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Mystery, Drama TV Series JAG (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 2001-09-25 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Bradford May, Terrence O'Hara, directed by Dana Coen,. Cast include David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, Nanci Chambers, Sam Hennings. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 6.5/ 10.

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air day: 2001-09-25

*Might19, 2001 *.

Harm’s alternative of being saved from the Atlantic Ocean relies upon upon Mac’s psychic capability (preliminary seen in Season Five “”PsychicWarrior””). However, Mac is aiming to deal with her contradictory emotions for each Harm & &Mic(******************************************************************************************************************** )the aspect of going unconscious from excessive hypothermia, Harm’s fires quite a few alerting pictures which pulls within the rescue helicopter.

Backonboard the USS Patrick Henry, Harm’s important indications start to exit, nevertheless Skates phrases support him draw via.

Transferredto Bethesda Hospital, Renee finds out that Harm has partial reminiscence loss in addition to doesn’t bear in mind them being a pair over the earlier 12 months.

Mac’s indecisiveness regarding the marriage ceremony celebration drives Brumby again toAustralia When Harm informs Mac on the cellphone forward to his location to be sure that she doesn’t must be alone, she exhibits up simply to find that Renee has really defeated her to Harm’s location with the knowledge that her daddy has really handed away. Mac winds up within the rainfall with none one about.


NewGun in Town

air day: 2001-10-02

Unwillingto encounter her discomfort over Mic & &Harm,(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )is authorised short-term undertaking on the supplier USS Guadalcanal (along with Gunny) when the staff JAG there goes away.

Harmgoes again to lively service after getting back from Renee’s daddy funeral service.


Measureof Men

air day: 2001-10-09

**June20, 2001 ** Still aboard the USS Guadalcanal, Mac is employed to prosecute a Major charged of irresponsible homicide by the ship’sCaptain

Muchto Mac’s shock in addition to discouragement, Harm exhibits up aboard to safeguard the Major in addition to goal to make clear with Mac regarding their connection. But as they each find yourself being established within the occasion the place the sufferer sank all through a nighttime exercise in exceptionally adverse local weather situation, they’re hard-pressed to find time to evaluation their particular person service. Meanwhile, Admiral Chegwidden has his arms full together with his adolescent goddaughter that has really escaped from residence.



air day: 2001-10-16

“” AUGUST 7, 2001″”.

Followingthe switch of a U.S. Marine charged of rape from the neighborhood Indonesian authorities to his Carbon Monoxide on the Indonesian consular workplace, the consular workplace comes beneath siege by upset, armed residents.

Whenthe chief of the Marine detachment is eradicated in addition to his next-in-command is blinded all through the shock strike, Mac understands that she is following in command in addition to ought to organize the emergency scenario emptying of the consular workplace beneath assault.

Backat JAG, Harm safeguards a SEAL charged of eliminating a person onboard a visit that Harriet was a traveler.



air day: 2001-10-23

**August15 – 17, 2001 **.

Aftera housebreaking in addition to murders at a Naval Annex construction in Washington, D.C., Harm discovers that an individual of the victims was pal of his, that’s moreover considered passing information to theChinese

AsHarm lays out to take away his pal of reconnaissance prices, he runs into stunning obstacles positioned within the technique of his examination by the data space.

Meanwhile, Renee seems at JAG Headquarters with sudden info for Harm, in addition to Mac relentlessly search for the woman she left inIndonesia (See, “”Guilt””).



air day: 2001-10-30

**October20, 2001 **.

Whilefilling out at Patuxent River for pilots which have really been launched abroad, Harm discovers his pal,Cmdr Scott Webster is being accuseded of fraternization together with his RIO. Harm is authorised authorization to look his prospects laptop system for any sort of interplay together with his RIO which may be utilized versus him.Cmdr Webster obtains a phone name that his boy has really been detained for rushing up & & releasing to thwart.Cmdr Webster leaves Harm alone at your own home whereas he grabs his boy. Going with the onerous disk drive, Harm uncovers information that he could also be fascinated by providing nationwide tips, nevertheless attorney-client alternative stops Harm from divulging that information in addition to his buyer doesn’t need to evaluation it.

