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Eva Thörnblad that works for the special task force of the Stockholm police, is seriously injured in one of their missions. So she can relax in peace, it is temporarily on leave from active duty. When she learns of her father’s suicide Johan, she decides to travel to their old hometown Silverhöjd where seven years ago her daughter Josephine has disappeared. Eva is convinced that her daughter was the victim of a kidnapping. Since she had no contact with her father for years, whose funeral was not the true reason for their journey. A few days earlier disappeared another child in Silverhöjd, and Eve wants to investigate on their own. In Silverhöjd Eva meets Göran Wass, an official of the Reich Criminal Police. Wass has been turned off in order to grab Tom Aronsson, the local investigators under the arms. Gustaf Borén, a colleague of her father, receives Eve in the company, which has built up Eva’s father and the owner he was. Actually, she is there to get the will read, which makes it the sole heir of his company’s shares. But contrary to expectations, the vault is empty and far and wide to find a will. Thereupon Eva rushes back to their investigations and has time and again phenomena in which her daughter shows up out of nowhere, only to shortly thereafter to disappear. One night driving Eva through the forest. At the last moment she can dodge a young woman who wanders traumatized by the forest. Eva recognizes the earring, the daughter wore at her disappearance at the young woman. Eva has found her daughter?