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Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1998-10-03 by USA Network Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, James Gaylyn. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 6.5/ 10.

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“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: 111-part fantasy series starring Kevin Sorbo as a Greek legendary hero who has to many adventures.

Hercules, illegitimate son of the Greek gods Zeus, pulls together with his friend Iolaus by Greece. Persecuted by the hatred of Hera and her son Ares both many adventures must be made, but the Hercules copes less by his superhuman powers, but through diplomacy. Throughout the series, the hero learns the warrior Xena who moves with her faithful plundering by Greece. For a short time it will be his partner, but the two split up again.”

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air day: 1998-10-03

Galaxy took Hercules and also Iolaus to Sumeria, where the mad gods were leveling cities. To treat the scenario, King Gilgamesh took Hercules with him on a series of physical tests in a pyramid, where they fetched a chalice of spiritual nectar. Gilgamesh betrayed Hercules by consuming alcohol the nectar and also squashing the mug, ending up being a devotee of the satanic force Dahak. Next off, Gilgamesh aimed to scarifice a warrior heart– Nebula’s. Iolaus, that was in love with Nebula, conserved her by taking the blade himself. Hercules ruined Gilgamesh, however he was far too late for Iolaus, that passed away in his arms.



air day: 1998-10-10

Harmed with pain over the loss of Iolaus, Hercules swore to bring him back from the Sumerian variation of the Underworld. Galaxy, that admitted her love for Iolaus in his last minutes, come with Hercules on his trip. The child of Zeus rappelled down right into a cavern to face Dumuzi, the Sumerian god of the Underworld. Dumzumi had actually been accumulating human spirits in order to make it through, since King Gilgamesh had actually ruined the spiritual chalice. Iolaus had actually currently gone across over to the Underworld and also was shed for life. Hercules’ cry of craze ruined the mirrors bordering Dumuzi’s burrow, damaging the god.



air day: 1998-10-17

Bronagh, leader of the Celts on the island of Eire, informed Hercules he was their “” Chosen One””– preferred to lead the Celts to flexibility. The gods of Eire really did not such as the Celts venerating Druids, so they sent out Morrigan, a demigod assasin, to damage the Druids. When she eliminated the Druid guardian of justice, she unsuspectingly took his area. Hercules, that ultimately quit condemning himself for Iolaus’ fatality, beat Morrigan in fight, however the Druids described that if she passed away, the spirit of justice would certainly pass away with her. They vanished, leaving Hercules to take care of Morrigan.


Genies and also Grecians and also Geeks, Oh My

air day: 1998-10-24

Salmoneus and also Autolycus acquired a Sultan’s light and also launched Jinni the genie, that provided 3 dreams to share. Autolycus asked to be unnoticeable. Rather Jinni made him abstract, so he could not get hold of anything. Salmoneus, on the other hand could not determine whether to request for even more level of sensitivity or even more fierce power, so Jinni provided him both through 2 duplicates– Cry Baby Sal and also Hyper Sal. Surrendering their 3rd dream, they were gone back to typical and also put behind bars inside Jinni’s light. They ran away, and also Autolycus made use of the 3rd dream to provide the lonesome genie a roomful of duplicates.


Render Unto Ceasar

air day: 1998-10-31

On the island of Eire, Hercules arranged the feuding Celtic people to eliminate Caesar’s coming close to military. He likewise aided the half-god/half-human Morrigan locate the great within herself. She was the previous slave of the terrible Celtic god Kernunnos, and also she could not escape from him conveniently due to the fact that he held their child, Brigid, captive. Hercules accepted aid Morrigan obtain her youngster back, and also with each other they beat Kernunnos in fight. When Morrigan quit Hercules from eliminating Kernnunos in chilly blood, she understood she had actually ultimately accepted her brand-new duty as the Druid guardian of justice.


Norse by Norsevest

air day: 1998-11-07

Hercules intended to conserve the Norse god Balder, however Balder described that his fatality was prophesied in guide of Fates and also can not be altered. Indeed, Hercules was fooled by Loki, the god of mischievousness, right into accidently eliminating Balder. A furious Thor aimed to eliminate Hercules with his significant rock hammer, however Hercules defeated Thor and also took him to Valhalla. There, Odin– the king of the Norse gods– described that 2 components of an old prophesy had actually been satisfied. If the 3rd component occurred, the last nightfall and also end of all points would certainly happen.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge

air day: 1998-11-14

Odin thought the response to the puzzle “” When light passes away, after that will certainly Ragnarok start”” would certainly cause completion of all points. Loki mosted likely to Odin in camouflage and also provided him a steel mask. When the king of Norse gods explored the mask, he was blinded– which satisfied the 3rd misfortune. Loki after that blew Gilma’s Horn, which caused Ragnarok, and also he eliminated Thor witha infected dart. When Hercules put paint right into guide of Fate, he went back to the minute prior to he accidently eliminated Balder. He subjected Loki’s strategy to Balder and also thor, conserving their lives.


