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Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Lost Signs (season 1, 2, 3) was released in 2007-06-20 by TF1 Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Toinette Laquière, Arnaud Binard, Patrick Bauchau. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 4.2/ 10.

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air day: 2007-06-20

Summer1980. An aircraft vanishes from the radar displays someplace in between Paris and alsoMarseille Twenty years later on, unusual types called Crop Circles show up in a cornfield. At the exact same time, Laure de Lestrade, that will market her mommy’s home, uncovers comparable illustrations in her institution note pad. Coincidence? An attack, distressing statements, a rainy get-together with her household, a current image on the Internet of a female with an odd similarity to her mommy, that disappeared 20 years previously– all this intrigues her. What do these occasions all suggest? Can her mommy still live?



air day: 2007-06-20

Lucas, the child of Erika and also Fran çois de Lestrade, Laure’s half-brother and also child of General de Lestrade, is practically abducted. Laure, his auntie, starts to ask yourself if there is a link in between the mystical vanishings of numerous of her loved ones. In each instance, minority witnesses discuss a male with white hair, a mesmeric appearance and also a black automobile with smoked home windows! Laure is distressed by her sweetheart Xavier’s uncertainties regarding her papa, General Guillaume deLestrade As the military decodes an enigmatic number, 120807, in a Crop Circle, Laure is attracted to a safeguarded website with an old formula and also captured in a halo of blue light …



air day: 2007-06-27

Abductedby hooded people, Laure discovers herself in person with her papa, that informs her that he supervises of the secret armed forces “STAR program” which is exploring the CropCircles At the exact same time, Xavier declares he’s simply located a daze young amnesiac – which Laure acknowledges as her old sweetheart, Christopher, that had actually disappeared 13 years previously. Fran çois de Lestrade has Xavier jailed on costs of kidnapping. Laure discovers of the presence of a kid called Manon, that is claimed to be able to check out the CropCircles Meanwhile, military physicians perform examinations on Christopher in order to penetrate his memory. Under hypnotherapy, he documents a solitary name:Manon



air day: 2007-06-27

Inan issue of minutes, Manon decodes exactly what military professionals could not in months:”12August 2007″ and also “Weare their youngsters.” That exact same night, Manon is abducted by a male with white hair. Laure and also Xavier, that has actually been launched from jail, go to Manon’s hospitalized papa, Lorenzo, that has a mark on his lower arm the same to each other missing out on individual had. This mark showed up when, as a kid, Lorenzo was taking a trip from Paris to Marseille on Flight 173– the exact same airplane that had actually disappeared from radar display for greater than 20 mins on June 17,1980 What occurred on that particular trip?



air day: 2007-07-04

Laurediscovers that the marks are implants which the initial researcher to have actually recognized them appears to have actually been his mommy’s doctor, ProfessorRoger At Roger’s house, Laure just discovers a deserted home, when the scene of a dreadful misfortune: whenDr Roger evidently killed his very own household and also left. Laure breaks in to discover canvases much like the paints of musician Gaston Denis, which awaited her household’s estate. The painter and alsoDr Roger would certainly appear to be identical individual. Trailing the gallery proprietor displaying Denis’s job, Laure concerns a remote farmhouse where she discovers the black automobile with smoked home windows. Suddenly, a male with white hair,Dr Roger, the male behind the vanishings, impends up behind her …



air day: 2007-07-04

Laureis located connected, gagged and also secured right into the storage of your house. Roger once more gets on the run. Laure and also Xavier find out that Irene, Laure’s mother-in-law, has a Denis paint and also understoodDr Roger. Xavier discovers a type of will certainly left by Roger dealt with to Laure: a video clip revealing a dental implant removal executed byDr Roger himself; and also a tape of an extraterrestrial revealing he is concerning planet to “reclaim the youngsters.” Laure wishes to see Lorenzo once more. Erika, Laure’s sister-in-law, confesses her trick: she had an event with Lorenzo and also fears her partner may learn. Laure determines to conceal him. When Erika concerns see Lorenzo with her child, Lucas promptly calls Lorenzo, “Papa” Though asleep, Lorenzo solutions in a hollow, incorporeal voice, as if an unfamiliar person had actually seized his body.



