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In Gaycation, the renowned Canadian actress Ellen Page (Juno) joins on a trip to her best friend (Ian Daniel) worldwide to discover how the LGBTQ group live in different countries around the globe. This documentary series takes these two friends to visit Japan (where same-sex marriage is still illegal), Jamaica, Brazil, and even the United States to meet people’s collective ‘queer’ in those countries. From visiting countercultural lesbian bars or celebrate a parade of unofficial pride in the most dangerous situations putting their own safety, Ian and Ellen at risk are the kind of guide books they want to know and experience everything, so that through of them, the viewer knows realities that are often ignored in the usual representations of life and gay.Dirigido culture by Niall Kenny, Gaycation is the first documentary series VICE emits through its channel cable TV, Viceland, released on February 29, 2016.