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Action, Comedy, Drama TV Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 1-4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1998-09-29 by The WB Television Network Channel. Serial was created by Joss Whedon, James Whitmore Jr., directed by Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon. Cast include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kristine Sutherland, Eliza Dushku, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart Head, Alyson Hannigan, Harrison Young, Kristine Sutherland. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.2/ 10.

Series info

The 3rd season of the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on September 29, 1998 on The WB Tv Network as well as ended its 22- episode season on July 13,1999 It preserved its previous timeslot, broadcasting Tuesdays at 8: 00 pm ET. 2 episodes, “Range” as well as “College graduation Day, Sequel”, were postponed in the wake of the Columbine Secondary school bloodbath due to their material.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘(‘ Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘) is an American television series supernatural / teen court issued by The WB and UPN for 144 episodes, divided into seven seasons, elapsed between 1997 and 2003. The fictional account history of Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar), a teenager who becomes “chosen”, a slayer who must fight “the Master”, the most ancient and powerful vampire who exists, and his minions. To achieve complete this arduous mission, Buffy has the help of his schoolmates Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) and Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon), and his mentor, Mr. Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head).

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Episode Guide



air day: 1998-09-29

Willow, Xander as well as Oz are trying to maintain the Sunnydale vampire populace in check throughout Buffy’s lack with just modest success. As the gang reboots institution we discover that Buffy is functioning as a waitress in L.A. making use of the name Anne as well as attempting to neglect her old life. Buffy encounters Lily (previously referred to as Chanterelle) as well as her partner Rickie that swiftly shows up missing out on. Buffy finds Rickie to an old guy. Proceeding her examination Buffy finds Ken (a social employee) as well as Lily as well as all 3 fail a website in the flooring. They remain in a demonic manufacturing facility where the human beings are servant labor. Back in Sunnydale the gang prospers in betting a vampire though it’s not precisely rather. On the other hand Buffy as well as Lily awaken in a cell as well as Ken clarifies they remain in an alternative measurement where a century passes prior to a day in the world passes. Buffy gets rid of the guards with some aid from Lily as well as leads her as well as the various other servants back to Planet. After handing


Dead Male’s Event

air day: 1998-10-06

When Buffy returns house she locates that the life she left might not be as simple to slide back right into as she needs to fight not just the climbing dead, however additionally the question of her mommy as well as the quiet animosity of her buddies.


Confidence, Hope & & Method

air day: 1998-10-13

The brand-new Slayer Confidence gets here in the area as well as looks like a fun-loving goofy teen that incorporates herself right into the gang. While Buffy is obtaining ‘Solitary White Female-d’ she notifications that Confidence is ending up being a lot more strange as well as finds that she has actually been complied with by an old vampire that killed her viewer.


Charm as well as the Monsters

air day: 1998-10-20

When a pupil is located savagely whipped in the timbers the Oz-werewolf is presumed, however when Buffy finds that Angel is back in the world after centuries of torment as well as has actually been minimized to absolutely nothing greater than a wild pet, she is afraid that he might be the awesome.



air day: 1998-11-03

When Cordelia flaunts her certain win for Homecoming Queen it stirs up the senior prom queen within Buffy as well as they come to be competitors for the title. {On the other hand the brand-new vampire in the area, Mr. Method, rallies a team of hard vampires, satanic forces as well as hirelings with each other to establish a shock for the 2 killers.|the brand-new vampire in community, Mr. Method, rallies a team of hard vampires, satanic forces as well as hirelings with each other to establish up a shock for the 2 killers.}


Band Sweet

air day: 1998-11-10

Mr Method gets Giles’ old pal Ethan Rayne to produce as well as disperse boxes of sweet which transform the grown-up populace right into spontaneous, careless young adults to maintain them from the method while the strange Mayor Wilkins pays a homage to a devil.



air day: 1998-11-17

Xander discovers Angel’s go back to Sunnydale as well as without delay educates the gang that challenge Buffy with the are afraid that he might transform bad once more, while Confidence locates herself under the wing of a brand-new Spectator, Gwendolyn Blog post, a appropriate as well as ostensibly prudish Englishwoman that was gotten rid of from the Spectator’s Council for exercising bad magic.


