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Comedy TV Series I Love Lucy (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 1951-10-15 by CBS Channel. Serial was created by Marc Daniels, directed by Jess Oppenheimer, Jess Oppenheimer. Cast include Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley, Keith Thibodeaux, Richard Reeves. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.4/ 10.

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TheGirls Want to Go to a Nightclub

air day: 1951-10-15

It’s the Mertzes’ 18th wedding event anniversary. Ethel yearns to commemorate it by mosting likely to the Copacabana, while Fred wishes to go to the battles. As could be thought, a disagreement quickly occurs amongst the pairs. Ethel and also Lucy determine that they will certainly most likely to the club-with days! Now, this is flawlessly great with Fred, however Ricky is stressed. So he and also Fred call an old close friend, Ginny Jones, for days to make sure that they could most likely to the bar and also spy on their other halves. Coincidentally, Lucy and also Ethel have actually likewise called Ginny concerning obtaining days to visit the club. When Ginny informs the women concerning the young boys’ strategies, Lucy determines that she and also Ethel will certainly pose the young boys’ arranged dates. Thus, both of them get in the Ricardo house spruced up like nation bumpkins, makings for some excellent Lucille Ball schtick.


Bea Pal

air day: 1951-10-22

Inorder to maintain the honeymoon from finishing with Ricky, Lucy speaks with a publication that brings about all kind of humorous scenarios as Lucy aims to comply with the publication’s recommendations.



air day: 1951-10-29

Toher discouragement, Lucy learns that she’s placed on 22 extra pounds considering that wedingRicky Complications emerge when among the women in Ricky’s brand-new program stops, making an openings for a professional dancer that could use a dimension twelve outfit. At the tryouts the following early morning, Lucy methods Ricky right into claiming that if she sheds sufficient weight (12extra pounds) in 4 days, after that she could be in the program. Thus, she works out and also deprives, with Ethel as her trainer. In one amusing scene, she aims to swipe food from the Mertzes’ pet dog Butch, since she is so starving! She lastly turn to making use of a heavy steam cupboard, and also procures to the needed 120 extra pounds. At completion, Lucy and also Ricky execute “”CubanPete/SallySweet.”” She’s a hit, however at the end she breaks down, experiencing lack of nutrition.


LucyThinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder Her

air day: 1951-11-05

Lucyis deeply absorbed in a new whodunit, called “”TheMockingbird Mystery,”” and also is, naturally, a nail-biting accident. Making matters even worse, Ethel’s amateur efforts at lot of money informing indicate her best “” murder.”” The crowning achievement is a misinterpreted telephone call in between Ricky and also his representative,Jerry Ricky determines to put a sedative for Lucy to make sure that she could unwind, however she assumes it’s poisonous substance. With exactly what she thinks is her last ruptured of power, she speeds up to the Tropicana to face Ricky with a weapon.


TheQuiz Show

air day: 1951-11-12

Afterlistening to a radio test program, and also having Ricky address all the concern properly, Lucy procures herself and also Ricky on the program. Little does she understand that Ricky understood the responses ahead of time. The program is called “”Femalesare Fabulous,”” a title that Lucy validates elaborately. In this episode, Frank Nelson makes the very first of lots of cameos as FreddyFillmore



air day: 1951-11-19

Ricky’s band is to be auditioned for tv, and also Lucy is aiming to “” butt in.”” When Lucy alternatives to Buffo the clown, the manufacturers wish to authorize her, not Ricky, and also Lucy is challenged with issues. Ricky sings his hallmark “”Babalu'”” for the very first time in this episode.



air day: 1951-11-26

Lucyall of a sudden ends up being curious about numerology and also superstitious notions. After suggesting Ricky that it’s a great day for him to earn offers, she recognizes that she checked out the other day’s horoscopes which today is really a negative day forRicky She hence claims “no” to an essential company require Ricky fromMr Meriweather. In the procedure of placing points right, Lucy carries out a seance. Classic Ethel quote: “Ethelto Tillie, Ethel to Tillie, been available in Tillie.”.


