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Mystery, Drama TV Series JAG (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 1998-09-22 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Tony Wharmby, R. Scott Gemmill, directed by , Alan J. Levi. Cast include David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, Allan Kolman, Manu Intiraymi. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 6.5/ 10.

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GypsyEyes (2)

air day: 1998-09-22

Havingbeen contended by Russian boxers, Mac & &(***************************************************************************************************************************************************** )are compelled to expel from their airplane, which after that noses right into all-time low of a really deep lake. The Russians reveal to the globe that Harm & &(*************************************************************************************************************************** )have actually been eliminated, which is relayed back to the USA by ZNN press reporter Chuck DePalma.

Webbaims to persuade the Admiral that they have actually been eliminated, yet when A.J. discovers their bodies have not been discovered, A.J. comes to be irritated as well as pledges to head to Moscow himself to search for them. The SecNav orders A.J. not to go, that responds that the SecNav does not intend to attempt & & quit him.

InRussia, A.J. meets DePalma that informs A.J. that he does not think the Russians, that specific points in their tale do not build up.

Inthe timbers, a hubby & & partner gypsies encounter Harm & &Mac(************************************************************** )are dissatisfied when they find out that Harm & &(*************************************************************************************************************************** )are not American Spies as a minimum of the spies have gold coins to offer to Russians that aid them. Mac specifies they do not have gold coins, yet reveals them a heap people bucks as well as asks.



air day: 1998-09-29

Harmas well as Mac make use of a celebration at the Sudanese Embassy as a cover for their examination of a kidnapping, as well as they’re actually captured by shock when terrorists take the checking out very important people– as well as Mac– captive.

Meanwhile, Bud notifications that Harriet appears to be experiencing greater than simply influenza signs.



air day: 1998-10-06

Harmas well as Mac has to wear their polite hats when they’re sent off to Tokyo to stand for an ensign charged of raping a young Japanese lady. Once the test starts, the differences in between Japanese as well as American court room treatments place Harm up in arms with the ensign’s Japanese defense lawyer, subsequently placing United States/Japaneseconnections at a lowest level.

Whenwhat started as the test of an ensign develops into a test of the United States Navy, Harm as well as Mac recognize that in order to safeguard the ensign from life in a Japanese jail, they need to really resolve the rape instance on international dirt.


GoingAfter Francesca

air day: 1998-10-13

AfterAdmiral Ghegwiddens little girl, Francesca, is abducted in Italy, Chegwidden meets his ex-wife, Marcella, as well as her spouse, an affluent Italian entrepreneur, to obtain even more history on Francesca’s buddies– as well as adversaries. Chegwidden finds out that Francesca was seriously included with the successor to a Mafia household– a guy Harm as well as Mac think is in charge of the burglary of Navy rockets available toAfghanistan All knowledge indicate that Francesca is captured in the center of this transaction gone awry, as well as it’s up to Chegwidden as well as Harm to save her from the crowd.


TheMartin Baker Fan Club

air day: 1998-10-20

Harmvolunteers to safeguard a psychotic Vietnam veterinarian charged of helping the self-destruction of a fellow V.A. person. While Harm suggests in court that Roscoe Martin kept the sufferers medicine as a means to totally free him from the trancelike state where it left him, the prosecution asserts that the absence of medicine is precisely just what triggered the males fatality. Disappointed with the instructions of the instance, Roscoe really feels that the cards are piled versus him as well as designers a retreat from the V.A. center with 3 various other individuals. Their retreat takes them to Harms house, as well as a flexible scenario transforms fatal when weapons are attracted as well as a SWAT group jumps into aid with exactly what it views as a captive scenario.


Actof Terror

air day: 1998-10-27

Millionsof visitors are developed into witnesses when they see a Marine guard fire an apprehended terrorist on online tv, as well as its Harms task to safeguard him. With Mac on the prosecution, she as well as Harm are matched versus each various other in exactly what looks like an open as well as closed instance of cold-blooded murder. But when Harm is changed by a noncombatant lawyer with a protection strategy that does not build up as well as whose charges are being paid by an affluent extreme right manufacturer, PercivalBertram Harm determines to do some examining of his very own.



air day: 1998-11-03

Whena boxer pilot asserts he listened to the voice of God inform him not to fire on an assaulting Iraqi, Harm as well as Mac are sent out in to examine his insurance claim. Despite the pilot’s assertions that he listened to God, Harm demands discovering an extra “” army”” description. When Harm falls short from the ground to uncover the source of the voice, he recommends that Rice replicate his earlier goal to see exactly what they could discover the occurrence overhead.


Mr Rabb Goes to Washington

air day: 1998-11-10

Harmis sent out to Washington, D.C., to sign up with a board created to evaluate the legitimacy of a stunning tv record– that U.S. pressures made use of sarin gas on other Americans throughout the GulfWar What he discovers, however, is so unforeseen that he cannot offer it without statement from a vital witness,Sgt Morrison, that was really on the goal concerned in the Gulf, yet has actually been missing out on since.

Meanwhile, Mac is captured unsuspecting when an old fire, Christopher Ragle instantly re-emerges in her life.


