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Documentary, Mystery TV Series Ancient Aliens (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2014-06-13 by The History Channel Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Robert Clotworthy. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.4/ 10.

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Alien Transports

air day: 2014-06-13

Ancientsocieties worldwide inform tales of unusual things saw flying overhead. Are these stories fiction, or might individuals living thousands of years ago really have seen extraterrestrial crafts coming down from the paradises? In the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Ezekiel, the prophet explains an intense chariot having wheels within wheels, powered by angels. In ancient Ethiopian messages, King Solomon of Israel offered the Queen of Sheba a flying rug, as well as took a trip on one himself throughout the Middle East. As well as Chinese folklore discusses that the god Huang Di arised from the stomach of a fire-breathing dragon to end up being China’s very first emperor. Could these accounts of intense chariots, flying carpetings as well as fire-breathing dragons truly be summaries of misconstrued modern technology entailing strange crafts? Have transcendent spacecraft been rising throughout Earth’s skies for countless years? Just what were our forefathers truly defining in their ancient tales?


Mysterious Structures

air day: 2014-06-20

Throughout the globe there are megalithic rock frameworks whose building baffle stonecutters, researchers as well as archeologists. Is it feasible that ancient people took care of to removal as well as reduce these big rocks with the aid of unusual modern technology? From the 3,000megalithic rocks in the French town of Carnac to the precision-cut blocks at Puma Punku in Peru to the 12,000year-old round frameworks of Gobekli Tepe, sculpted multi-ton megaliths are located throughout ancient societies. The enigma of just how the rocks were reduced as well as relocated to construct these developments stays. One feasible response might be located at Coral Castle, Florida, where in the 1930 s an anti-gravity gadget was purportedly made use of to removal 30- heap coral reefs obstructs to develop the huge toned yards. Substantial rock damages note just what our company believe to be ancient burial ground, holy places as well as expensive observatories– yet just how these megaliths were constructed could not be described.


Mysterious Devices

air day: 2014-06-27

A 2,000- year-old computer system … a nuclear power plant inside the Great Pyramid … as well as a Nazi-era time device with origins in the ancient background. Throughout the globe, there are artefacts as well as tales that indicate sophisticated modern technology in the far-off past. Could these gadgets be items of our forefathers’ creativities or might ancient male have had accessibility to extraterrestrial modern technology? Were ancient Egyptians able to produce electrical energy, possibly also lighting up the passages of the imperial burial places with electrical light bulbs? Did top-level Nazis covertly create a time-travel device that was made use of as a retreat car after their loss in Europe? Could the Ark of the Covenant have been a sonic tool? Most of the globe’s most strange gadgets have actually been right here for countless years. Could they have been constructed with the aid of extraterrestrial beings?


Faces of the Gods

air day: 2014-07-25

Throughout background, there are tales of unusual beings unlike anything recognized to feed on Earth. Could they be greater than simply folklore? Could our forefathers’ summaries of divine site visitors with bird-like wings be proof of call with extraterrestrial site visitors called angels? Did titans truly stroll the Earth countless years ago? As well as if so, could they have been from one more globe? Or possibly also the outcome of unusual testing with our very own DNA? Is it feasible that extended heads located on various continents are proof of people resembling the look of transcendent site visitors, as Ancient Astronaut philosophers recommend? Or could they also be the heads of space beings themselves? Could ancient background hold ideas to the opportunity that we have been gone to in the past by space beings? If so, did they involve form the human race’s past– or its future?


The Reptilians

air day: 2014-07-25

The Reptilian alien is a component of science-fiction, from H.P. Lovecraft’s stories of Valusians to the Cardassians in Star Trek, to the Visitors of the tv series V. Could ancient misconceptions concerning reptilian animals supply proof that they are a lot more compared to simply a pop-culture development? Tales of snake beings could be located on every continent. The Bible, the Quran as well as the ancient messages called the Nag Hammadi codices all explain reptilian entities engaging with people. In Mexico as well as Central America individuals venerated the plume snake god called Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl. In India, the Nagas are half-human half-reptile gods that live underground in a location called Patala. As well as in China as well as Japan, numerous emperors assert to be the offspring of dragons. Could these tales stand for genuine Reptilian beings that individuals around the globe really run into in the ancient past?


The Tesla Experiment

air day: 2014-08-01

He is just one of one of the most respected innovators of the 20 th century– as well as the male that really energized the globe. Nikola Tesla shepherded the human race to a brand-new commercial age as well as prepared for today’s technical age– yet could that have been by some transcendent style? A male shrouded in enigma as well as intrigue, Tesla would certainly mention getting understandings in a jiffy of brilliant, just how he might envision his creations in full-detail as well as control them in his mind, as well as his obsession to design the future. He additionally asserted to have straight interaction from smart beings on various other earths. Is it feasible that this supposed crazy researcher, until now in advance of his time, was really a human “receiver”? A being touched to progress the human race– as well as lead the way for a future get-together with our unusual forefathers?


The God Particle

air day: 2014-08-08

It has actually been called the trick to deep space as well as perhaps one of the most essential clinical development of perpetuity. Could the supposed “God Particle” disclose the reality concerning our beginnings? As well as might ideas to its importance have been left right here in the world countless years earlier by extraterrestrial beings? The old-time inquiry, “where did we originate from?” stays a secret, yet in 2012, researchers at CERN research laboratory introduced the exploration of the “God Particle”– the subatomic fragment that is thought to offer mass to matter– as well as supplies a closer understanding of simply exactly how deep space started. The exploration apparently matched scientific research versus faith. Could scientific research as well as faith really be kindred spirits? Lots of ancient faiths as well as folklores explain the beginnings of deep space in methods really just like today’s clinical descriptions as well as declare that this info was offered to them by otherworldy beings.


Alien Encounters

air day: 2014-08-15

Stories of unusual experiences go along with a lot of background’s significant occasions. Is it just coincidence? Or might it be proof of extraterrestrial treatment? In ancient misconceptions from societies around the world, gods are typically depicted interfering in human events. The Sumerian gods are stated to have actually produced the human race; the Hebrews think God offered Moses male’s very first regulations, the Ten Commandments, as well as the angel Gabriel supposedly shared magnificent knowledge with the prophet Muhammad. Is it feasible that these mythological visitations were not really the job of the gods– yet instead a race of space beings making use of sophisticated modern technology to develop as well as form our world? Ancient Astronaut Theorists think aliens might have aided overview the human race in the remote past– which proof for this magnificent final thought could be located sprayed throughout human background.


Aliens& & Superheroes

air day: 2014-08-22

From the start of documented background, people have actually informed tales concerning beings with super-human stamina, super-sonic rate, as well as mythological capacities. The ancients had brave stories concerning Zeus, Thor, as well as Hanuman while today we have superhero tales concerning Superman, Batman, as well as Spider-man. Mythologists claim these impressive tales appear like each various other due to the fact that they might have all originated from an usual collection of dental tales produced ages earlier by our earliest forefathers. Might there be one more, a lot more transcendent factor that the globe’s brave misconceptions are so comparable? Is it feasible, as numerous Ancient Astronaut Theorists compete, that these tales are really based upon remarkable– as well as perhaps extraterrestrial– beings that survived on Earth in the far-off past?

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