Darkness Rising

air day: 1998-11-21

Hercules and also Morrigan were taking pleasure in life on the island of Eire till they located the Druids butchered. Identifying the job of the satanic force Dahak, Hercules and also Morrigan went back to Sumeria. There, they located Nebula had actually been troubled by waking imagine her dead love, Iolaus. When Hercules saw Iolaus’ burial place, he located it vacant– and also relied on locate Dahak behind him, in the body of Ioalus. As they dealt with, hercules can not bring himself to kill his buddy, although he recognized it was no more Iolaus. Dahak ran away, with Hercules, Morrigan and also Nebula in warm quest.


For Those of You Just Joining United States

air day: 1999-01-09

Workshop head B.S. Hollinsoffer purchased the manufacturers and also authors to a resort at Camp Wannachuck, where he wished they would certainly generate some much better concepts for Herculesepisodes Kevin Sorbo, that was truly Hercules, got to the hideaway and also supplied touching tales concerning Hercules and also an honorable fatality for Iolaus. He likewise conserved his colleagues from 3 efforts on their lives, all carried out by Hollisoffer in camouflage. The workshop head had actually been dealing with Ares for his very own network. Recognizing the god of battle truly existed, the authors after that questioned whether there may be a genuine Hercules.


Let There Be Light

air day: 1999-01-16

Hercules and also his close friends complied with the satanic force Dahak to Corinth, where Dahak– in Iolaus’ body– had actually established himself up as individuals’s hero. He intended to return the globe to a time when the Titans ruled. Hercules and also Zarathustra, a male that withstood Dahak’s mentors, located the Stone of Creation and also signed up with Nebula, Morrigan and also Jason at the Dark One’s citadel. Hercules made use of the rock to harness the light of dawn. The light ended up being metal and also bound Dahak to his very own church. Hercules after that prepared to do an exorcism that would certainly enable Iolaus to relax in tranquility.



air day: 1999-01-23

Dahak, chained to the church in the body of Ioalus, hatched out a strategy to eliminate Ares, which would certainly provide him the power to damage his bonds. The satanic force revealed Hercules exactly how he had actually attracted Iolaus at the minute of fatality. Apppearing as Hercules, Dahak assured Iolaus the power to establish whatever right on the planet. With time going out, Hercules was drawn right into the spiritual globe, where he located the genuine Iolaus. The 2 close friends dealt with side-by-side again, sending out Dahak right into an intense gorge. They siad goodbye, and also Iolaus vanished right into a shaft of light.


Sky High

air day: 1999-01-30

When a volcano intimidated to damage individuals of Mount Pelion, Hercules chose to blow an opening in the much side of the volcano, permitting the lava to move right into the sea. The Amazon Ephiny joined him, and also for a 3rd, Hercules got Kurth, a boy condemned to need killing the Centaur Nagus’ child. Hercules persuaded Nagus to assist draw the wagon of eruptive crystals. A lot of the crystals were shed in an accident, so the rest needed to be transferred straight in the crater mouth. Kurth dealt with this self-destruction goal, compensatory himself at the same time.


Stranger and also Stranger

air day: 1999-02-06

Hercules leapt with a vortex right into the Netherworld. There he located his bad dual, the Sovereign, along with the afraid dual of his late partner, Iolaus. Camouflaging himself as the Sovereign, Hercules discovered that Nebula, the identical globe’s bad leader, conspired with Ares to put behind bars the Gods of Olympus in the Labyrinth of Eternal Memory. Hercules and also Iolaus fought a gigantic serpent and also got in the maze. After beating Ares and also Nebula, Hercules released the gods. The identical Iolaus, yearning for an intense future in a brand-new globe, leapt with the vortex with Hercules.


Just Passing Through

air day: 1999-02-13

Hercules missed out on the initial Iolaus. He kept in mind when a spiritual ruby had actually been taken from the head of the rock panther, and also he and also Iolaus mosted likely to recover it. Autolycus dedicated the criminal offense, and also he ingested the ruby. At sundown the rock panther sprang to life, and also a strong fight occurred. When Iolaus ordered Autolycus around the chest to draw him from damage’s method, the ruby srrang totally free. Hearing this tale, Iolaus 2 really hoped Hercules really did not anticipate him to be as endure as the various other Iolaus. Hercules reacted that no person can be.


Greece Is Burning

air day: 1999-02-20

Althea, Hercules’ previous dancing companion, ended up being a stylist and also aimed to enter her styles in Oena’s style program. Matter Von Verminhaven prevented Althea as a support to Oena, that was Althea’s opponent. Hercules chose to assist Althea hold her very own program, however he was jailed by the style cops for putting on natural leather in the summer season. Points became worse when Oena swiped Althea’s styles and also shed her job. With assistance from Hercules, Titus and also the Widow Twanky, nonetheless, Althea’s program was a terrific success. Twanky also repaid on Verminhaven, that had actually wrongfully ruined her credibility.