Whenan instance of an especially secret stelth ending exhibits up lacking out on, Harm exposes the safeguarded information associating with precisely what he understands concerning the lacking out on stealth innovation – and likewise due to this fact, a file is submitted withAdm Chegwidden to ascertain whether or not the file was a rules viol.



air day: 2001-11-06

**November2, 2001 ** Harm safeguards a Marine that claims he was following spoken orders when his infraction of the rules of interplay led 6 troopers to their fatalities in a ambush.


Jag- a-thon

air day: 2001-11-13

Personalcompetitions floor space within the JAG office when Mac ensures Harm that she’ll defeat him to the purpose within the Jagathon for charity.

Harmafter that sticks his foot in his mouth by providing Mac a six-minute operating begin within the race.

Meanwhile, testosterone levels climb when Gunny in addition to Tiner combat go to go to see that is still in the perfect drawback for the race.

And, actual to develop,Lt Singer begins a wagering swimming pool on that can actually find yourself the race final, leavingLt When he uncovers that his associates choose him, Roberts sensation squashed.


DogRobber (1)

air day: 2001-11-20

A Navy P-Three spy airplane is rammed by a Chinese MIG in addition to is compelled to land at a Chinese AirBase (The2nd such occasion; the preliminary being the actual occasion that occurred very early 2001).

TheSecNav calls forAdm Boone re-activated to lively service, so as to make a journey with Harm to the Air Base to debate with the Chinese for the launch of the airplane & & workers

.(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the Chinese Commander exists with photograph proof that the MIG & & its pilot that rammed the P-Three lives & & effectively (in contrast to insurance coverage claims by the Chinese that the pilot was eradicated), the Chinese immediately launch the P-Three workers; nonetheless, they would definitely ship the P-Three again, merchandise by merchandise.

Lt Barrett flying bent on companion the airplane from Chinese Air Space again to the usThomasJefferson After informing his wingman a lie to go away the companion,Lt Barrett disobeys orders, flies proper into Chinese airspace & & ruins the P-Three on the bottom.


DogRobber (2)

air day: 2001-11-27

HarmsafeguardsLt Since he thought it was the perfect level to do, Barrett that conveniently asserts he disobeyed orders in addition to ruined the P-Three spy airplane held captive by the Chinese.

Harmas effectively as Sturgis go go to going on the lieutenant’s court-martial as Harm makes an attempt to take care of him from Leavenworth, the place he may be punished to 25 years for his actions.

Meanwhile, Mac checks out a price of undesirable sexual advances when a girls police officer payments a Marine colonel with embarrassing her overtly when her coaching tape is revealed on the television program “”MilitaryBloopers.”” As part of her examination, Mac takes the Colonel up on her deal to complete her regular bodily coaching examination with theColonel Mac advises that the Colonel receive a letter of rebuke, which could endanger his alternative for a command.

However, when it emerges that it was the ladies police officer herself that dripped her video clip to “”MilitaryBloopers”” so as to change blame for her lack of means to go the courtroom, she is the one which.



air day: 2001-12-11

Whena fairly girls minor police officer is detained by the MP’s for posing a Salvation Army ‘bell-ringing’ Santa & & taking the money cash, Harm is designated as her lawyer. However, as a result of she has a background of unapproved lacks, she is purchased to be held in safety. But with the holidays, the brig & & pre-trial apprehension facility are inaccessible, she is separated from her daddy, so she ought to make investments the holiday with Harm or withMac

Cmdr Ted Lindsey (because the SecNav’s administration aide) informs Bud’s bro Mikey that yearly, the SecNav chooses 170 employed employees for admission to the Naval Academy which Mikey is being considered for amongst these election areas. Bud & &Mikey’s daddy, a retired Master Chief nevertheless is rarely delighted with having an extra boy coming to be a police officer in addition to ensures that everyone understands it.

PO Tiner informs the Admiral of a authorized motion submitted versus the Navy by Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, et al. It seems a staff of reindeer appeared a path.



air day: 2002-01-08

When a lady Naval police officer is positioned along with her throat diminished in a neighborhood park,Mac’s psychic imaginative and prescient skills come proper into play.

Whatinitially seems to be like an open in addition to closed occasion together with a love triangular that precipitated homicide finally ends up being much more when Mac’s “” visions”” reveal her complicated photos that trigger proof of a worldwide conspiracy concept. Together with Sturgis Turner, Mac complies with the hints to find information that leads them to a possible terrorist story in Russia to swipe nuclear instruments.