air day: 2007-07-11

Whenhe stirs up, Lorenzo relapses with fear. He remembers the photos of the airplane journey: the disturbance, the dive right into deep space, the guests dropping off to sleep and also an odd blue light. Laure and also Xavier get in touch with the archives of that duration and also find the stewardess. She also has a mark on her lower arm, however her dental implant was operatively gotten rid of. Laure goes back to the military facility and also takes care of to creep in a USB secret on which she tapes the checklist of guests- almost one, that stays unknown. Erika stresses when she hears exactly what Laure has actually learnt: all the youngsters of the guests on Flight 173 have actually vanished. Which suggests that Lucas, Lorenzo’s child, remains in threat of being abducted.



air day: 2007-07-11

Lauredesire for her mommy that asks her to quit seeking her. Laure gets up, bothered. She heads out to her automobile – a darkness impends. Laure has actually simply been abducted by …Xavier Suspecting Xavier, the general has him jailed and also releasesLaure Laure goes back to the Roger’s house and also revives a family members image. At the military base, Xavier is infused with fact lotion and also about wondered about. Violent memories return. He says a name …Alex Laure enters the examination space and also describes: “Xavieris Alexandre Roger, the child ofDr Roger.” Xavier admits to having actually seen his mommy’s murder by soldiers that attempted to compel his papa to quit his research study on space beings. He was just 6.



air day: 2007-07-18

Afterlistening to the admissions of Xavier, Laure asks her papa for descriptions. He refutes any type of participation in this event. At the armed forces medical facility, Fran çois and also her papa discover Christopher with his wrists slit, the wall surfaces of his space covered with the photo of a Crop Circle, attracted his blood. Laure is frightened. With the assistance of her uncle Paul Costa, she makes her means via the below ground degrees of the base and also releases Christopher – her papa observes everything on his security electronic camera. Regaining awareness, Christopher leads Laure to an area cordoned off by barbed cable where they discover the plant circle he had actually attracted. A girl, Julie, shows up all of a sudden: Christopher lookings at her extremely after that takes off after saying his initial words: “Weneed to leave … it’s composed … they’ll be coming for us August 12 … I need to go discover the others …”.



air day: 2007-07-18

Christopherabducts and also fleesLucas Released from jail, Xavier is assaulted by Francois that attempts to eliminate him. At police station, Laure lines up the images of all the disappeared and also the CropCircles She checks out: “Weare their youngsters … We need to collect … on August 12, 2007 …Toleave …” Noticing the airline company stewardess Jeanne Laborde using a necklace like the one her mommy made use of to have, Laure discovers that she obtained it from her mommy on Flight173 Is she among them, after that? Laure discovers Julie, the girl from the Crop Circle, Christopher, Lucas and alsoXavier Xavier cautions her that the military is seeking them. Laure takes them to a deserted abbey. In this mystical and also magnificent area, she breaks down right into Xavier’s arms, disclosing that she comes from one more varieties. The basic is eased of the STAR event and also Fran çois designated in his area. He is figured out to challengeLaure



air day: 2007-07-25

Laurerecoups her individuality. She sees herself as a 10- year-old once more, going through the areas, her mommy informing her that she needs to go away. Beams of light had actually after that attracted the CropCircle Later, her papa had actually made use of hypnotherapy to remove her memories. At the exact same time, Lucas describes: their moms and dads had actually been sent out deep right into deep space in spirit kind in order to pair with Earthlings to discover the keys of the life they had actually lost. They needs to currently go back to their very own earth. The military regains the team howeverXavier In the military cells, they discover all the various other youngsters of guests of Flight 173 abducted for many years by the military. Professor Roger had actually operated in collusion with them. In the below ground jail, Manon utilizes her telepathic powers to earn call withLaure She informs her that Lucas will certainly be joining them quickly to companion them to the separation factor.



air day: 2007-07-25

Laurepicks up from Professor Roger that her mommy was dental implanted. Meanwhile, Mich èle Costa admits her trick to Xavier: she understands where Laure’s mommy is. She takes him to Marseille to the workplaces of the Planet organization. Laure’s mommy is the one that developed this network in order to battle the military and also to explore these extraterrestrial sensations. Playing his key resource, Xavier takes Irene to the general that understands that it’s his spouse Irene that attempted to eliminate his child. He gives Xavier with the ways in order to help the detainees in the base’s secret jail retreat.

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