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Crisis’ revolves around aa as a Puppet Maker takes all the elite of Washington, including the President of the United States, a conspiracy internacional.En Washington DC, a secret agent is in the epicenter of an international crisis on his first day of work. His search for truth in the highest level of power and corruption will force you to exceed the limits proposed, however … The series is starring Gillian Anderson (X-Files) and Dermot Mulroney ( ‘New Girl ‘) and created by Rand Ravichm (‘ Life ‘) who is also executive produce with Phillip Noyce (‘ Revenge ‘) and Far Shariat (‘ The Maker ‘).

The pupils of the Ballard High School, an elite school for children and young people from wealthy businessmen, influential entrepreneurs or important diplomats are on their way to a school trip. Among the students are Beth Ann Gibson, Amber Fitch, Ian Martinez, Anton Roth, Kyle Devore, Luke Putnam, Sloan Yarrow and Jin Liao and the president’s son, Kyle Devore. As a companion is the former CIA analyst Thomas Gibson, and the class teacher Mr. Nash here. Thomas takes part in the tour because he wants to improve the relationship with his daughter Beth Ann, which is not good to speak to him since the divorce of their parents. the school bus escorted by the Secret Service agents Hurst and Mark Finley, who completed his first day in the Secret Service. The school bus is lured into an ambush and kidnapped by unknown and of Hurst.