Peoplev. Mac

air day: 1998-11-17

Macis detained as well as put on test for a significant felony, together with her previous commander as well as advisor,Col JohnFarrow Conviction can lead to lengthy jail terms.

Harmvolunteers to safeguard her, yet his initiatives are prevented by Farrow’s defense lawyer, JAG exchange police officer, Australian Navy Commander MicBrumby Harm really feels that neither accused has actually come tidy with the reality as well as he starts to look for proof which is not honest from either one. Ultimately, he finds out that Mac as well as Farrow have actually each been aiming to shield the various other. The essential witness in the event becomes a significant shock to both offenders.


TheBlack Jet

air day: 1998-11-24

Harmas well as Mac’s initial goal is to stand for a Navy flier whose Stealth jet is believed to have actually collapsed in Iran because of a mechanical failing. But when the pilot slides Harm a message showing that the $80million airplane really did not accident as well as is concealed, the project comes to be almost difficult: obtain the pilot– as well as the pricey airplane– back to the United States without allowing the Iranians recognize that the airplane is undamaged.



air day: 1998-12-15

Mac’s “” little sis”” unexpectantly appears at JAG head office, stating that she’s fled from her violent stepfather. While she examines whether Chloe has actually been abused, Mac has her hands full maintaining her from transforming the workplace inverted, after that finds out that her genuine papa is still active offering on a ship in theNavy Despite the price, Mac encourages the Admiral to enable both to speak to each various other through satellite video-conferencing.

Meanwhile, Harm invests the night questioning a stunning Navy physician detained for DWI after she blew up of her lorry on icy roadways as well as ran over a Nativity scene. Harm consents to safeguard her when he finds out that prior to the crash as well as prior to she took the breath analyzer examination, she had actually consumed alcohol some fluid chilly medication (which consists of 25% alcohol).

Adm Chegwidden’s efforts to fly to Italy to invest Christmas with his little girl, nevertheless, with the Washington, DC location bogged down in snow, the majority of the trips out have actually been terminated. True to create,Bu


DungareeJustice (1)

air day: 1999-01-12

Harmas well as Mac are designated to prosecute 3 seafarers accuseded of the ferocious pounding of a guy they claim raped a fellow shipmate. The rape target, Petty Officer Lopez, informs Mac that, after a night of alcohol consumption with her 3 male shipmates, she discovered herself alone at bench where they dropped her as component of an initiation right into their group. The following early morning when she stired up in her automobile, she recognized that she had actually been raped. When the shipmates listened to Lopez’s tale, they exacted vengeance on the guy they assumed struck her– bench proprietor. But as Harm as well as Mac use down the statement of the 3 seafarers, a really various tale concerning exactly what occurred that night starts to arise.

Thisepisode begins with binding the loosened end of Mac being butted in an Article 32 hearing for perjury (Peopleversus Mac). She is acquitted, many thanks to expensive legal-speak from Harm – although she does not need to encounter a court-martial, she does finish being sent out up on an Admiral’s Mast, which simply may be even worse.


WarStories (2)

air day: 1999-01-13

When3 U.N. peacekeepers are hijacked in Kosovo, a SEAL group is sent out in to save them prior to completion of a 24- hr due date established by the terrorists. But when hefty ground haze hold-ups the SEAL group by 30 mins, the captives are discovered dead as well as the group is condemned for their fatalities. Mac as well as Bud start to safeguard the group just to have Bud eliminated as a result of the offenders’ uncertainty in his lawful know-how. Meanwhile, Admiral Chegwidden invests his holiday serving as technological expert on a flick concerning the Navy as well as contravenes of the Hollywood kinds that employed him.


Webbof Lies

air day: 1999-02-09

WhenHarm as well as Mac laid out to discover C.I.A. Agent Clayton Webb’s awesome after his body is discovered aboard a burning ship, they unintentionally reveal a rogue federal government spy firm.

RetracingWebb’s actions, Harm as well as Mac find out that he got on a top-secret goal to provide a state-of-the-art tools task to the correct authorities when he was quit. Waiting for Harm as well as Mac when they uncover this, however, is none besides Harm’s previous bane, ex-C.I.A. Agent Clark Palmer, currently dealing with the rogue spy firm, that will certainly quit at absolutely nothing– consisting of Harm’s murder– to obtain his practical the top-secret task.


Rivers’ Run

air day: 1999-02-16

WhenNavy SEAL Medal of Honor championLt Curtis Rivers is bombarded while on a training goal, he returns fire just to uncover that he has actually fired an apparently unarmed 14- year-old young boy. During Harm as well as Mac’s examination, they uncover that the young boy could have been gone along with by his uncle, a fugitive desired by the F.B.I.

WhenRivers absconds to locate the fugitive as well as is caught by separationists, Harm as well as Mac discover themselves not simply examining the instance, yet aiming to safeguardLt Rivers in a court that does not identify the United States federal government as well as its regulations.



air day: 1999-02-23

When they are sent out to examine a global occurrence on a nuclear submarine,Harmas well as Mac discover themselves also close for convenience.

