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Action & Adventure, Drama TV Series Baywatch (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) was released in 2000-10-02 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Michael Bergin, Krista Allen, Brande Roderick, Jason Momoa, Stacy Kamano, Leo Burmester. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 5.1/ 10.

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Soul Survivor

air date: 2000-10-02

Whereas heading once more to the teaching coronary heart, Sean is hit by Zack McEwan, a twenty yr outdated utilizing his skateboard whereas carrying his surfboard. Unbeknownst to Sean, Zack goes to be one among many new trainees for the workforce. Not wanting Sean to know that he is a possible workforce member, Zack swiftly makes his method out of the realm. Additional down the road, Zack watches as Peggy, a reasonably nineteen yr outdated, tries to handle her youthful brother, Casey, who must dive off the road. Utilizing Sean’s very phrases, Zack warns the youth to take it easy. After all, Casey doesn’t hear and moments later has dived off the cliff. Luckily, daredevil jet ski champion Cliff Tyler is inside the house and radios the teaching coronary heart for help. Sean and Leigh head out. Sean warns Cliff to stay away, nonetheless ever the latest dogger, Cliff must get into the movement. As an alternate, he causes trouble as Peggy’s hair will get caught inside the consumption of his jet ski. Sean is compelled to cut the tail pipe with the intention to free her hair. Cliff at fi


A Knife inside the Coronary coronary heart

air date: 2000-10-09

Axel, a youthful teenager utilizing a Jet Ski, blows earlier J.D., Zack and Leigh. J.D. yells at Axel to take it easy. Each Zack and Leigh see that one factor is disturbing J.D.: he on no account acts this way. In the meantime, Kekoa is having one of many important nightmarish experiences a lifeguard can have: a grandfather suffers a coronary coronary heart assault. Moments later, Axel wipes out on his jet ski-the jet ski careening within the route of a youthful married couple. Kekoa requires once more up, nonetheless ought to deal with the individual having the middle assault and Greer, Axel’s father, who wants her to rescue his son first. Kekoa lastly has to hit him with a rescue can to get him out of her face. J.D. and Zack arrive on the scene of the accident. JD tells Zack to stay with Axel whereas he tends to the couple. By the purpose he’ll get once more to Zack, he sees that Zack has disobeyed his orders and has tried to convey Axel in, getting pummeled by the waves and virtually killing every himself and Axel inside the course of. This solely items off J.D. further.

For Sean, the morning h


Unhealthy Boyz

air date: 2000-10-16

Throughout a helicopter teaching session, every Zack and Carrie fail important checks: an athlete recovering from knee surgical process ignores warnings from Jason to not go kite boarding. He runs proper right into a wind surfer and goes down, crashing proper right into a buoy. Jason calls Leigh inside the helicopter for once more up. Seeing the individual inside the water and figuring on the market is not a time to waste, Zack immediately jumps in, regardless that the helicopter is just too extreme and the dive is dangerous. He manages to pay cash for the individual. Carrie, for her half, freezes and is unable to leap. Sean is apoplectic that his workforce must be having such trouble following instructions, nonetheless he has bigger points. Jenna, nonetheless smarting from their break up and vowing for revenge, has started exhibiting the teaching coronary heart to 2 males and a realtor who plan to remodel it proper right into a lobster restaurant owing to Sean’s non-payment of property taxes.

Nonetheless, the center is in trouble. Leigh wants to help, nonetheless Sean insists he can deal with points himself. Seeing that Sea


Harmful Video video games

air date: 2000-10-23

Sean and Leigh are giving a lecture to a bunch of blue haired outdated girls in hopes of getting some funding for the teaching coronary heart. An individual on fireside runs screaming earlier them. Sam Parks, an excellent wanting daredevil pilot, chases after the individual and knocks him to the underside, saving him from a firey demise. Sean and Leigh are impressed by his bravery similtaneously they’re just a bit cautious of his methods. The following day, Sam comes by to ask Leigh and Sean Sean out for drinks. They accept. Sean begins to essentially really feel just a bit hesitant about Sam when, after stopping a drunk from making a go at Leigh, Sam virtually pum-mels him. Sean realizes that Sam is an adrenaline junkie who’s dangerous for her to be spherical. Leigh, though, is caught up in Sam’s glamorous façade and errors Sean’s concern for jealousy-which is probably not too faraway from the fact as a hurt Sean watches Leigh and Sam stroll off into the sunset for a romantic evening collectively. The following day, Sean presents Leigh with the reality that Sam’s license has virtually