Codeof Conduct

air day: 2002-01-15

Harmsafeguards a Navy SEAL charged of disobeying orders when his return to an aggressive location in Afghanistan to get well an injured sidekick causes the fatality of an extra police officer. Complicating the issue is the useless police officer’s anticipating widow that’s established to have justice provided though the charged man was her associate’s pal. Meanwhile, Admiral Chegwidden is requested to give up when he is accuseded of slapping a secondary faculty trainee.


OddMan Out

air day: 2002-01-22

When he safeguards a Navy scientific corpsman charged of killing a Marine sergeant all through a coaching exercise,Harmdeals with Mac in courtroom.

Whenhe locates himself providing on the courtroom, Bud, seeming like knowledgeable, makes use of his understanding of the laws all through issues so as to assist the jurors doubt the realities of the occasion, nevertheless after that uncovers by hand that always factors within the courtroom usually are not precisely what they seem.

Cmdr Turner mosts prone to New London to assist within the launch of the submarine USS SanAntonio Once there, he assists a younger seafarer preserve his conjugal relationship with one another when his associate plans to declare separation due to the discharge.

Whenits came upon that Harm has 2 tickets to the Super Bowl, everyone within the JAG office jockey for placement in an effort to be picked to pick Harm to the online game. However, it finally ends up the “” tickets”” to the online game usually are not at all times the perfect seats for “” seeing”” the online game.

Sergeiadapts to aiming to reside in America by looking the ability migration legislations in an effort.


Headto Toe

air day: 2002-02-05

Harmas effectively as Mac are despatched out to Saudi Arabia to safeguard a girls U.S. Naval pilot that chooses to not adhere to the neighborhood legislations in addition to placed on typical Saudi robe in addition to shrouds.Lt Joanne Donato’s forthright rejection to be accompanied by males in public in addition to to placed on applicable clothes creates a stress on relationships in between a U.S. base chief in addition to a neighborhood Muslim cleric. It moreover creates Mac to essentially really feel that the lieutenant is merely being a adverse soldier in addition to disobeying orders – that’s up till Mac is compelled to comply with the plans herself. Meanwhile, Commander Turner as effectively asRep Bobbi Latham have a tough preliminary day, making the chance of a 2nd seem distant up till Harriet in addition to Bud contain the rescue.


TheMission (1)

air day: 2002-02-26

Harmas effectively as Mac return to the warship USS Seahawk (“” A New Life”” & &””(***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the Line””, to call just a few) to orient the JAG policemans on the brand-new Rules of Engagement, adhering to the retreat of Taliban boxers as an consequence of a JAG police officer’s doubt to ascertain if the goal was respected.

WhereasHarm is aboard the ship, the captain asks him to fly a battle purpose proper intoAfghanistan However, Harm’s enjoyment modifications to drawback when his airplane receives necessary damages from opponent fireplace.

Meanwhile, an enviousLt When she listens to of his unavoidable promo, Singer screws up Bud’s occasion.


ExculpatoryEvidence (2)

air day: 2002-03-05

When prices of oversight are introduced versus Bud for not defending his final buyer correctly,Tensionsrun excessive at JAG. As Harm safeguards Bud, Sturgis prosecutes in addition to Bud is afraid that Sturgis has dangerous proof versus him. Just when Bud assumes factors can’t receive any sort of even worse, Sturgis calls a shock witness – Mac – that unwillingly takes the stand versus her coworker.



air day: 2002-03-12

Adm Chegwidden accepts support the White House with an event recognizing Medal of Honor receivers, nevertheless simply if he may discover the occasion of a veterinarian that was gone down from the guidelines on account of a theft apprehension. Meanwhile, Mac in addition to Harm take a look at a hearth aboard a destroyer.



air day: 2002-03-26

WhenHarm in addition to Mac are employed to discover an aborted SEAL process in Afghanistan, Harm implicates a television info press reporter going together with the SEALs for disobeying orders in addition to triggering the error. Meanwhile,Lt Roberts obtains his orders in addition to, leaving Harriet in addition to A.J. behind, ship for a six-month launch aboard the USSSeahawk



air day: 2002-04-09

In1944, throughout World War II, a dreadful surge shook the United States Navy’s Port Chicago close to San Francisco, eliminating higher than 350 seafarers, plenty of them African-Americans Following the blast, a staff of 50 seafarers selected not to return to perform up till modifications have been made to make sure their security and safety. They have been accuseded of mutiny in addition to courtroom martialed, nevertheless afterward their sentences have been rotated. Now, a making it via seafarer wishes his doc in addition to these of all the varied different “” mutineers”” eliminated. Asked to cope with the examination inconspicuously,Cmdr Turner uncovers that an oppression was executed in addition to goes head-to-head withLt Singer within the courtroom. Meanwhile, Harm goes house shopping for withLt Sims.



