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Hiraga Saito, an ordinary teenager from our present, finds himself suddenly back in a fantasy world of magic and monsters. He was summoned by the sorceress Louise, known for their peers only by the name “Zero”, which reflects accurately their chances of success when cast. Saito’s invocation was therefore not really planned, actually she wanted to summon as all the other students of the same year, a “confidant” and that should certainly not be a human being. Still, Saito quickly assumes this role, although soon it turns out to him that “confidant” in Louise’s care rather means slave and her difficult character his life does not make easier.

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Dariaseason 5 straight download internet links Episode Guide Episode1:. Fizz Ed air day: 2001-02-19 Taking care of a lack of funds, Principal Li accepts a philanthropic quantity of cash …

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Dariaseason 4 straight download internet links Episode Guide Episode1:. Partner’s Complaint air day: 2000-02-25 Mrs. Bennett has the program go into collections for a budgeting task. Daria, crazy at …

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Dariaseason 3 straight download internet links Episode Guide Episode1:. Daria! air day: 1999-02-17 A songs episode where 7 song-and-dance numbers place a story concerning an upcoming cyclone. Episode2:. Through …

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Dariaseason 2 straight download net web links EpisodeGuide Episode1:. Arts’n’ Crass air day: 1998-02-16 Mrs Dafoe, the art trainer, asks the gifted Jane to send a poster fretting trainee …