Stone Chilly

air date: 2000-10-30

Maya Morgan is a reasonably blonde volley ball participant who happens to be a childhood pal of Carrie. Jason is immediately smitten alongside together with her and she or he, apparently, with him. Whereas they’re exchanging glances, off on the dock, youthful hooligans Danny and Mark attempt to tear off a car from Skipper, a neighborhood fisherman. Danny hops inside the car and begins the engine nonetheless, sadly, catapults it off the sting of the dock. Mark runs to call for help. Sean and Jason come working. They dive into the water, Jason armed with a hammer which he makes use of to interrupt the rear window of the car and pull Danny to safety. Within the technique of doing this, Jason will get caught and Sean ought to dive once more and rescue him. Again on shore, Skipper must have the kids arrested, nonetheless since he has employed them be-fore, it is his phrase in opposition to theirs that the kids have been making an attempt to steal the car. Sean takes a liking to Danny, whom he feels he can reform. Leigh, though, is conscious of of Danny’s check-ered earlier and warns Sean in opposition to trusting him too


Damaged Guarantees

air date: 2000-11-06

Persevering together with her assault on Sean’s workforce, Jenna calmly publicizes that she hopes to convey Leigh once more to the North Shore Lifeguards. Sean retains saying this will not happen, nonetheless Leigh is conscious of how Jenna is when she’s going to get her ideas on one factor. In the meantime, the Snowden family (Jim, his partner Gwen and youthful son Jamie) are having an excellent time on the seashore. Unbeknownst to them, Danny and one different of his nefarious buds, Vin, are planning on scamming them and robbing them. They go into their routine and are about to steal the Snowden’s points when Gwen hears Jamie calling out: he’s gotten into trouble inside the water. Not shedding any time, Danny jumps into movement and saves the boy. Later, on account of Jamie was saved, the Snowdens decide to not press bills. Sean presents Danny a possibility to reform: be a part of the teaching workforce and start a model new life. Danny enthusiastically agrees. Leigh thinks Sean’s making an unlimited mistake.

Kekoa and her father have hit a model new low. Beneath the impression that he was making an attempt to make a reconciliation,


Dream Woman

air date: 2000-11-13

It has been a horrible day for Sean. Jenna is fixed her all-out assault on him by making an attempt to take further of his gear (this time, the scarab and two jet skis); the seashore is overrun with belligerent vacationers (along with a Drunk), and Congressman McKenna is demanding a gathering to debate funds. Within the midst of all this, Sean will get a reputation from J.D., who has merely rescued an island woman who would possibly want a once more hurt. J.D. is working out of vitality, and desires once more up with the intention to convey the lady in to shore with out damaging her spinal chord. Not with the flexibility to go away himself, Sean sends Kekoa and Zack. Zack, as customary, is so fired up by pleasure, is so in his zone resulting from his experience, and is so intent on saving J.D. and the sufferer that he ignores Kekoa’s warning about utilizing the jet ski over the waves. He wipes out. The jet ski goes careening within the route of J.D. and the sufferer. J.D. is able to pull the sufferer out of damage’s method, nonetheless the jet ski rams into him. He is able to muscle his method once more to


The Cage

air date: 2000-11-20

Whereas watching over the Ironman Triathlon, J.D. and Sean ought to perform a rescue of two divers who’ve come face to face with a tiger shark. The clarification the shark is so shut in land is that Blake, a nefarious “”shark tour”” provider, had been dumping chum inside the water. Sean, in spite of everything, is livid and turns into way more so when locals inform him to not intrude. Sean confronts Blake face to face, nonetheless Blake is not going to be intimidated by Sean and even threatens him once more. Unbeknownst to Sean, Kekoa and J.D. have continued their affair. They’ve, in actuality, ramped it as a lot as the following stage, regardless that every know that what they’re doing is dangerous and by no means in top-of-the-line pursuits of the workforce.