Fans Stroll

air day: 1998-11-24

Spike go back to Sunnydale a darkness of his bad-ass vampire self as well as abducts Willow so she could place a love spell on Drusilla. While he is out gathering magic spell active ingredients as well as convincing Buffy why she should not eliminate him, Willow as well as Xander shed their restraints in the warmth of the minute just to be captured in the act by a rescue celebration in the type of Oz as well as Cordelia.


The Desire

air day: 1998-12-08

Wishing to be eliminate Xander permanently, Cordelia involves the final thought that Buffy is the root cause of all her troubles as well as makes a dream that Buffy had actually never ever concerned Sunnydale. A devil gives the desire as well as Cordelia’s globe unexpectedly transforms.



air day: 1998-12-15

While the gang plans for their Xmas trip, Angel is haunted by visions of his terrible past. A mystical pressure called the First Wickedness takes the type of Jenny Schedule as well as attempts to persuade him to shed his spirit in Buffy as well as come to be bad once more. Thinking that he isn’t really solid sufficient to combat the satanic force within, Angel waitings for the top of a hillside for the sunlight to increase. Buffy locates him as well as informs him to combat back, that he could do actual excellent in this globe, however equally as she is quiting it starts to snow, avoiding Angel from being eliminated by the sunshine.



air day: 1999-01-12

Selecting the incorrect evening for mother-daughter bonding, Joyce finds the bodies of 2 kids obviously given up in an occult routine as well as she rallies the grownups of Sunnydale persuading them to free the community of wickedness, consisting of Buffy, Willow as well as Amy. Giles quickly becomes aware that the kids are really satanic forces that do not eliminate individuals themselves however conjure up worry as well as panic as well as get their power by seeing individuals maltreat each various other.



air day: 1999-01-19

For her upcoming 18 th birthday celebration, Buffy decreases the scooby gang’s deal of a large celebration, intending to commemorate with silent representation as well as a typical journey to the ice program with her papa. Unbeknownst to Buffy, prep works are being made for a lethal ceremony of flow that drains pipes the slayer of her powers as well as after that allures her with an effective vampire enemy that she have to beat in an unprotected state in order to pass the examination.


The Zeppo

air day: 1999-01-26

When Xander becomes aware that he isn’t really required by the gang as high as he wish to think, his mission to confirm he’s trendy leads him to an extraordinary evening that locates him mingling with quick ladies, increasing the with an unsafe group that might place Sunnydale in a globe of pain. On the other hand, Buffy, Giles as well as the remainder of the team take part in an angry fight with the Sisterhood of Jhe, an all-female satanic force armageddon cult that plans to resume the Hellmouth as well as cause the end of the globe. Confidence as well as Xander expand rather more detailed when they have sex after he conserves her from an armageddon satanic force.


Bad Women

air day: 1999-02-09

While on a goal to fetch an amulet prior to an effective satanic force could recover his stamina with it, Confidence presents Buffy to her negligent approach of slaying which leaves Buffy desiring even more of the wild life; while Giles is attempting to maintain his cool before the stale brand-new viewer, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. When Confidence mistakenly eliminates the replacement mayor Allan Finch, she attempts to tidy up the criminal offense however when Buffy challenges her concerning her activities, she merely responds “I do not care.”



air day: 1999-02-16

Buffyattempts to confront the repercussions of her wild activities with Confidence however Confidence appears to believe herself over the regulation. Buffy relies on Giles concerning the murder as well as he violates his bounds by not including the brand-new Spectator, Wesley. Angel records Confidence as well as attempts to get in touch with her however Wesley as well as the Spectator’s Council interfere as well as take Confidence to be transferred to England. Confidence to leave Sunnydale on a freight ship however Buffy locates her. Mr Method as well as numerous vampires assault them as well as Confidence conserves Buffy from virtually being attacked by Method. Buffy as well as the gang believe that Confidence could be conserved however while they review it, she is using her solutions to the Mayor.



