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Comedy TV Series Less Than Perfect (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 2003-09-23 by American Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by Ted Wass, directed by , Rob LaZebnik. Cast include Sara Rue, Zachary Levi, Andrea Parker, Andy Dick, Sherri Shepherd, Eric Roberts, Michael Boatman, French Stewart. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.1/ 10.

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air day: 2003-09-23

AtWill’s suggesting, Claude takes a job asMr Elliot’s assistant, leaving her positioning to be filled out by Kipp– that Will could not stand. Meanwhile, Lydia unsuccessfully intends to thrillMr Elliot; Ramona in addition to Owen competition a lunchroom recipe technique; in addition to Carl hangs out the work environment given that he safeguarded himself from his house.


FromtheOffice of Will Butler

air day: 2003-09-30

Whenthevideostore that Carl assists falls short, Claude grant kip down an application for him at GNB. She kinds his go back to on repaired that checks out, “”FromtheOffice of Will Butler,””so his application is rushed with in addition to Carl recieves a job as the sandwich shop manager– nonetheless Claude fears his effectiveness will definitely reveal badly on her. Meanwhile, Kipp’s technique to climb up the corporative pyramid backfires when his elderly target end up wanting him for sex-related features.


ItTakes a Pillage

air day: 2003-10-07

Claude’s house is broken into in addition to she identifies to call a neighbor seminar in addition to organize her framework right into an additional pleasurable area. Her exceptional intents rapidly turn into a factor for all neighbors to use her to run them jobs. Finally Claude identifies that the framework does not should run as a community in addition to safeguards her adaptability, additionally if it shows notifying Ramona in addition to Owen that she does not prefer them living there any type of longer. Meanwhile, Lydia has another not effective initiative of teasing with an extraordinary.



air day: 2003-10-14

Claudediscoversa welcome for a Vogue retrospective at the Guggenheim gallery in Will’s spam in addition to identifies to take Ramona in addition to Owen with her to a lavish New York evening. When Claude makes the last selection to invite Carl, But their methods strike a grab. Meanwhile, Kipp makes a list of his appropriate buddy’s premiums, which he leaves on Lydia’s workdesk– nonetheless Jeb finds it in addition to assumes it’s Lydia’s.



air day: 2003-10-21

Claudeutilizesher secondary school’s internet site to talk with a down-on-his-luck previous classmate in addition to the triggers instantly fly– till Claude locates that he’s far better off than she comprehended. Meanwhile, Kipp in addition to Lydia fight to get a $100container of hair shampoo, in addition to Carl gets his feelings hurt when he carries out a suggestion box in the sandwich shop.



air day: 2003-10-28

Claudesatisfiesa man in the lift, nonetheless selects not to use him her number, so she takes his instead. She is attempting some new dating standards in addition to identifies not to call him till the initial 48 humans resources greater than. There’s a Halloween occasion showing up in addition to Claude identifies to take Trevor, nonetheless unfortunately his number continued to be in the pocket of the layer she cost an occasion dress. They find the new owner, nonetheless he eliminated Trevor’s number. Despite her lack of best of luck, she deals with to satisfy another guy at the occasion. Meanwhile, Kipp in addition to Lydia smuggle a restricted cheese in order to delight their superiors in addition to gain promotions, nonetheless celeb is eaten by Ramona, Owen in addition toCarl


AllAbout Claude

air day: 2003-11-04

WhenVickiDevorski, a previous temperature level that when took Ramona’s person, go back to the work environment, Ramona jealously guards her existing person. But when Ramona begins to neglect her friends, Vicki intends making them her new friends. Meanwhile, Carl in addition to Owen locate their common attraction with catfights, in addition to Kipp gets stuck throwing a birthday party occasion forLydia



air day: 2003-11-18

Whentheytravel to the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC., Claude in addition to Lydia get stuck rooming with each various other with an undesirableKippLydia has a large amount of advice for Claude on the very best means to execute herself in the nation’s sources, nonetheless everything changes when Lydia comes across a young people buddy that subjects her facility training course background. Meanwhile, Ramona gets interrupted when Owen affects her off to fraternize Carl, nonetheless the situation worsens when Owen invites Carl to share their work environment.


Claude’s Alternative Thanksgiving

air day: 2003-11-25

Claudeisthrowing her first Thanksgiving for all her friends. Owen’s 2 lesbian mothers (ValerieHarper in addition to Joanna Kerns) problem share the getaway in addition to most likely to. The simply problem is that his mothers have really frequently assumed that Owen is gay. Hoping to preserve the scheme, Owen asks his friends to play along, containing asking Carl to pose his follower. Meanwhile, Lydia in addition to Kipp both get thanks for visiting Will’s Thanksgiving occasion, where Kipp is rapidly the celeb vacationer destination.


