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Mystery, Drama TV Series JAG (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 2003-09-26 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Bradford May, Jeannot Szwarc, directed by , Dana Coen. Cast include David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, Alana de la Garza, Nanci Chambers. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 6.5/ 10.

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A Tangled Webb – Part II (4)

air day: 2003-09-26

The9th season starts where last season ended, with Harm, Mac, Webb & &(******************************************************************************************************************************** )still in Paraguay looking for the terroristSadik Their search is made complex by Harm’s sensations being entangled up which owned him to surrender his payment & & thrill to South America to begin with.



air day: 2003-10-03

Harmgoes back to Washington, DC as well as is stunned to uncover that Admiral Chegwidden had in fact refined his resignation with authorities networks. Also, a women minor policeman detailed as missing out on at work throughout Desert Storm lies in Iraq, wed to a bedouin sheik. As an outcome, the Navy bills her with desertion.


SecretAgent Man

air day: 2003-10-10

Harmlocates his very first goal flying for the CIA takes him to the Phillipines where he should “” decrease”” a limousine. Back at JAG, “”Mikey”” Roberts gets in touch with Mac to assist him when he should serve as a personality witness in a honor code dispute.


TheOne Who Got Away

air day: 2003-10-17

Whileperforming a trip examination, Harm winds up associated with a major CIA goal, over NorthKorea

InIraq, a Marine spy army is shocked by a 10 year-old Iraqi unarmed private having the tendency to his goats. Surprised at seeing the armed Marine, the child runs. Later the army is associated with an altercation, causing 2 fatalities as well as the Sergeant shedding their radio. Unable to call for transport from the desert, the army should wind up strolling lots of miles in the desert to safety and security. Once secure, it is found out that the firefight was the outcome of the child going back to his town & & alerting a few of the regional Iraqi resistance participants, that promptly headed out to involve the army.



air day: 2003-10-24

A CIA goal sends out Harm & &(*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )O'(******************************************************************************************* )to Libya to draw a representative from that nation. But when the representative desires Harm to carry the whole family members, Harm needs to change his goal while preventing call with the Libyan authorities. When that stops working as well as their aircraft comes under fire, Harm & &(*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )should come down on the only offered touchdown strip … the U.S.S.Seahawk

AtJAG, a Marine is charged of being included with the Al-Quedaterrorist company as well as Mac is appointed to safeguard him versus the cost.


Backin the Saddle

air day: 2003-10-31

Harmis stunned to locate that his life is making an additional unintended turn, when he is alerted that he is discharged from the CIA for being inadvertantly revealed on the cord information network ZNN bring a girl after touchdown on the USSSeahawk Unemployed again, Harm occupies crop-dusting to foot the bill.

AtJAG, Commander Carolyn Imes that as soon as operated at HQ-JAG(when she was aLt Cmdr), is reminded HQ from abroad task to load the openings developed by the separation ofCmdr Rabb. But its Bud & &(****************************************************************************************************** )that are stunned when they discover that their old associate misstated files as well as has actually been exercising regulation without passing the BarExam

AndCatherine Gale “” shocks”” Harm with the information that she is expecting.



air day: 2003-11-07

Dueto overwhelmed JAG caseload which was intensified by the testimonial of every one ofCmdr Imes instances, the Admiral has the SecNav re-instate Harm’s Naval Commission, getting rid of the method for Harm to go back toJAG

Whena United States submarine saves 10 North Koreans after their vessel sinks in South Korean waters,Cmdr Turner shows up from Washington to identify their function.



air day: 2003-11-14

When he interferes in a private regulation enforcement captive scenario as well as places an end to the captive situation, a Marine helicopter pilot locates himself under examination.



air day: 2003-11-21

When his case of eliminating an Iraqi detainee makes the information, a soldiers locates himself being checked out.

Duringthe all-star video game of the Navy & &(**************************************************************************************************** )baseball gamers, a batter directly leaves being eliminated after being struck by a round tossed at him by the bottle. The bottle after that comes under analysis for feasible attack fees.



air day: 2003-12-02

Thefatality of a seafarer fixing the ships radar recipe leads Mac to prosecute as well as Harm to safeguard the seafarer accuseded of the fatality.

Atthe Naval Academy, Mikey’s relationship is evaluated when his flatmate presents him to his sis as well as both of them clicked, triggering fireworks in between Mikey, his flatmate & & his sisCassie


A Merry Little Christmas

air day: 2003-12-12

Harmtries to acquire lawful guardianship Mattie, yet locates his previous solitary “” way of life”” could present a trouble in making great on his guarantee to her.


