial past, or utilize us a look right into our future?


TheAnunnaki Connection

air day: 2013-10-14

TheSumerians in ancient Mesopotamia acquired over one hundred “firsts” for human individuals. Breakthroughs in producing, farming, clinical research study, mathematics, drug, astronomy, transportation, framework, militaries, universities along with city prep work, all originated fromSumer The Sumerians financial debt these success to The Anunnaki– big, winged gods, that are simply situated in ancient photo creating messages. Could these gods be above story? Is it viable that globe made unforeseen, large advancements in development 5,000years previously as an end result of the Anunnaki’s presence worldwide? Could the humanity have been jump-started or maybe genetically generated by extraterrestrial beings in the remote past? Might the Sumerian messages specifying the Anunnaki be proof of this open to question principle? As well as if so, could we eventually rejoin with these divine website visitors?


Magicof the Gods

air day: 2013-10-21

Fascinatingwizards … Mysterious sorcerers … And attractive beings … had of impossible power. Throughout the ancient world, magic was utilized for every single little point from healing to connecting with the gods. Did magic really exist in the ancient times? Not as a type of movie theater– nonetheless as a means of replicating the power of the gods? Do ancient accounts of magic suggest evidence of cutting-edge, transcendent know-how? An know-how given to extremely early humans as a means valuable them open their own– some might state “magnificent”– feasible?


TheSatan Conspiracy

air day: 2013-10-28

Heis the poor one, the Prince of Darkness, the leader ofHell Satan produces terrible pictures of a horned beast whose solitary feature is to spoil mankind. There is evidence that the gone down angel we acknowledge as Satan can be misinterpreted. New evaluations of ancient messages reveal that Satan can have been an extraterrestrial that was much more of an ally to humankind as compared to a foe by passing along know-how that expanded the seed for globe. Could Satan’s reputation as the personification of poor be his charge for leading extremely early man from darkness along with absence of understanding? If so, might his poor acts really be expressions of revenge versus the human pets that deserted him? Or are the ruthless acts connected to Satan element of a grand method? A series of moral challenges prepared to prepare us for our complying with, along with possibly last … close experience?



air day: 2013-11-01

Strangemedical therapies accomplished by extremely early humans … Strange beings with impressive powers … And a cover– destroying centuries of medical know-how. Are present innovations in drug the result of years of research study? Or does the know-how of healing really stemmed from a transcendent source? Proof of cutting-edge medical therapies worked out in the ancient world has in fact lain practically anywhere from ingredients on the wall surface surface areas of sanctuaries to genuine skeletal remains. Simply that were the experts of this impressive clinical research study? As well as where did their know-how of the body stemmed from? Accounts from various cultures specify similar divine, birdlike numbers that brought cutting-edge medical know-how to the mankind numerous years previously. That– or simply exactly what– were these ancient surgeon? Is it viable that these Gods may have been extraterrestrial beings that worried Earth to inform humans exactly how you can recuperate themselves?


Emperors, Kings along with Pharaohs

air day: 2013-11-08

Effectivegrandeurs ruling by spectacular. Centuries- old realms building up huge treasures. As well as renowned leaders having efficient devices of mass destruction. Is it viable that ancient leaders were, in fact, contacted divine or, some would definitely state, extraterrestrial stress? As well as, if so, simply exactly what was their feature? Ancient emperors, kings, along with pharaohs were usually gotten in touch with transcendent sturdiness, ability, along with understanding; great deals of were additionally considered gods by the people they ruled. That were these impressive leaders, along with precisely just how did some full a whole lot in their time? Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that these fantastic leaders throughout history were “selected” along with led by area beings. Is it viable that the world’s renowned leaders might have shared a regular genetic feature? An expected, “management genetics”? As well as might this genes have been– not a product of genetic advancement– nonetheless obtained by the mankind from some transcendent source?



air day: 2013-11-15

Spiritualbones … Golden hats … And items of spiritual things thought to have healing structures. Around the world, excavators have in fact uncovered magical vintages treasured by ancient cultures for numerous years. Currently on display in galleries, sanctuaries along with churches, various people travel nation miles merely to be in their presence. Just just what is it worrying these ancient things that brings in people to them? Could the truth of the mankind’s starts be situated in the fabric, steel, rock along with bones of our far-off past? As well as could these magical vintages really provide us with the ability to get to divine or transcendent power?


Aliensaswell as Forbidden Islands

air day: 2013-11-29

Talesof shed along with magical islands, proceeded globes along with Eden- like paradises have in fact been notified by seafarers throughout human history. Is it viable these stories are above merely the mistaken beliefs of innovative seafarers? May evidence of our Ancient Alien starts be situated by looking into the world’s most remote islands– tactical locations where area beings could have as quickly as made their earthly residences … along with possibly still take a look at today? Unknown totally submersible things attending to lightning speed … unusual crafts showing up of water near remote volcanic islands … along with mystifying megalithic problems in the facility of the sea. Is it viable UFO job could be hidden deep undersea along with off the coasts of islands? Could this talk about why a great deal of islands throughout the globe have stories of uncommon explorations of costs both things along with beneath the sea returning centuries?


Aliensaswell as The Lost Ark

air day: 2013-12-06

TheArk of the Covenant is simply among among one of the most required spiritual vintages of eternities along with far more as compared to merely a box which had the TenCommandments The scriptural stories surrounding the Ark point out a device with spectacular powers that had the capability to create food, get rid of stonewalls, get rid of those that are readily available in telephone call with it, along with supply straight communication toGod Are these stories easy false impression? Or did the Ark of the Covenant have impressive powers? Just what occurred to this remarkable vintage? Could it still be hidden? Are we acquiring close to a rediscovery– along with renewal– of the Ark? As well as if so, will the Ark of the Covenant reveal a long, dropped connect to our extraterrestrial past?


Aliensaswell as Mysterious Mountains

air day: 2013-12-13

Throughoutancient globes, the world’s hillsides were considered the spiritual the house of all-powerful gods. Why would definitely a great deal of different cultures share this suggestion that hillsides had a connect to transcendent beings? The Greeks believed their most efficient gods, the Olympians, incomed an excellent fight for control of deep area fromMt Olympus. Damages of a 4000- year-old observatory located on a hillside in Macedonia reveal that the ancients tracked divine activities from over with phenomenal precision. As well as in Peru, the children of the Incans continue an ancient journey technique in order to connect hillside spirits calledApu Could these gods have been area beings? Did they use remote hillside caps to involve with extremely early man? Might this talk about why humans have been brought in to hillsides for numerous years?

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