air day: 2002-04-30

United States Special Forces seize Mustafa Atef, that’s considered a extremely excessive place Al-Quedamain essential in educating the hijackers that assaulted the World Trade Center & & thePentagon As an consequence, the President assembles the preliminary military tribunal in over 50 years. As not one of the JAG staff aspires to safeguard the charged terrorist,Adm Chegwidden takes it after himself to safeguard him, withCmdr Turner providing to relaxation second-chair for theAdmiral Harm & &(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )are designated to prosecute.

Thetribunal is held aboard the USS Seahawk, so with the aged JAG staff flying bent on the supplier,Lt Singer is put accountable of JAG’s Administration Staff, a lot to the discouragement of Harriet in addition to the others.Lt Singer after that takes management of the Admiral’s office, finishing up a hearth drill in addition to sometimes making a problem of herself.

Onboard the supplier, the staff are rejoined with Bud, that as fleet JAG is designated to assist Harm & &Mac(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )is moreover rejoined with PO Jennifer Coates, that he represente.


DefendingHis Honor

air day: 2002-05-07

Harm, Mac & & the Admiral return to the office from the USS Seahawk after ending up with the military tribunal. The office staff is absolutely delighted to see the Admiral again accountable, after needing to deal withLt Singer whereas he was gone, with Harriet making sure the Admiral understands precisely how “” delighted”” they’re.

Theirdelight is non permanent nonetheless, after they uncover that appreciated Navy JAG Judge, Captain Sebring is accuseded of getting triggering an yet another car off the roadway which wounded the ladies chauffeur & & eliminating her 6-month outdated little woman. Harm is supplied the job of defending him, whereas Mac is purchased proper into the disagreeable placement of prosecuting him. Seeing Mac’s challenge,Cmdr Turner gives to relaxation second-chair along with her, to be sure that she is not going to be alone.

Lt Singer hears Harm & &(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )speaking about Bud & &(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )in addition to finds out that Bud doesn’t acknowledge Harriet has really bought a residence, whereas Bud hasn’t already knowledgeable Harriet regarding POCoates Seizing the chance whereas Harriet is sending out instantaneous messages to Bud,Lt Singer sends outBud


InCountry (1)

air day: 2002-05-14

Harmas effectively as Mac discover a “” civilian casualties”” occasion in Afghanistan when an assault on an Al Queda terrorist eliminates Three harmless non-public residents. With assistance from forensic pathologistCmdr Teresa Coulter, Mac in addition to Harm search for out if any one of many stays could possibly be acknowledged as coming from Al Queda leaders. Meanwhile, when Harm in addition to Mac blow up of their Humvee, they’re tossed proper right into a minefield the place they’re compelled to speculate the night with one another figuring out the perfect methods to separate themselves from the catch.


EnemyBelow (2)

air day: 2002-05-21

AdmiralChegwidden,Lt Singer & &Cmdr(********************************************************** )conform to the Pentagon War Room to shortly work with & & share data information on Kabir Atef’s supposed strike on the United States

Whenan Afghan school is ruined in a battle raid, Bud & & PO2 Coates fly to the scene to test the damages. Once there, he assures to the residents that the United States will definitely re-build the school.

Meanwhile, Harm & &(*********************************************************************************************************************************************** )are nonetheless in Afghanistan making an attempt to seize Kabir’s route, nonetheless in search of the paranormal automobile that vanished all through a raid. (“”InCountry””). They come beneath assault, nevertheless are protected. Once they repair the damages to the car triggered by the capturing, they proceed proudly owning all night in addition to find a abandoned automobile that appears the one they’re in search of. They find the chauffeur useless of thought starting. Continuing into the next city, they find residents in the very same drawback. A scientific group is generated in addition to they set up that the residents are experiencing radiation poisoning. Mac & & Harm hav.

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