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Mystery, Drama TV Series JAG (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 2000-10-03 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Terrence O'Hara, directed by ,. Cast include David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, Chuck Carrington, Chuck Carrington. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 6.5/ 10.

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air day: 2000-10-03

WhileHarm is sent out to Russia in order to help the Russians locate a far better means to execute their armed forces justice treatments, Mac and also Bud continue to be behind to prosecute a Naval leader accuseded of offering armed forces tricks to theRussians Once in Russia, Harm comes to be associated with examining high degree corruption in the armed force.

Meanwhile, Mac gets on the brink of negotiating with the two-faced Naval police officer when he and also his legal representative are killed. Mac and also Webb after that find that the traitor was connected to a Russian murder story. But Mac’s efforts to sharp Harm stop working, and also he is captured in an ambush with a Russian that discloses the life-altering trick to him.



air day: 2000-10-10

Harmis troubled when his recently uncovered half-brother, Sergei, is mounted for a criminal activity culpable by fatality, while Mac shows up in Russia to avoid a governmental murder.



air day: 2000-10-17

Whenthe captain of a U.S. Navy frigate saves a girl in Cuban waters and also trigger the starts of a worldwide event, Harm and also Bud’s examination leads them to Cuba and also a conference withCastro



air day: 2000-10-24

When2 Naval pilots are eliminated in the collision of their recently updated F-14jet, Harm reveals incongruities with both the private service provider and also the Navy intermediary.



air day: 2000-10-31

When she’s called to prosecute in JAG’s initial aired court martial,Maccomes under the glow of media analysis.

AsMac plans for her televised prosecution of an innocent looking young ensign charged of killing her partner’s adolescent partner, she finds out that her challenger is none apart from Juanita Ressler, that was her teacher in legislation institution. Ressler is an extremely media-savvy test lawyer that makes use of every method in guide to turn the media and also the general public over to her customer’s side.

Harmtakes a trip bent on sea to examine the fatality of a seafarer aboard a service provider. Originally believed to be a self-destruction, Harm finds proof on the contrary.


ThePrincess and also the Petty Officer

air day: 2000-11-14

Macis appointed to stand for an Arab princess not just at an INS hearing yet additionally prior to an Islamic court, when the female bolts with a Naval Petty Officer that is charged of contraband her right into the UnitedStates

WhenAJ talk withDr Walden concerning exactly what took place to his vehicle, she is horrified that AJ would certainly charge her child of incongruity & & ends their partnership. Danny Walden is fairly complacent to AJ that he had actually had the ability to damage them up– which will certainly involve haunt him later on. With his vehicle still being held by the authorities, he is disappointed with owning a rental vehicle.

Harrietenters into labor 4 weeks very early and also a relatively favorable giving birth curdle when it is uncovered that the child’s head is pushing versus the umbilical cable removing blood supply to the child and also her physician (Dr Gettis) is no place to be discovered. As an additional physician action in, Harriet is rolled to the operating space in an effort to conserve the child. However, after the arrival ofDr Gettis, the clinical personnel was incapable.


A Separate Peace (1)

air day: 2000-11-21

Adm Boone (CAG aboard the USS Seahawk, “” A New Life”” & &””(***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )of Command””) is chosen to come to be the Sixth FleetCommander An confidential source implicatesAdm Boone of massacrering private citizens throughout the Vietnam War, and also Harm and also Mac are provided just 4 days to examine the insurance claim, partly among a two-part episode.


