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Animation, Comedy TV Series Daria (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 2000-02-25 by MTV Channel. Serial was created by Karen Disher, directed by . Cast include Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, Julián Rebolledo, Marc Thompson, Alvaro J. Gonzalez, Jessica Cydnee Jackson. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.0/ 10.

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Partner’s Complaint

air day: 2000-02-25

Mrs. Bennett has the program go into collections for a budgeting task. Daria, crazy at Jane for spending a great deal time with Tom, couple with Jodie instead; on the various other hand Jane couple with Brittany. Daria in addition to Jodie objective to start their personal solution, yet have issue acquiring an auto loan from a banks as a result of their age in addition to probably Jodie’s race. Jodie agitates at Daria when she is banged for using her papa’s impact in order to achieve success. Jane in addition to Brittany effort to obtain a vehicle, yet the car salesman shows up a great deal additional thinking about acquiring a day with Brittany.


Antisocial Climbers

air day: 2000-03-03

Mr. O’Neill arranges a wild survival camping trip for the program, in order to experience firsthand the man-against-nature facet of “” The Call of shrub””. And experience it they do, what with Quinn’s admirers preferring to bring her bags rather than the food in addition to items; Ms. Li overlooking student security as well as safety so regarding obtain interest from the trip; in addition to an undesirable snow storm that captures everyone in a cabin. Helen in addition to Jake stay in an extra cabin in the woods, actually wishing that their time alone will definitely elevate their level of love in addition to communication. They have issue connecting up till a pain in addition to near-frozen Mr. DeMartino attacks them.


A Tree Grows in Lawndale

air day: 2000-03-10

Kevin collapses his new motorcycle, hurting his knee. Quickly unable to play football for the team (hence in addition having to harm up with Brittany), he can do simply offer consolation with himself, in addition to the team happens a considerable shedding touch that damages the record of the organization in addition to the area. Taking a tip from Tom, Daria advises that Kevin lecture to young people concerning the risks of bikes– which helps rebuild Kevin’s positive self-image, yet refrains anything for the team (whose replacement quarterback is a hazardous psycho). Kevin has to determine: continue speaking, or help the team out.


Murder, She Snored

air day: 2000-03-17

When individuals of the football team acquire suspiciously suitable scores on Mr. DeMartino’s history assessment, he assumes that of them swiped the reactions– specifically Kevin, that jumped on scholastic probation at the time. Mr. DeMartino jeopardizes to quit working the whole program unless the transgressor confesses, in addition to Daria in the future makes ironical jokes concerning removing Kevin for trashing her otherwise suitable scholastic record. In your house, Daria has a wish that Kevin was removed, in addition to although numerous people have a goal, Daria is considered the major suspect. She obtains the sensibly inadequate help of “” Upchuck’s Angels””– seen listed below as the Fashion Club with big hair– to verify her personal merit. This episode cares for to spoof numerous ’70s task programs, including Hawaii Five-0, The Fugitive, in addition to, undoubtedly, Charlie’s Angels (duh!).


The ‘F’ Word

air day: 2000-03-31

Mr. O’Neill has his students each effort something they make certain to quit working at, to earn certain that they can achieve private growth. Daria aims to have her mother and fathers ground Quinn to earn certain that she could not most likely to a design presentation; Jane intends to outfit fashionably conformist in an initiative to match; Kevin intends to be a bad specialist athlete; Brittany intends to be unfavorable by routinely mentioning social issues; Jodie intends to talk her mother and fathers right into enabling her kick back throughout the summer; in addition to Mack intends to enlighten Kevin concerning the 3 branches of federal government. Daria, Jodie in addition to Mack quit working in their tasks (in addition to subsequently achieve success in the job), the numerous other 3 suddenly achieve success in their initiatives. Kevin acquires began the football team after losing a computer game, in addition to Brittany presses away the cheerleading group, that intend to transform her with Jane. Taking into consideration that nobody’s life changed right several thanks to their initiatives, Mr. O’Neill feels he has in fact quit working as a teacher– up till Daria in addition to Jane convince him that by doing so, he has in fact succeeded in.


