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Documentary, Mystery TV Series Ancient Aliens (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2014-01-24 by The History Channel Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Robert Clotworthy. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.4/ 10.

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Aliensas well as Stargates

air day: 2014-01-24

Legends from around the globe mention spiritual entrances to the land of the gods. Gates that enabled instantaneous flow not simply past the boundaries of Earth, however past area as well as time. Are such flows– or stargates– simply innovations of misconception, or might this sort of interstellar traveling have existed in the ancient globe? In Turkey, scientists discover a mystical as well as harmful cavern that the ancient Greeks called a physical entrance to Hell. The Incas thought their realm started when magnificent beings tipped with sites in a hill. In Northern Mexico, tales define odd, transcendent animals showing up as well as going away within the remote damages of an ancient world. As scientific research proceeds its mission to develop modern technology that would certainly permit people to take a trip to the celebrities, is it feasible that these holy paths currently exist?


Aliensin America

air day: 2014-01-31

Weird rock makings from 8,000B.C. Unexplained discoveries in the brand-new globe. As well as a frightening abnormality afflicting the American West. Exists even more to America’s previous compared to is discovered in our background publications? Could the mystical tales as well as antiques discovered throughout the United States be proof of extraterrestrial get in touch with in the remote past? In 1909, the Phoenix Gazette reported the searching for of a weird manufactured cavern loaded with ancient items as well as mommies. Could there be a link in between the mystical cavern as well as the tale of Native American forefathers called “Star Beings?” Weird lights as well as inexplicable climate abnormalities were recorded throughout colonial America. Exists proof that very early American inhabitants had close experiences with extraterrestrial entities? Could UFO discoveries as well as records of unusual get in touch with become part of America’s unknown background?


The Star Children

air day: 2014-02-07

On every continent, there are tales of kids that “attract attention” for their odd capabilities as well as progressed expertise. They are stated to know points they should not or could not understand. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians as well as numerous various other societies have tales concerning extraordinary kids that are the spawn of people as well as the gods. Could the tales be greater than simple misconception? Is it feasible there are kids being born upon Earth today that can access their unusual DNA– a link that grants them with unique presents as well as the power to change culture?


Treasures of the Gods

air day: 2014-02-14

Secured safes having a weird as well as harmful curse, mystical antiques thought to be under transcendent defense, as well as treasures so invaluable, it has actually set you back guys their lives. On every continent there are tales of extraordinary prizes that have actually been shed for centuries. Is it feasible that the globe’s biggest ancient antiques are concealed deliberately– as well as secured by an extraterrestrial resource?


Aliensas well as the Red Planet

air day: 2014-02-21

Throughout human background, the earth Mars has actually recorded our creative imagination. Ancient Egyptian astronomers were the very first to tape the red earth on a graph of the universes called the Senenmut celebrity map. Scholars think Mars played a vital function in Maya astrology that’s defined in the Dresden Codex. As well as contemporary translation of Sumerian as well as Babylonian beginning misconceptions tape a catastrophic occasion happening on Mars. Is our attraction with Mars merely as a result of its striking red shade as well as importance in the evening skies? Or might we have an extra extensive extraterrestrial link? For almost 40 years, probes have actually been sending out info concerning Mars back to researchers right here in the world. Photos of the mystical earth expose mountain-like developments called Twin Peaks as well as a weird, humanoid face sculpted right into Martian rock. Has NASA discovered clear-cut indicators of life on Mars that they’re deliberately avoiding the general public?


The Shamans

air day: 2014-02-28

Throughout background, spiritual leaders called witch doctors have actually recovered, secured as well as encouraged their individuals. Are they merely placing on sophisticated events? Or could they touch with extraterrestrial worlds? The Mongol military squashed their opponents as well as developed a large realm with the assistance of effective witch doctors that might control the climate. Amazonian witch doctors think transcendent beings educated them the best ways to develop an effective mixture that permits them to take a trip past Earth to get expertise. As well as on the desert levels of the Kalahari, the San Bushmen technique sophisticated hypnotic trance dancings that open superordinary capacities in their therapists. Can witch doctors truly connect with transcendent beings? Is it feasible that with these spiritual conciliators, space beings had the ability to affect humanity in the remote past? As well as could such holy interaction proceed also today?


Aliensas well as Insects

air day: 2014-03-07

Planet is house to 10 quintillion pests. In societies throughout the globe, pests have actually been recognized, been afraid as well as prized as gods. Might these odd animals that have occupied Earth for hundreds of millions of years offer a web link to extraterrestrial beings? Is it feasible the ancient Egyptians ran into unusual beings that had an insect-like look? Are the scorpion-tailed grasshopper defined in guide of Revelations some kind of sophisticated weapons possessed by an extraterrestrial being? Might the Ant People that show up in both Greek as well as Native American folklore truly be grey aliens? Is it feasible that there is a link in between pests as well as aliens? Are pests pertaining to beings from past our globe, as some Ancient Astronaut philosophers recommend? As well as if so, might they have a secret objective we have yet to find?


Alien Breeders

air day: 2014-03-14

Demonic temptation … crossbreed spawn … as well as odd kidnappings. In societies throughout the globe, there are stories of intimate experiences with transcendent beings. Could these tales be even more compared to simply folklore? Scientific deconstruction of human hereditary make-up has actually disclosed that our beginnings are not exactly what we when thought. Biologists have actually established that very early people mated with a number of various other varieties of smart hominids. Neanderthals, Denisovans, as well as a 3rd– since yet unknown– varieties might likewise be stood for in our DNA. Is it feasible that stories extending from dropped angels to Greek gods, middle ages nightmare as well as succubus to today’s extraterrestrial sex-related experiences are all one in the exact same? As well as if so, is all of it component of a better schedule? Could checking out these experiences offer not only proof of extraterrestrial sex-related treatment in the remote past, however likewise expose real nature of humanity’s beginnings?

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