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North America of the eighteenth century. People are mired in the struggle for wealth and dubious opportunities to earn. A brutal and bloody war is unfolding on the territory of the New World for some pennies. Furs are especially appreciated here. Business brings huge profits, but it also gives rise to discontent on the part of the local indigenous people, who have been driven out by visiting Europeans. Again and again, members of Indian tribes are raiding the settlements of travelers from Europe. Business is under threat, and on the nose is a big war with the aborigines. Could conflict not be settled peacefully?

Frontera ‘number one located around 1700 when North America was yet to colonize. The story focuses on the fur trade in North America in the late eighteenth century in Canada. Declan Harp a scammer trying to steal the wealth obtained in the sale of skins. But Lord Benton will not allow this to happen and want to seize power. A power struggle that will be fought between life and death in a time when trade negotiations often ended with axes flying and gore.