In the meantime, Jason is having points with vacationer Al Raymond. Raymond is an efficient enough man, nonetheless he wants so desperately to impress his son Noah that he retains getting in Jason’s method. To make points worse for Al, all of his makes an try end in embarrassing failure. Al at first irritates Jason, nonetheless Max tells him how he misses hiya



air date: 2000-11-27

The instances begins out fantastically, with Sean shopping alongside along with his good pal Mike, a seventeen yr outdated who hopes to point out skilled sometime. Sean goes into shore to open the tower. When he appears out on the ocean as soon as extra, Mike has disappeared. After a frantic search, Mike is found alongside along with his head lodged in a coral reef. Regardless of top-of-the-line efforts of the workforce, Mike dies. His father, Peter, has recognized Sean for years and blames him for the demise of his son. Sean blows up: he can’t maintain on to the entire guilt and is bored with making an attempt to orchestrate points identical to the Ocean Fest. He storms off. This supplies Jenna a possibility to take over the plans for the Ocean Fest. That is significantly good news for Zack, who was going to be a bench hotter for lots of the Fest owing to his place as a newbie. Jenna, nonetheless, retains him an alternate. Carrie tries to warn Zack that he is not behaving very correctly politically, nonetheless he’s too consumed alongside along with his private frustrations to take heed to her.

Sean goes out on his canoe to be alone. He’s not aware tha


Ties That Bind

air date: 2000-12-04

The teaching interval is coming to an end, and the complete trainees are anxious to see who will get the valued A-1 classification. Throughout this final “”heat,”” all people pushes themselves to the limit, along with Zack and Carrie. In the meantime, Barney Poe and his daughter Liv are on the seashore. A thief sees her taking out a wad of funds and tries to steal them. Zack immediately jumps into movement and chases the thief by the use of the crowds inside the water by the use of jet ski. He collars the thief, nonetheless is conscious of he is in trouble with Sean for showing so rashly. He wonders if it ought to have an effect on his capability to get his qualifying certification. Zack and Liv are drawn to no less than one one different. As they seem throughout the teaching coronary heart, Barney explains to Sean that he’s been a widower for eight years. Sean, contemplating of Ben, understands Barney’s predicament and is sympathetic.

True to his worst fears, Zack does not get his certification. Zack, in spite of everything, is completely devastated-particularly when Carrie consoles him on washing out in fro


Black Widow

air date: 2000-12-11

On the equivalent time, Sean is caught in website guests in entrance of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. He sees one factor that makes him catch his breath: a woman that resembles his ex-wife, Maggie. Simply as they see each other, his Nextel begins chirping. Loopy Bob has found the physique of the husband and dragged it to shore. Sean immediately rushes to the scene. Leigh tries her most interesting to hold out artificial respiration, nonetheless it is too late. The individual is lifeless. Surprisingly, his windpipe has been crushed. Leigh runs off to hunt out Sasha, and catches her inside the midst of a torrid embrace with Sergio, a “”pal of the family.”” Leigh is immediately suspicious of what she has merely seen, nonetheless Sean reminds her that they are lifeguards, not policemen, and to depart the detective work to the professionals. Arriving on the scene of the crime is Maggie. She tries to talk to Sean, nonetheless because of the investigation, he can’t communicate to her at that second. As an alternate, they adjust to meet at a bar later. As quickly as as soon as extra, Sean’s work has taken precedence over h


The Ex-Information

air date: 2001-01-29

Jenna is marching throughout the Coaching Heart with Phil Value, a photographer getting publicity images of her in movement. In the meantime, Zack is exhibiting spherical Peggy, one among many trainees. They get a frantic identify: a scuba tour group has misplaced a number of of its members near a reef. Seeing an opportunity for some photographs in movement, Jenna grabs Phil and directs Sean to convey him with them so he can get the pictures. Zack will expertise shotgun with Jenna. As they near the realm the choice received right here from, Sean notices that the channel marker is missing. He warns Jenna and Zack, nonetheless they’re too intent on the rescue. The jet ski hits a reef and flips, tossing Jenna and Zack into the water. Zack breaks his ear drum, nonetheless suffers by the use of the ache with the intention to get Jenna, who’s trapped under the water. He and Sean rescue her.

It appears that there on no account was a bunch of scuba divers: it was merely one different in an rising series of pranks which have been carried out on the lifeguards. McKenna makes an try to make use of what occurred to Zack and


The Stalker

air date: 2001-02-05

Two youthful and good wanting spear fishermen, Ronnie and Eric, get into trouble when Eric unintentionally shoots whereas Ronnie is in entrance of him. Ronnie’s hand is pinned to the coral reef. In the meantime, Sam (the adrenaline dashing pilot from Harmful Video video games) has come once more into Leigh’s life. He has been sending her submit enjoying playing cards and calling her. Carrie thinks Leigh’s crazy for not going for him. Immediately, Sam reveals up behind them. He wants Leigh thus far him as soon as extra. Their reverie is interrupted by Eric’s cries for help. The trio immediately spring into movement. Eric has now been caught inside the fishing line and may also be in trouble. Utilizing their most interesting efforts and ingenuity, the trio is able to save Eric and Ronnie. Ronnie is taken to the hospital.

