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Murphy is a blind and irreverent young man who happens to be the only witness to the murder of his drug dealer friend. When police dismissed the case, he decides to leave on his own to find the person responsible with the help of his guide dog, Pretzel. To do this, you have to organize your love life besides his work at school guide dogs have their parents, which odia.Cuando Murphy discovers Tyson’s body, the police Dean decides to accept the case, as he himself has a daughter blind so that sensitivity could help you better manage the development of research. While this, at first did not believe -like the rest of the authorities- soon begin to think that what he says it can be verdad.In the Dark is a drama of The CW written by Corinne Kingsbury (The Newsroom) and directed by Michael Showalter (the great love sickness).

The investigator Helen Weeks (MyAnna Buring) is well on the way to motherhood. Witty, but also fragile she struggles with her colleague Detective Inspector Paul Hopwood (Ben Batt) on crime in and around Manchester and for a better world for their future child. It must Weeks but also deal with secrets of her childhood and sudden tragic events that influence their work with the police. And she has to face the question of whether one really can know perfectly someone you love ever.