A Separate Peace (2)

air day: 2000-11-28

Harm& &(************************************************************************************************************************** )protectAdm Boone in court versus the fees that he was in charge of massacrering private citizens. Although he is at some point acquitted, he makes a decision that it is possibly best to relinquish the solution, in spite of Harm’s argument that the Navy require males like him.



air day: 2000-12-12

AtChristmas time, while every person else at JAG is delighting in the satisfied time of the season, Bud & &(****************************************************************************************************************************************************** )go to little Sarah’s gravesite revealing her headstone that has actually simply been put. Bud swears that it simply can not finish similar to this and also demands learning exactly what took place. Bud & &(****************************************************************************************************************************************************** )strategy Mic to have him stand for the Roberts in their situation versusDr Gettis. Mic advises Bud to quit, leading Bud to understand that Mic can not represent them, as his technique is standing forDr Gettis. Harriet attempts to chat Bud from going after the situation, yet her appeals are disregarded byBud

Macis appointed the situation by the Admiral in spite of Bud’s appeal to be the lead lawyer. Even though he is purchased to steer clear of from the situation, he nevertheless can not. Mac inquiriesDr When Harriet labor was in problem, Gettis as to why he took so lengthy to react.Dr Gettis declares that his pager battery had actually passed away & & really did not understand he was required up until he listened to the above web page for him.

Budnevertheless locates details on the compu.


Touchand also Go

air day: 2001-01-09

Harm’s previous companion Kate Pike is taking into consideration moving back to the JAG workplace. It comes to be difficult when a previous Carbon Monoxide of Kate is being thought about as the brand-new Inspector General and also Kate trusts to Harm that he made undesirable sex-related breakthroughs to her when she helped him.

Lt Singer shows up at the door throughout Kate’s discussion and also quickly later, the event is reported by the Washington media, although Harm suspectsLt Singer as the resource, she refutes she heard anything.

Eventually, Kate makes a decision that Washington is simply not the location to function and also makes a decision to refuse the Admiral’s task deal.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

air day: 2001-01-16

Maccomes to be “”ActingJAG”” as Admiral Chegwidden is picked to going the Promotions Board forCaptain

Harmuses up the protection of a previous Marine Drill Instructor that is dealing with life jail time under the 3 strikes legislation.

Cmdr Ted Lindsey (last seen in “”Peopleversus Mac””) attempts to excite the Admiral & &(************************************************************************************************************************** )in an effort to gain promo toCaptain



air day: 2001-01-30

WhenU.S. and also Turkish ships clash throughout a NATO workout, Harm and also Mac protect the United States captain, that is being made the scapegoat for political factors.



air day: 2001-02-06

Harmprotects a Sergeant Major charged of the tried murder of his spouse. However, theSgt Major declares that he was worried when his spouse really did not get back, headed out searching for her & & was brought about her place by the vision of a dead pastor from his old Vietnam system. His protection brings in an agent of the Vatican which is taking into consideration the dead pastor forSainthood

Meanwhile, when Tiner connects a brand-new screensaver that looks for extra-terrestial life on the Admiral’s computer system, it mixes exhilaration when it begins making unusual sounds.



air day: 2001-02-13

Whenan inefficient seafarer’s noticeable self-destruction aboard a warship develops into a murder examination, Harm and also Bud look for out exactly what truly took place.



air day: 2001-02-20

Harm’s relationship withCapt When a Russian submarine impacts up and also the Russians insurance claim that a U.S. submarine was liable, Volkonov places him in a perilous placement. It’s approximately Harm to persuade his pal (& & the globe )that the mishap was triggered by a defective brand-new Russian torpedo, without disclosing extremely identified product.

Meanwhile, Mac is sent out onboard the USS Watertown to observe when the Congressional board goinged byRep Latham checks out about why females are not permitted to offer aboard submarines.

Renee& &(******************************************************************************************************************** )are left asking yourself whether their truly is something in between Harm & &Mac



air day:2001-02-27WhenGunnymosts likely toNewMexicoto restore aKoreanWarhero charged of desertion, he is assailed by individuals aiming to eliminate the male.



air day: 2001-03-13

Harmand also Mac traveling to Bahrain to figure out if a woman Marine discovered aboard a terrorist watercraft that struck a U.S. Naval destroyer was persuaded right into aiding her captors or was an eager individual.