I Loathe a Parade

air day: 2000-04-07

Dariamosts most likely to the drug store to acquire washroom cells, unknowning that the Lawndale High Homecoming Parade is happening that day. By the time she leaves the store, the roadway is crowded in addition to she has a difficult time acquiring home. She encounters Tad Gupty (the child she babysat in Pinch Sitter), that has in fact drop his mother and fathers. Reluctantly, she prefers to aid Tad out, in addition to while they try to find his mother and fathers, they encounter Tom, that has in fact been waiting for Jane at the wrong drug store. Daria still really feels bitter Tom for continuously Jane has in fact been attaching him, yet she goings with him to the numerous other drug store to find Jane. Throughout the training program of the day, as Daria in addition to Tom spend a very long time with each various other, they find that they actually kind of like each numerous other.


Of Human Bonding

air day: 2000-04-14

Dariacomes with Jake to a service individuals’s convention, while Quinn invites the Fashion Club for a slumber party occasion. At the convention, Daria in addition to Jake have issue finding much commonness, in addition to Jake intends to flatter an egotistical eating facility magnate that desires to take him ballooning– something that, used Jake’s issue of altitudes, could verify incredibly dangerous. At the slumber party occasion, the girls use Helen a renovation while she makes inquiries ideas concerning handling Jake. Throughout the training program of the night, Quinn in addition to Sandi can rarely hide the severe displeasure they actually feel towards each numerous other.


Psycho Therapy

air day: 2000-06-28

As a work from her legislation technique to recognize if she has the components of a buddy, Helen takes the member of the family to a therapy wellness center. The psycho specialists there assess them, in addition to it is revealed that Daria is the simply among the 4 that is actually well rounded, despite her usage mockery to push people away. Helen, on the various other hand, situates that she is a strong, win-at-all-costs shark that positions her profession before everything else, including her member of the family. Generally, this acquires her the coupon. Jane develops “” Jane Cam””, a website that communicates her fairly common jobs in her room. This does not review well with Tom, that inadvertently shivers his butt for the entire world to see.


Mart of Darkness

air day: 2000-07-05

A labyrinthine discount-bulk-warehouse discount store works as the place for various characters. Jane goes there to acquire Gummi Bears (for art supply features) after Tom taken in hers. Daria accompanies her to acquire new footwear shoelaces, as a result of that Quinn swiped the ones from her boot to deal with a bag. Trent in addition to Jesse go there to acquire a headlamp in addition to aromatic candle light lights, especially, in addition to Tom accompanies them so he can find Jane in addition to make up with her after their dispute. (Walking with both musicians, their half-brained purchase ideas have him practically up the wall surface area.) The Fashion Club more than likely to the warehouse store to acquire sunscreen in addition to various various other charm needs, in addition to, undoubtedly, their amazingly high standards quit them from making any kind of sort of genuine purchases. The free-sample cheese logs at the store happened relatively popular-an addiction, in fact, for depriving Mr. DeMartino, whose food budget strategy is amazingly restricted, in addition to for Mrs. Johansen (a 300- additional pound hypoglycemic lady that is a reoccuring individuality). Kevin’s papa, Doug, is holdi.


Legends of the Mall

air day: 2000-07-12

When Jake’s car does not start when he’s indicated to get hold of Quinn in addition to the Fashion Club from the shopping mall, the girls reluctantly take the bus, winding up in a frightening location in addition to having to walk the rest of the methods. A worried Jake has Trent selection him up in his barely-operating truck, in addition to they (in addition to Daria in addition to Jane) look for Quinn in addition to her friends. This tale frameworks 3 ghost stories developed throughout numerous years, with the stars playing tasks as required.

