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This fantastic drama Syfy is a project based on the 2010 film ‘Legion’ which chronicled as the Final Judgment ordered by God was executed by the archangel Gabriel in command of an army of angels they descend on Earth to exterminate the population world. In a desperate act, Archangel Michael will address a group of strangers in a restaurant desert of New Mexico to protect a young waitress who is pregnant with the last hope of all humanidad.’Dominion ‘will be located 25 years after the events in ‘Legion’, after the war between the army of angels and humanity that has transformed the world. Archangel Gabriel is the one who has unleashed this war. Michael Arcangel, turning against his own kind, has chosen the human side against Grabiel. On the ashes of the battle that has lasted 25 years, there are fortified cities that protect human survivors. Vega (formerly Las Vegas), the largest of these cities, two houses vie for control. Meanwhile, a young rebel soldier begins a perilous journey as the war between humans and fallen angels intensifica.El pilot is directed by Scott Stewart, writer and director of ‘Legion’, in addition to being executive producer of the series and which will direct the pilot. ‘Dominion’ is starring Christopher Egan ( ‘Letters to Juliet’), Tom Wisdom ( ‘Romeo and Juliet’), Roxanne McKee ( ‘Vendetta’), Alan Dale ( ‘House of Lies’), Anthony Stewart Head (‘ Inbetweeners ‘) and Luke Allen-Gale (Captain America: The first avenger’).

25 years after the outbreak of a devastating war between man and an army of angels. Archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) had helped a group of people to survive. Who the former Las Vegas expanded into new fortress town Vega. It is one of the few enclaves of humanity that are left after decades of war.