air day: 1999-02-23

While unconsciously taking part in a spell with the wish-granting satanic force Anyanka in order for her to obtain her powers back, Willow mistakenly generates the vampire Willow from Cordelia’s alternating cosmos. The vampire Willow establishes her views on transforming Sunnydale right into the vampire-ruled globe she understands however when she discovers of her equivalent, she makes a decision making Willow send her back. After attempting to attract Willow as well as freaking her out a little bit, the vampire Willow is caught. The actual Willow, worn her apparition’s clothing, tries to quit the occurring massacre at the Bronze as well as is virtually eliminated by the vampire Willow prior to Buffy conserves her. Giles as well as Anya effectively send out the vampire back to her globe however she gets to the specific very same minute she left, right prior to she is laid by Oz.



air day: 1999-03-16

Confidence’s brand-new partnership with the Mayor reaches them conspiring to burglarize Angel of his spirit. Confidence attempts to attract him however he is believing Buffy Summers in a large, one-track method. When the antique method does not function, the Mayor summons an effective sorcerer that does the task for them. Confidence as well as Angelus collaborate as well as capture Buffy however while they are preparing to torment her, Confidence unleashes some information concerning the Mayor as well as his upcoming Rising; whereupon Angelus discloses that his profaning was all a substitute them to obtain details. Confidence runs away after she as well as Buffy fight as well as Buffy informs Angel that she requires time alone after needing to view him as well as Confidence kiss.



air day: 1999-04-21

After a close experience with a mouthless satanic force Buffy is contaminated with the satanic force’s blood as well as she obtains the capacity to listen to individuals’s ideas. Her brand-new located capacity initially benefits ripping off on schoolwork, however when the voices continuously flooding her mind, she becomes aware that she could not regulate the power. While the gang attempts to find a prospective awesome at the institution, Buffy is gradually going bananas from the failure to obstruct the sound from the minds of the individuals around her.



air day: 1999-05-04

Buffy’s approval to university leaves her with much more uncertainties concerning her life beyond Sunnydale with Confidence as well as the Mayor still about. Buffy makes a decision to take the battle to the Mayor as well as finds a secret distribution for him, the Box of Gavrok which has a magical power crucial to the Rising. Buffy as well as Angel effectively burglarize City center as well as nab the box however regrettably, Willow is caught by Confidence. Are they happy to surrender their finest opportunity at preventing the Rising to conserve Willow’s life? Exists any type of question?


The Senior prom

air day: 1999-05-11

As the perpetuity night-of-nights for the elderly pupils glances around the halls, Buffy have to conserve her buddies as well as the remainder of the institution from an undesirable pupil that has actually educated a pack of hellhounds to assault formalwear. Certainly Buffy conserves the day as well as her evening does not end up so poor when she obtains an unique Course Guard honor from her fellow pupils as well as Angel appears looking really snappy in a tux as well as requests for one last dancing.


College graduation Day, Component One

air day: 1999-05-18

The gang obtain some beneficial details from old opponent Anya that has really experienced a Rising. She discloses that the Mayor strategies to change himself right into pure satanic force, something that has actually not been seen for countless years. When Angel is infected by Confidence to sidetrack Buffy, Buffy deals with Confidence for the last time in order to obtain the just heal to the poisonous substance: Confidence’s blood.


College graduation Day, Sequel

air day: 1999-07-13

After their utmost ‘Fight-to-the- Fatality’ Confidence runs away from Buffy, albeit in a coma, so Buffy supplies her very own blood to Angel to free his body of the poisonous substance. When she recoups the gang ultimately develop a strategy to beat the Mayor, rallying the pupils as well as requesting for their aid in combating the resulting snake satanic force prior to Buffy leads him right into the collection which has actually been set up with dynamites.

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