We’ll Always Have Cyprus

air day: 1999-02-27

Havisha, a previous priestess of the oracle of Cyprus, and also her sweetheart Drayus were eliminated by goons on the evening he suggested to her. Havisha climbed from the dead on an objective of revenge. After eliminating the males that killed her, she struck the Oracle. Hercules showed up in the nick of time persuade Havisha to quit the murder. She left with Drayus’ spirit. The Oracle, on the other hand, quit her work due to the fact that in conserving her, Hercules had actually opposed the destiny she visualized. Morrigan, that had actually come with Hercules, left for her very own individuals, however the pair recognized they would certainly constantly have Cyprus.



air day: 1999-03-27

Hercules and also Jason got to Cheiron’s academy to locate points significantly altered. The young people ran out control, and also the headmaster left the college in Hercules’ hands. Zylus, an upperclassman, had a secret strategy to take control of the college. When Hercules found Zylus and also his close friends were the covered up assailants he had actually combated previously, he got rid of the team. Zylus aimed to refute the college, however was no suit for Hercules. After the battle, Hercules called Jason the academy’s brand-new headmaster, and also Lilith– Jason’s puppy love– assured to go to typically.


Love on the Rocks

air day: 1999-04-24

Nautica, a mermaid, intended to see the globe. Her daddy, Triton, had actually prepared a marital relationship for her. Nautica located an escape when Discord provided her legs. When she satisfied Iolaus 2, they both dropped right away crazy. If Nautica did not return to the sea by sundown, the waters of Greece would certainly transform to ice. When Brutus took her captive, Iolaus located the toughness in his love and also smoothly beat Nautica’s captor. The enthusiasts went back to the coastline and also after one last kiss, the mermaid swam bent on sea.


Once Upon a Future King

air day: 1999-05-01

Merlin tossed the savage warlord Arthur of Camelot and also his hag expert Mab a thousand years back in time to Hercules’ globe. Mab aided Arthur overcome Britannia. Later on she intended to return to her very own time, and also to do that she should eliminate young Merlin with the sword of Excaliber. Hercules and also Morrigan recorded Arthur and also the sword, however mab took Merlin captive. A strong fight occurred, throughout which Hercules sent off a gigantic knight and also a changed Arthur presented newly found heroism. Merlin smote Mab, and also Arthur went back to his very own time as an advocate of tranquility.


Fade Out

air day: 1999-05-08

TheRock of Arges was cursed by Zeus. Citizens that managed it started to go out of existance, so Hercules conserved them by squashing it. This triggered the curse to move to Hercules– which was specifically just what Ares, Deimos and also Discord had actually intended. Hercules reduced his loss with large pressure of will, so Ares sent out Deimos to end up the work. Really feeling envious, Discord chose to assist Iolaus 2 and also Hercules locate the staying 2 rocks. When Deimos and also Ares inadvertenly damaged the rocks, the spell was damaged. Hercules went back to typical while Ares was drawn right into oblivion.


My Best Girl’s Wedding

air day: 1999-05-15

Iolaus 2 was stunned to find out that Nautica, his mermaid love, had actually been offered legs and also will wed Lysaka. Hercules visited Triton to obtain to the heart of the issue, and also located his previous better half, Serena. They found Lysaka had actually taken triton’s spear, the resource of his power, and also Nautica was weding Lysaka to obtain it back. Hercules obtained the Cabiri to style a brand-new spear, after that left Serena to go back to Iolaus. When Aphrodite supplied to amke Iolaus a merman so he can be with Nautica, he concurred and also stated goodbye to Hercules again.



air day: 1999-05-22

TheArchangel Michael was the precursor of the armageddon. He launched the horsemen War, Famine and also Pestilence after the land. The late Iolaus, that opposed The Light on the various other side to caution his buddy of the coming close to Armageddon, signed up with Hercules. Regardless of Ares assistance, Hercules and also Iolaus can not quit the launch of the last horseman, Death, whose very first target was Iolaus. Established to conserve his buddy this moment, Hercules dropped with Death right into a volcano. Hercules’ sacrifice gained the globe a respite, and also Iolaus was returned to Earth to proceed his life at Hercules’ side.


Norse by Norsevest

air day: 1998-11-02

” Norse by Norsevest” is the 6th episode of the 5th season of the tv series Hercules: The LegendaryJourneys


Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge

air day: 1998-11-09

” Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge” is the 7th episode of the 4th season of the tv series Hercules: The LegendaryJourneys It is an extension of the previous episode.

Hercules is compelled to sign up with pressures with Thor to quit the bad Loki, that is aiming to cause Ragnarok– completion of all points.

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