Eric might be very grateful to every Carrie and Leigh, nonetheless he seems to take an especial curiosity in Carrie. The 2 of them exit on a date. Carrie really likes him, and finds herself opening as a lot as him in a way she hasn’t sooner than. The following day, he is on her entrance door s


Father Faust

air date: 2001-02-12

It’s a harmful day on the seashore. An individual has misplaced his Rolex watch and is upset when all Sean presents to do is fill out a report-not study all people on the seashore. Mr. Tanaka is inside the water, making an attempt to study to swim accurately. Being the rich and outdated man that he is, he is impatient with the alternative people on the seashore and is completely unaware of the dangers of being inside the water. Kekoa is sustaining a tally of him. Immediately, a unfastened catamaran begins careening within the route of him. Everybody shouts at Mr. Tanaka to get out of one of the best ways, nonetheless he feels that he is an important man who does not need to maneuver. Sensing the hazard brewing, fourteen yr outdated Kala’i pulls Mr. Tanaka under the ground of the water. The catamaran glides over them, narrowly missing them. Sean, in a daring switch, leaps on the catamaran and with the help of Kekoa is able to stop it. Mr. Tanaka, though, retains accusing Kala’i of making an attempt to mug him. He refuses to take heed to anyone who tells him in another case.

The following day, Sean has decided to


A Good Man in a Storm

air date: 2001-02-19

Hurricane Honu is headed within the route of the islands and everybody appears to be on stage one alert. Zack is making an attempt to save lots of a number of his invaluable computer discs, nonetheless Sean warns him that all accessible shelter space ought to be saved for meals and supplies. Within the midst of the chaos, Sean will get a reputation from Jenna: she’s caught at Kaena Level resulting from a landslide and she or he’s in peril of being wind-swept over a cliff. Sean goes to rescue her, solely to search out that she’s not in peril at all-she merely needed a expertise on the scarab to bypass website guests to go to a metropolis council meeting in Kaneohe. She feels that all the panic over the hurricane is over-stated and that the islands stand to lose money because of the hysteria. Simply then, the storm begins to hit. She tries to help Sean, nonetheless steers the boat proper right into a reef, shearing off its propellers. Then, whereas making an attempt to make up for her mistake, she winds up getting her foot caught inside the anchor line and goes hurtling over the sting of the boat. Sean ought to brave the uneven waters to save lots of a number of her


My Father the Hero

air date: 2001-02-26

Sean and Jenna are on their method once more from the alternative side of the island, the place they’ve met some mucky mucks who is maybe helpful to her reelection advertising and marketing marketing campaign when out of the blue, they hear shouting from out inside the water. They meet Lyle Garrett, a youthful, good wanting man whose pal has been injured in a shopping accident. Sean dives into the water and, regardless that it ought to harm her costume, Jenna does as correctly. After the pal is taken to the hospital, Jenna has a possibility to talk with Lyle. He is an funding banker who handles some very wealthy purchasers. Jenna’s eyes immediately delicate up: not solely does she should research to take a place her private money larger, nonetheless a contact with wealthy associates could very properly be very helpful definitely. She feels that Lyle could achieve benefit from her coterie of political contacts as correctly. Sean, though, is not going to be pretty so merely impressed by him: there’s one factor about his conduct that bothers Sean. Jenna poo poos him, notably when Lyle, “”as a favor,”” is able to flip her $5,000 into $10,zero


Boiling Level

air date: 2001-04-09

Sean and Brian have merely achieved the daring rescue of Matt, a twelve yr outdated boy who had gotten just a bit too excited alongside along with his birthday present: a wind surfboard. The boy is impressed that he was rescued by “”the”” Brian Keaulana. Brian and Sean, within the meantime, are wanting over the model new computer system, designed by Zack and paid for by Harold Schuster, the center’s biggest donor. Brian asks Sean recommendations on the right way to use the banner commercials at excessive. He tries to click on on on one. The system out of the blue crashes. With Schuster coming later that afternoon, this is usually a essential disaster.

