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Father Michael Kerrigan is a Catholic priest who lives in a parish of contemporary Britain. It is a modern and rebellious man who must be confidant, counselor and confessor of a congregation struggling to reconcile their beliefs with the challenges of everyday life. Among its devoted members of the community find Christina Fitzsimmons, a woman who lives with her three children and her mother. He works at a local betting but even with his salary, can not make ends meet. Helen is closely related to the gambling addict Roz Demichelis, who has made a horrible decision and desperately needs the help of Father Michael. On the other hand, Andrew Powell is a familiar, decent and well-meaning man who, after a police incident is dvidido between his moral and career. Finally, Helen Oyenusi is a devout Catholic mother who becomes the closest to Michael.Todo woman such events start happening in that small community and the center is Father Michael. Fortunately, you are not alone as they always supported Father Peter Flaherty, his oldest friend and confidante who will help you deal with all situations without losing your inner peace. Broken is starring Sean Ben (Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings), Anna Friel (Limitless), Paula Malcolmson (The Hunger Games), Aisling Loftus (Pride + Prejudice + Zombies) and Adrian Dunbar (Line of Duty ). In the production team found Colin McKeown and Donna Molloy as producers by Jimmy McGovern, Colin McKeown and Sean Bean are also executive producers. Fiction created by Jimmy McGovern for the BBC is run by Ashley Pearce and Noreen Kershaw.

Broken ‘is a dramatic fiction belongs to BBC One. The series is set in the Catholic world and focuses on Kerrigan Father Michel, the priest of a Catholic parish that lies north of England. Kerrigan, who has a troubled past, is characterized by a very charismatic, nonconformist and very involved with their community man. In addition, it is a modern and ahead of his time, which sometimes bring problems with the most conservative part of the Catholic Church priest.