A Girl’s Best Friend

air day: 2004-01-09

AsHarm currently has protection of Mattie, PO2 Jennifer Coates accepts relocate right into an apartment or condo down the hall fromHarm Admiral Chegwidden considers why the ruby he offered to Meredith for their involvement “” simply does not look right””.



air day: 2004-01-16

Whena woman Naval policeman is discovered extremely killed, its as much as Mac to safeguard the suspect – a male minor policeman that was inebriateded as well as has definitely no recollection of the whole night.

Also, a Navy SEAL Commander locates himself dealing with fees of larceny as well as fraudulence – his target: the UnitedStates


Peoplev. SecNav

air day: 2004-02-06

Whenprivate citizens are eliminated in a battle raid, an International Criminal Court bills the United States with battle criminal activities as well as the SecNav is the one on test standing for the USA. The SecNav is protected by Harm, Mac & &(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )that locate they should likewise safeguard the United States choice for incoming the battle. At completion, the court locates the USA on the adhering to fees: Crimes versus mankind – Not Guilty War Crimes – Not Guilty Intentionally targeting non-combatants – Not Guilty Willful devastation of private residential or commercial property -Guilty

Thecourt orders the USA to offer repairs to the community of Tikifa in the quantity of $20million United States bucks. The district attorney points out to the SecNav that he does not concur with the decisions, yet pleased the SecNav will not need to go to jail. In feedback, the SecNav states that both nations have actually been buddies for as well lengthy as well as they both go off to obtain a beverage with each other.

Backin the USA, when Bud needs to fly overseas to assist safeguard the SecNav, Mike is asked to infant.



air day: 2004-02-13

Theaccident of an airplane right into a warship is thought to be the outcome of the pilot devoting self-destruction, which has Harm & &(****************************************************************************************************** )contesting versus each other; specifically as Mac wishes to hold the pilots regulating policeman liable when she discovers he understood the pilot was deeply dispirited prior to the pilot removed.

WhenMattie enters over her head, she requires Harm & &(********************************************************************************* )(**************************************************************************************** )(*********************************************************************************************************************************************************** )to assist her leave it.



air day: 2004-02-20

SadikFahd that held Mac & &(*********************************************** )slave in Paraguay at the end of last season, appears in Washington, DC as well as Mac needs to question exactly what he’s up to when he starts to call her.

When the automobile battery on his Corvette blows up while he was functioning on it,Harmbriefly sheds his hearing.


TakeIt Like a Man

air day: 2004-02-27

Maccontinuouslies be tortured by her sensations over her needing to eliminate Sadik Fahd, which starts to hinder the various other components of her life – including her protection of a previousMarine

Mattiecontinuouslies handle just how she really feels towards her dad.


WhatIf …

air day: 2004-03-12

Membersof the “”JAG”” personnel are “” aided”” along to uncover their real internal sensations while commemorating Jennifer Coates promo to Petty Officer 1stClass



air day: 2004-04-02

Maclearns how to beware exactly what she requests for – as she is appointed to companion a woman Marine detainee, after having actually made the demand that the detainee ought to be accompanied by somebody able to regulate her.



air day: 2004-04-30

Cmdr When appointed to deal with the SARS break out previously, Turner safeguards himself versus the grievance submitted versus him for presenting anti-Koreanperspectives.

Harm& &(****************************************************************************************************** )face each other when it comes to a Marine General revealing speeches mentioning Islam goes together with wicked & & terrorism.



air day: 2004-05-07

Harmaids secures a mommy of an aquatic eliminated at work while offering in Iraq from excitable press reporters. In so doing, he functions to prepare her for the upcoming funeral of her kid.

Mac& & Bud are contacted to see why armored vests offered to soldiers in the area to shield them, rather are cannot do exactly what they were developed to do.



air day: 2004-05-14

NavySEAL’s come under the microscopic lense when a big quantity of heroin is obstructed as well as seized, just to have a kilo of it show up missing out on.

AndBud pertains to the help of a Marine vocalist that is being bothered by the document firm that he is under agreement to, when they challenge him offering in the battle.


Hailas well as Farewell (1)

air day: 2004-05-21

Theseason ending locates actors participants in a complete state of adjustment: Admiral Chegwidden discloses an unexpected choice he has actually made; Mac is offered some information concerning her wellness as well as Harm is confronted with an individual loss.

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