“” The Rattling Girl of Lawndale””, educated by Stacy, involves a girl in the 1960 s (Sandi) that, in an initiative ahead to be among one of the most famous female at Lawndale High by getting rid of the fat in her eyelids, happened anorexic. At the organization dance, she showed up so bony that when she danced, she made a discouraging rattling sound in addition to everyone teased her. Humiliated, she ran, disappeared, in addition to took her vengeance by making the eyelids of all the girls at organization puffy, developing the girls ahead to be unfavorable. The rattling of her bone.


Groped by an Angel

air day: 2000-07-19

Quinn begins to take an enthusiasm in guardian angels, in addition to after straight avoiding acquiring compressed by a lighting fixture; she winds up being encouraged that she has a guardian angel keeping an eye out for her. She then remains free from the salad clothes that supplies her friends food poisoning, thus expanding her suggestion. Daria checks out Quinn’s practices with reluctance in addition to satisfaction. Jane, nonetheless, assumes that Daria’s attitude in the direction of it is issue that Quinn can be right, considered that everything shows up to wind up alright for people like Quinn despite simply exactly how idiotic they act. Brittany’s papa throws a substantial occasion for his kid for acquiring a C-minus criterion, in addition to she invites everyone at organization, likewise acquiring Mystik Spiral to carry out. It is listed below that Quinn’s ideal of good luck touch surfaces, after she sprinkles juice on her new blues jeans after that shatters Brittany’s existing (a pricey crystal bullhorn) by continuing to be on the mixing board controls, developing the amplifier remarks to resolve full blast. Quinn actually feels medically dispirited in addition to aggravated concerning her guardi.



air day: 2000-07-26

After Jake wrongly causes a cooking location fire, the member of the family more than likely to stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks while the damaged places are repainted. At the hotel, Helen in addition to Jake find themselves relaxing to the variable of neglecting specifically just what’s around them. Quinn is dated by Bobby, a fine-looking assistant that provides her various high-ends free, proclaiming that his uncle has the hotel. After he asks her out, Sandi (in the past the nervous backstabber) intends to convince Quinn that Bobby is a stalker. Quinn neglects Sandi’s unpredictabilities as anxiety, yet it is later on revealed that Bobby existed concerning his uncle being the hotel manager. He had in fact planned to invest for the high-ends by hacking right into the hotel’s computer system in addition to getting rid of the prices, in addition to Quinn is scared that she basically went out with a. “” computer system professional.””.

Dariamosts likely to stay with Jane through. While there, she in addition to Tom start bonding over intellectual topics that go right over Jane’s head, in addition to Jane winds up envying. Daria intends to convince Ja.


Dye! Shade! My Darling!

air day: 2000-08-02

Jane means to tint her hair to resemble tiger red stripes, in addition to to do it she obtains the help of Daria, that waits for issue she will definitely screw it up. While Daria is making use of shade, Jane asks her why she has in fact been spending a great deal time with Tom, a topic that Daria situates uncomfortable. Later on, the shade job looks terrible, in addition to Jane costs Daria of purposefully screwing it up. With some prodding from Trent, Jane identifies she has in fact been acting a bit paranoid, in addition to after she dyes her hair back to normal she asks mercy to Daria, that once again strongly urges that she is not trying to swipe Tom. Later on, Tom in addition to Daria have a talk where he asserts that the problems he in addition to Jane are having in fact are not caused by her, in addition to she asserts she is not interested concerning him in addition to does not desire to stab Jane in the back. They passionately kiss. Racked with pity, Daria confesses concerning it to Jane, that hurricanes off crazily. Jane harms up with Tom, though it winds up being a pleasant splitting up as Jane identifies Tom in addition to Daria make a much much better coupl.


Is it Fall?

air day: 2000-08-27

When summertime vacation starts, the students of Lawndale High find indicate do. Jane more than likely to Art Camp, in addition to Daria counsels for a children summertime camp in addition to fulfills an unsightly child called Link.

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