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Comedy TV Series Kenan & Kel (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 1996-07-15 by Nickelodeon Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Vanessa Baden, Ken Foree, Teal Marchande, Dan Frischman, Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.9/ 10.

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Kenan&Kelseason(******************************************************************************************************************************* )straightdownloadweb links




air day:1996-07-15
Kenan intends to acquire an auto, yet his moms and dads do not desire him to have one.(************************************************************************************ ), he ultimately handles to acquire one, in spite of the unidentified truth that the vehicle was taken.(****************************************************************************** )after that makes a contract with the authorities to capture the burglar, being the password:” the chipmunk has pneumonia.”.(********** ).(******* ). Episode 2


air day:1996-07-15.




air day: 1996-08-17WhenKenanalmost chokes on a screw he discovers in his tuna sandwich, he hatches out an unscrupulous story to take legal action against the tuna business for $10MillionTheyconsult with a legal representative to review their strategies, yet willKelhave the ability to adhere toKenan’s variation of the tale?



air day:1996-08-24 Kenan makes a decision that to live life to the max he have to resembleErnestHemingway, and also he establishes a checklist of objectives to achieve.Atthe top ofKenan’s checklist is Brianna– the lady of his desires.(*************************************************************************************** )makes a decision that so as to get her interest he have to reach the top of theSearsTowerand also hang a banner proclaiming his love for her.However, after strolling up 110 trips of staircases and also hanging the banner,Kenanand alsoKelobtain embeded a home window cleaning cart in addition to the SearsTower; even worse still, the banner rips and also checks out”KenanenjoysBrian”.




air day:1996-10-03Kelstarts revealing incredible psychic capabilities by informingKenanand also the family members points he could not have actually understood, soKenanmakes a decision to bring him on a daytime talk program, althoughKelwas existing.



) 6:.


air day:1996-10-12
When 2 hip older young adults discountKenanand alsoKelfor being as well young to obtain right into an actual club, the young boys undertaken making their very own dancing club– inRigby’s. Things turn tragic as the partygoers start to consume every little thing off the racks and also trash the shop equally asChrisstrolls in.




air day:1996-10-19Kenanultimately rises the nerve to ask outBrianna, the lady of his desires.(******************************************************************* )the evening of their day she gets here putting on a stunning white sweatshirt her granny weaved for her prior to she passed away.(******************************************************************************* )mistakenly splashes a decrease of orange soft drink on it.Kenanworries and also the young boys race to cleanse it up, spilling oil on it while doing so.(**************************************** )Briannaaway from the house, sweatshirt hidden, the young boys invest the remainder of the evening hysterically aiming to clean up the sweatshirt without allowing(************************************************************************************************************* )understand anything is incorrect. Instead of cleansing it, however, they just do well in making it even worse and also even worse.

(********************************************************************************************** )8:.


air day:1996-10-26Kenan’s moms and dads are preparing yourself to commemorate their17th wedding event anniversary.Rogeractually intends to go for it to thrillSheryl, so he checks out an old pal that has a precious jewelry shop.When(************************************************************* )is not able to choose which cubic zirconium he desires, Nate– the shopkeeper– allows him take the rocks house to assume it over. In the meanwhile,Kenanand alsoKelare viewing””America’sCriminals”” and also see a ruby burglar that looks specifically like Kenan’s papa.Laterthey discover the zirconium thatRogerearned and also end that he is the burglar.Theyobtain themselves right into an also larger dilemma when they attempt to return the”” rubies”” to the precious jewelry shop.

. Episode 9:.(******** )TheColdWar

. air day:1996-11-02Kelhas a negative situation of the influenza.Kenanaims to heal him with a homemade treatment containing practically every little thing in the cooking area.Totheir shock,Kelremains in ideal wellness the following early morning, which providesKenana suggestion.Intheir mission to reformulate their treatment for the acute rhinitis, greater than a couple of components are incorrect and also they wind up with a treatment with an unmanageable negative effects: deep rest.Allis well till the young boys understand they have actually provided the chilly medication to Kenan’s papa– an air web traffic controller.(********** ).(******* ).Episode10:.

In theLineof

. air day:1997-01-11ThePresidentof theUnitedStatesmakes a browse through toRigby’s throughout a drop in Chicago.Whilegoing through the shop, he drops target to a falling screen of orange soft drink coulds the young boys have actually set up.Savedfrom calamity byKenan, the (*************************************************************** )informs him to stop by theWhiteHouseas his unique visitor if he’s ever before in the area. The young boys take him up on his deal and also create chaos at theWhiteHouse.

(******* ).Episode11:.

DialO forOops

air day:1996-12-07 It’s love prima facie whenKenanfulfills the little girl of his papa’s mean manager,MrDawson Ignoring his papa’s cautions,Kenanlays out to ask her for a day.Butwhen the voice mail documents greater than simply him hanging up,Kenanand alsoKellaid out to change the tape prior to the Dawsons could obtain house and also hear it.



air day:1996-12-14Kenanhas actually been conserving up all year to acquire aChristmasexisting for himself: the globe’s coolest mountain bicycle.Toobtain the last couple of bucks he requires, he approves a work filling out as a chain store(********************************************************** )after the various otherSantameets a regrettable mishap.Excitedconcerning ultimately having the ability to pay for the bike,Kenanis tossed right into chaos when he fulfills a little child that desires absolutely nothing for himself, simply a bike for his little sibling.(************************************************ )little child influencesKenanto find out truth spirit of Christmas and also providing, and alsoKenanends up being a real-lifeSantafor the little lady’s family members.




air day:1997-01-04 It’s time for the annual bag-off competitors in betweenRigby’s supermarket and also the shop possessed byChris’s bane– Angus’sFoodBarnItappears likeRigby’s will certainly shed for the18th year straight tillKelunconsciously exposes his bagging abilities and also ends up being aRigby’s staff member.(********************************************************************* )concerning the competitors,Keland alsoKenandevelop an excellent method to win. A day prior to the competitors,Kelis rewarded byAngusto find help him.Distraught,Chrisprepares to shed once more– tillKelexposes the young boys’ plan of attack.


Safeand alsoSorry

air day:1997-01-11Chrissends out the young boys to the little-used storeroom in the cellar ofRigby’s to tidy up.WhenKelgrabs a publication to eliminate a huge crawler creeping onKenan, a map befalls.Themap provides instructions to a risk-free, yet the young boys are reluctant– they’ve simply seen a motion picture concerning the crowd where a personality that located a risk-free consulted with a regrettable end.(********** ). (******* ).Episode15:.

(****************************************** )Fizzles(********* ). air day: (************* )- 09-
28 When they go out of community,Rogerand alsoSherylleaveKenanin cost one weekend break.
The guidelines are basic: do not take and also make a mess treatment of your papa’s cherished cockatoo,Twizzles Within a hr of their separation,(****************************************** )runs out and also the young boys are stressed.(******************************************************* )Chicagofor a substitute, the young boys obtain$100fromChristo acquire a comparable bird fromPetThis!(************************************* )moving the bird right intoTwizzles’s old cage, it flies gone.Ina hopeless effort to obtain the brand-newTwizzlesback, the young boys spread out birdseed throughout your house and also open up all the doors and also home windows.When(************************************************************* )and also Sheryl return very early and also stroll inside your house they find out the birdseed brought in not just the(****************************************** )impostor, yet half the chicken in Chicago.


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