Sgt Joan Steele, abducted by terrorists a month prior to the strike, urges that the collaboration she offered the terrorists was made to hinder their story. Harm, that is protecting her, locates her insurance claim suspicious. CIA Operative Clayton Webb requests for her assistance in finding a recognized terrorist that is intending to bomb an additional U.S. target within 48 hrs, and also Steele easily concurs. But after that she unexpectedly goes away, verifying Harm’s uncertainties and also, a lot more notably, leaving the target– a busload of American kids– in jeopardy.



air day: 2001-03-27

AsBud is protecting his bro Mikey, a minor police officer charged of killing a Mexican in a barrom quarrel, their daddy appears.



air day: 2001-04-10

When his prints are discovered on a murder tool, a Marine sergeant in jail demands Harm’s assistance once again.


ToWalk on Wings

air day: 2001-04-24

Harmand also Mac examine the Osprey, a debatable Marine Corps helicopter/airplane, after one nearly collisions with Congresswoman Bobbi Latham aboard.



air day: 2001-05-01

Harmis surprised to find out that his previous partner,Lt Cmdr. Jordan Parker has actually been discovered dead in her home, having actually been fired with her very own weapon.

Despitethis proof, Harm hesitates to approve the property that Jordan dedicated self-destruction & & hiresLt Cmdr. Teresa Coulter in order to help analyze the forensic proof. Harm & &(************************************************************************************************************************** )start to seek feasible suspects that would certainly wish to eliminate her, beginning with her last sweetheart that had actually additionally been a client of hers.

However, as each of the suspects are eliminated, they start to seek various other opportunities to clarify her fatality. The examination brings about a surprising exploration for Jordan’s next-door neighbor. Returning house, Harm is surprised to locate a letter from Jordan in his mail. Jordan composed & & mailed it a couple of hrs prior to she was eliminated; where she informs Harm simply just how much she had actually valued their time with each other.



air day: 2001-05-08

Harm& &(************************************************************************************************************************** )contest in court over a fee of unlawful fraternization, yet when they dental disagreements come to be guided at each various other & & mirroring their very own partnership, Judge Helfman recesses the court for the day with a solid admonishment to the both of them.

Allthe personnel appears at Admiral Chegwidden’s residence for Mic & &Mac’s involvement celebration.Lt Singer appears in a knock-out of a gown which stuns the Admiral for a minute, not made use of to seeing her in private clothing.

Budappears gown correctly for when, yet Harriet notifications after getting here that he has peanut butter on his connection. Bud is mortified aiming to obtain a connection from any individual, without much good luck. Later, he is compelled to eliminate his coat when wine obtains splashed throughout him. Even a lot more mortified, Bud really feels seriously out-dressed.

Throughoutthe night, Mac reminisces with the Admiral concerning previous occasions including the both of them. When Harm & &(************************************************************************************************************************** )hang out with each other alone reviewing their partnership, flashbacks remember numerous also.



air day: 2001-05-15

Preparingto provide a lecture concerning an 1842 Naval court-martial, Mac locates herself imagining concerning exactly what really took place.



air day: 2001-05-22

Maccomes to be distressed when Harm informs her in the nick of time that he will certainly not be attending her wedding rehearsal task in order to finish his 6- month needed provider touchdown certifications. He ensures her that he will certainly be back in time for the wedding celebration.

Atthe church, Chloe is still cautious of being close friends ofMic

Onboard the USS Patrick Henry, Harm finds out that the LSO that will certainly be rating him considers him just as a “” land-based Washington weenie””. When he is purchased to land after his initial effort is swung off, His is afraid that he will not be rated relatively are recognized. After persuading the LSO that they were flying they manner in which the LSO instructed them, he permits Harm to attempt once again. After death, he after that finishes his necessary evening catches and also demands to going back to Andrews AFB. With a coming close to tornado, all air procedures are put on hold, yet is ensured that he & &(*********************************************************************** )could be on the initial Tomcat, when its anticipated to be secure.

Witha break in the tornado, he & & Skates are permitted to go. But the tornado m.

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