TheGirl Next Door

air day: 2003-12-02

AfterCarlasks Claude out for a spontaneous dinner, the work environment record mill kicks right into devices, till Claude has a talk with him worrying where their collaboration is going. Meanwhile Lydia’s stunning expenses actions get her right into financial issue, so she utilizes Ramona as her financial expert( ABC).



air day: 2003-12-09

WillinformsClaude to end his interior developer, nonetheless Claude does not truly feel up to the work so she utilizes Ramona in order to aid … nonetheless Ramona quickly becomes drunked with power in addition to begins going beyond the phone conversation of commitment in order to assistClaudeMeanwhile, Owen reveals to Carl that Lydia is his “” desire companion,””so Carl insists her additionally– in addition to Kipp hears their conversation.



air day: 2003-12-16

Claudetacklesthe work of straight searching for all Will’s Christmas offers group in addition to in the future for his companion,DaniHer initiatives start to go awry when Lydia in addition to Dani’s presents get transformed, making Jeb jealous in addition to angeringDani


WhatAbout That!

air day: 2004-01-06

Afteraconfrontation with the paparazzi, Will utilizes Claude to develop a public service declaration in hopes that it will definitely clean up his broken picture. Claude is delighted till she finds that he accepted Lydia the possibility to develop one. Meanwhile, Owen in addition to Carl delight in the high-ends of the VIP men’s toilet at GNB, nonetheless fellow tresspasser Kipp intends to preserve them from striking his yard.



air day: 2004-01-27

WhenKippboosts a rivals with Claude over whether Jeb is a much much better company than Will, it escalates till Kipp locates that Jeb’s job continues to be in danger. Meanwhile, Carl gets a thermostat installed in Owen in addition to Ramona’s work environment, which Ramona needs that Owen keeps developed over heat … leading Owen in addition to Carl to hatch out a revenge strategy that goes awry.


LoveStinks (Sometimes)

air day: 2004-02-10

Claudeestablishesher sights on Mitch, the new market supplier. In preparation help their day, Claude denies herself to get right into a dress, nonetheless difficulties take place when they get to the restaraunt in addition to her drink instantly starts. Meanwhile, Will more than likely to excellent dimensions to get Carl to trade Shaq to him in the work environment “” desire basketball computer game,””in addition to Jeb in addition to Lydia each objective to develop if they are a special set.



air day: 2004-02-17

Lydiaconsentsto check out Jeb’s youngster, George, when he comes for a check out, nonetheless she quickly pawns him off onClaudeBut when George develops a rising crush on Claude, Lydia hesitates that it will definitely hurt her standing withJebMeanwhile, Ramona eventually recieves her gran’s valued tomato seeds from probate in addition to strategies with Owen in addition to Carl to expand them past Jeb’s work environment– nonetheless they should imitateKipp


Claude’s Appartment

air day: 2004-02-24

ClaudewelcomesMitch to her house for some dinner in addition to love, nonetheless her friends encourage her that her dà © cor is a bit adolescent. Kipp’s mother, Diane (LesleyAnn Warren), goes into area to satisfy Will Butler for a fling of her own, in addition to swipes amongst Claude’s youth years pictures to sweat off as Kipp’s. Meanwhile, Owen gets a motorscooter, Ramona gets tickets to a Mary J. Blige efficiency in addition to Lydia makes therapeutic facility reservations for herself in Diane’s name.


22Minus 1 Equals 4

air day: 2004-03-02

Mitchutilizeshis power to bump Lydia off the 22 nd floor covering to gain Claude thrilled. Even though Lydia’s transfer has really made life on the 22 nd floor covering calmness, Claude intends to bring her back from the 4th floor covering to minimize Owen in addition to Ramon’s suffering. Meanwhile, Carl is furious that they’re using his sandwich shop to hold a blood drive, nonetheless he changes his tune when he pleases an attractive nurse practitioner.


RidinginCars With Falafel

air day: 2004-03-09

Duringatransport strike, Claude obtains Carl’s valuable Buick Riviera in addition to develops out on a search with Ramona in addition to Owen to find a much much better lunch … a search that rapidly ends up when Claude crashes the automobile. Meanwhile Lydia speaks out Kipp prior to Jeb, that markets Kipp to his assistant– nonetheless Lydia hesitates that Kipp will definitely reveal uncomplimentary methods worrying her.


DatingProtocol at GNB

air day: 2004-03-16

WhenMr. Schmidtline holds a “”Respectinthe Workplace””workshop in addition to penalize workplace love, Claude issues for her collaboration with Mitch … so she develops Ramona withSchmidtlineMeanwhile, Jeb workers Carl as a soundman to videotape a taped admission from Lydia that he truly did not encourage her right into their collaboration. Kipp calls Owen “” 4 eyes,””which he has to problem regret when he is in addition to sheds a telephone call recorded placing on glasses– nonetheless Owen could not assemble a wise declaration.



air day: 2004-04-27

AsClaudetakes control of editing and enhancing and also boosting the company e-newsletter as a result of the death of the previous one, she utilizes Owen to develop an assessment comapring Carl to Eddie Smirkoff( JimBelushi), the new sandwich guy. Meanwhile Will Butler orders her to harm video clips that she thinks are old pornography, nonetheless come to be evidence of his really early occupation as a celebrity on a Canadian daytime soap.


Claude’s Roxanne

air day: 2004-05-04

WillemploysClaude’s old firend Roxanne Fiedler( ToriSpelling), as a new aide, although she’s completely unqualified for the job. Meanwhile Kipp is believed to be going bonkers Gaslight- layout, numerous thanks to some methods by Carl, Owen in addition toRamona


ThePimp Hat

air day: 2004-05-11

Claudeisdepressing when Mitch happens job to Budapest, so Owen in addition to Carl objective to elevate her spirits with a computer game of “” PimpHat,””where everyone picks a name from a hat in addition to develops a day for them. Kipp takes part in the computer game, independently detailing to damaged everyone’s evening, in addition to Lydia becomes jealous that she in addition to Jeb do not have a wonderful “” first day story.””


ClaudeOn One Knee

air day: 2004-05-18

ClaudepushesJeb right into weding Lydia, so she’ll remain at house in addition to gone out her hair totally. Meanwhile, Jeb encourages Kipp to work with site visitors for a post-proposal “” person occasion.””

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