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In the not too distant future, the mythological creatures that live in dreams and imagination of us all must refiugiarse in the real world. Humanity, instead of accepting this species leading into the planeneta centuries, decides to try to destroy them or exploit them because of their power. In this situation, two brothers named Koen and Waruu West decide to ally themselves to survive. They must confront the dangers posed by a human hand and on the other, beings from another world who, like them, live in the tierra.Koen has been blessed with a very powerful gift and his destiny is to become Cleverman. However, you must learn to develop and harness its power as it struggles against all dangers that put you ahead. Will he be able to get it before everything crumbles? Created by Ryan Griffen, Cleverman is a futuristic drama starring Scottish actor Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) and Golden Globe nominee Frances O’Connor (The Missing). It is produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia, Pukeko Pictures, Red Arrow International, ABC TV and Sundance Productions

The sci-fi drama “Cleverman” is set in a not too distant, dystopian future in which people feel increasingly inferior and therefore do everything possible to bring a group of non-human to silence, exploiting them and kill them. It focuses on two brothers (Hunter Page-Lochard and Rob Collins), they have actually grown apart, but now must fight together to survive.