WhenHarm as well as Mac, that are currently jumping on each various other’s nerves, discover themselves in the confined quarters of the submarine, their partnership is extended to the outright limitation. Their tries to avoid of each various other’s means as long as feasible are useless considering that they need to interact to figure out why the below appeared miles off training course, sinking a Norwegian watercraft in the center of a regatta.

Initially, it appears that the occurrence was the outcome of minimized staffing because of an outbreak of E-coli. However, as even more illness start to occur aboard the below, Harm as well as Mac believe an even more criminal component compared to condition.


Nobody’s Child

air day: 1999-03-02

WhenHarm watches the body of the drastically overlooked, over used as well as deserted girl, he suddenly comes to be psychologically included as well as determines to contact the aid of Teresa Coulter in order to help him recognize the kid as well as discover her awesome.

AfterTeresa does her very own postmortem examination, she discovers some ideas to the lady’s background that lead her, together with Harm as well as Mac, to the last location the kid lived– along with to a just recently launched founded guilty kid molester.



air day: 1999-03-30

Numerouspower blackouts & & a burst vapor line wounding a seafarer sends out Mac & &(***************************************************************************************************************************************************** )to the warship USS CORAL SEA. While there, they uncover 2 noncombatant technological reps onboard as well as their strategy to take over a million bucks in cash money from the Disbursement Office safe; along with their strategy to smuggle it off the service provider.Adm Chegwiggen aids a previous adolescent overdue that ended up being an embellished SEAL face his leukemia.



air day: 1999-04-13

Bud’s initial instance as a freshly vouched in JAG lawyer is to safeguard his papa, a retired Navy Chief that’s been charged of having actually been associated with ripping off the Navy when he supervised of Ship’sStores Though both have actually been separated, Bud really feels a solid commitment to his papa, that especially requested him to be his lawyer. Harm is the assigned district attorney, which spooks Bud, as he understands he’s taking on the most effective.



air day: 1999-04-27

Wordof her papa’s brewing fatality pressures Mac to recall at the years of rage as well as bitterness he triggered her. She rages that a clergyman is aiming to persuade her to forgive this violent alcoholic, that was accountable for her very own alcohol addiction. She pertains to recognize, nevertheless, that probably her rage had actually been misdirected all these years when her mom appears– after having actually deserted Mac several years previously.

Meanwhile, Harm goes through as well as takes a wager laser surgical procedure as a feasible remedy for his night-blindness.


Wildernessof Mirrors

air day: 1999-05-04

When he starts to see as well as hear his departed papa,Harmfears he’s shedding his mind. Worried that he could be going crazy, Harm lastly consults his Navy psychoanalyst partner that informs him she’s dealing with a Marine police officer with comparable signs as well as recommends that Harm isn’t really experiencing anything uncommon for a person that’s shed a liked one under demanding conditions. But prior to Harm could involve terms with the visitations, he starts to believe that there’s something much more threatening included that can cost him greater than simply his peace of mind.



air day: 1999-05-11

When they sign up with pressures to conserve a C.I.A. representative from Italian terrorists,AdmiralChegwidden as well as Clayton Webb make a not likely group. Webb currently attempted as soon as unsuccessfully to free the C.I.A. representative, that was his advisor, as well as understands he requires back-up in order to retry the goal. He comes close to the Admiral, with which he has a rare partnership, yet that he understands credit histories the representative with conserving his life inVietnam Together, Webb as well as Chegwidden most likely to Italy as well as take into activity a hazardous catch for the terrorists that, if it backfires, will certainly eliminate all included. Meanwhile, Harm experiences an id when his standard Corvette is swiped.



air day: 1999-05-18

WithHarm’s sight repaired, Harm determines to go on as well as send a demand to be moved to a boxer armada. When Lt.CmdrParker discovers his written demand, she is distressed at the possibility of Harm being chosen months each time.

Afterwards, Harm visits Mac’s house that has Chloe investing the evening with Mac prior to she is rejoined with her genuine papa. Harm notifies Mac of the eye surgical procedure as well as his strategies. Mac is similarly distressed at the possibility of sheddingHarm Mic appears at Mac’s house after Harm leaves trying to court Mac’s sensations. After Mic leaves, Chloe informs Mac that Brumby as well as Harm have a crush on her as well as starts teasing Mac: “”Harm& & Mac, being in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.””.

AdmiralChegwidden passes Harm’s demand to be moved into the SecNav. Not ready to do any kind of supports for Harm, the SecNav hesitates to step in. But, when the SecNav thinks about that it will certainly obtain Harm far from Washington as well as the Admiral will certainly owe the SecNav a support, he informs theAdmira



air day: 1999-05-25

AsHarm considers his future at JAG, he finds out that Charlie Lynch– the ex lover-Navymanin charge of the murder of Annie, the over used kid whose fatality still haunts Harm– has actually resurfaced, positioning the little lady’s twin sis, Dar- lin, at risk. Putting his job choice on hold till he shuts the phase on Lynch, Harm tracks him to a shipyard where the ferocious awesome is holding Dar- lin captive. Overflowing with rage versus all Lynch’s shocking acts of murder, Harm discovers himself in an extreme stand-off with him that will certainly leave just one guy standing.

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