Zack, within the meantime, is with Jason, JD and Kekoa. They’re with Schuster’s spoiled daughter, Brit, taking her on a mountaineering journey to the Waimea Valley on Kauai. Each Zack and Jason are scorching for Brit, and she or he makes sure she performs with the two of them. She may also be terribly correctly equipped, carrying alongside together with her a handheld GPS (world positioning satellite tv for pc television for computer) system. They decide to hike to the best of a neighborhood peak. JD and Kekoa will preserve behind. Because the day wears


The Return of Jessie

air date: 2001-04-16

Sean, J.D. and Kekoa have arrived on the Huge Island to help with the extra work introduced on by the Ironman Triathlon. They’re met on the airport by Russ, an area Hawaiian with an excellent sense of island lore and humor. Unbeknownst to them, moreover on the Huge Island is Jessie. Decided to win the Triathlon this time, Jessie has launched her new little one son, Luke, alongside together with her. As she is working in direction of, she hears a woman, Sarah, screaming on account of her husband, John, a physique boarder, has disappeared. Jessie immediately springs into movement and, with the help of Kekoa (who’s after all surprised to see her) helps rescue John and produce him to shore. Sadly, it appears as if he broke his neck and is maybe paralyzed for good. Over the following few days, this prognosis is con-firmed and John will almost certainly keep a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. Relatively than face that future, John refuses to have a life saving operation completed. Kekoa and Jessie are at a loss at how they may persuade him to go on. This takes on par



air date: 2001-04-23

Sean and Leigh are inside the scarab off of Maui investigating a model new man-made reef that is being put in to lure further vacationers. Neither of them is pleased with this new enchancment on account of it has prompted a shift inside the rip patterns. Nick, a surfer, may also be concerned and, for some goal, shouldn’t be feeling pretty correctly. His brother Joe is shopping and tombstones. Sean and Leigh quickly bounce into movement and produce Joe to the seashore. He’s unconscious and Nick is form of hysterical. Sean and Leigh try to get him to attend for the ambulance, nonetheless he’s too caught up in making an attempt to save lots of a number of his brother. The ambulance arrives and Nick hops in to go to the hospital.

Within the hospital, Joe is okay nonetheless Nick appears to have pneumonia. Sean and Leigh begin to suspect that there is one thing fallacious with the provides that are getting used to create the model new reef. To complicate points, Sam Parks has come once more. Sean undoubtedly does not perception Sam, and Leigh is detest to tell him the fact about Sam’s standing as a Navy Intell


Useless Reckoning

air date: 2001-04-30

Sean, Jason and Zack are headed to the Huge Island to participate inside the Showdown 2001, a 12 mile course of pure obstacles. Leigh might be taking up supervisory duties whereas Sean is away. J.D. is tending to Kekoa, who has come down with the flu. Luckily, J.D. has an iron construction, though he didn’t have his annual flu shot. Jason has on a regular basis wished to participate inside the Showdown 2001, and this appears to be his enormous probability. Nonetheless, as part of their sponsorship by Path Tracker journal, they need to take alongside a reporter who will participate. It appears to be none aside from Jessie. That is her enormous probability to change her career and make one factor of herself. Sean reminds her that the workforce will nonetheless be having fun with by all of the ideas, and there might be no exceptions made to help promote her story. Jessie is agreeable to these phrases. She, though, has already chosen who her confederate might be: Jason. He’s not pleased with this, since he nonetheless holds a grudge based totally on one of the best ways she b


Makapu’u Lighthouse

air date: 2001-05-07

Sean rescues a neighborhood TV celeb who’s in trouble alongside along with his kayak. This brings the workforce a great deal of media consideration, and since Sean turns down the provision of a TV interview, he is provided per week on the Hilton, comp’d, resulting from what he did. Sean, though, does not want to take freebies each so he declines. However he has a particular problem: he is about to go on his required annual go away for per week. Being the devoted and at events obsessive man that he is, Sean is having a hard time letting go. Zack tries to curiosity Sean in turning into a member of a canoe race that he and Jason are doing for a contest. However Sean is not going to be in the intervening time. Brian has a solution: one among his associates, Jimmy Confair, a Hawaiian, is having problem alongside along with his boat-and moreover with getting over the demise of his partner. He needs help repairing it and making it whole as soon as extra. Brian implies that Sean go to go to Jimmy and help. Sean reluctantly agrees. When he arrives at Jimmy’s house, he is surprised to see that the boat tha


Rescue Me

air date: 2001-05-14

Sean faces the selection to depart for Australia or stick to Baywatch, whereas Leigh has agreed to marry Sean.

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