Menare Messy

air day: 1951-12-03

“”Menare only a lot of messcats,”” urges Lucy Ricardo, while Ricky urges that “” a male’s house is his castle.”” To emphasize, Lucy separates the house in fifty percent, to make sure that Ricky could be as unpleasant as he suches as on his side. But when Ricky’s press representative, Kenny Morgan, align an attention spread in Halfbeat Magazine, Lucy determines to educate her careless hubby a lesson by transforming the Ricardo house right into a normal pig pen. Little does Lucy understand that this professional photographer is not from the artist’s journal, however is really from Look publication.


TheFur Coat

air day: 1951-12-10

Rickyreturns house with a $3,500mink layer that he has actually leased for an act at the club. Lucy instantly leaps to the verdict that it’s her wedding anniversary existing. Lucy is so happy with her “” existing”” that she consumes, rests, as well as does the meals using the mink. Ricky determines to obtain the layer back by having Fred spruce up as a theif and also “” swipe”” it, however prior to he does, a REAL thief nearly snatches the layer! When Lucy gains from Ethel of his strategy, she determines to educate her husband a lesson. Buying a low-cost replica mink, she determines to “” change”” it (with a set of scissors) in full sight ofRicky


Lucyis Jealous of Girl Singer

air day: 1951-12-17

WhenLucy opens up a telegram resolved to Ricky purchasing him to show up at the Army’s Fort Dix, she presumes that he has actually been prepared. Ethel believes that Fred has actually been prepared too. When they see them piercing in the living space with mops, Their uncertainties are validated. They have no idea, nonetheless, that Ricky and also Fred are exercising a dancing regimen for a servicemen’s program. To obtain their males “” all set for the military,”” Lucy and also Ethel require to weaving coverings and also various other points for them. They likewise intend a vanishing event for them on Sunday evening. Ricky and also Fred, at the same time, assume that the women are expecting. When they intend a comparable event (a child shower) for that very same evening, Chaos occurs.



air day: 1951-12-24

Rickyreturns house with a $3,500mink layer that he has actually leased for an act at the club. Lucy instantly leaps to the verdict that it’s her wedding anniversary existing. Lucy is so happy with her “” existing”” that she consumes, rests, as well as does the meals using the mink. Ricky determines to obtain the layer back by having Fred spruce up as a theif and also “” swipe”” it, however prior to he does, a REAL thief nearly snatches the layer! When Lucy gains from Ethel of his strategy, she determines to educate her husband a lesson. Buying a low-cost replica mink, she determines to “” change”” it (with a set of scissors) in full sight ofRicky



air day: 1951-12-31

Lucyvolunteers for Ricky’s Parisian apache dancing number for an upcoming Tropicana program. And Ethel discovers the ideal individual to educate her the standard elements of Apache dance-JeanValjean Raymand, that is the nephew of the female that runs the French hand washing. This Frenchman has greater than dancing lessons in mind, nonetheless. When Ricky discovers him concealing in the hall better, fireworks start. Jean tests him to a battle behind Radio City Music Hall, however they eventually determine to present a phony battle in the room to educate Lucy a just lesson.



air day: 1952-01-07

Etheldesires Ricky to a heading an advantage program for her females’s club, however Lucy chooses not to ask him, unless she could be on the costs, as well. After lots of coaxing for Lucy, Ricky lastly claims that he’ll do it. But Lucy after that obtains an opportunity to check out the act that she and also Ricky will certainly be providing for the advantage. Ricky has all the tag line! She determines to revise the jokes and also educate her hubby a lesson.


TheAmatuer Hour

air day: 1952-01-14

Lucy, customarily, invests excessive loan on an outfit. So she informs Ricky that she will certainly obtain a work childcare in order to spend for it. The problem is, she really did not understand that she would certainly be ending up babysitting a set of rowdy, ruined doubles. The doubles do nearly whatever to Lucy besides shedding her at the risk. The doubles’ mommy ultimately calls, and also claims that if Lucy executes at a selection program with the doubles, she could maintain the cash prize $100


LucyPlays Cupid

air day: 1952-01-21

MissLewis, the Ricardos’ senior next-door neighbor, demands Lucy’s aid in obtaining the interest ofMr Ritter, the senior grocery store male which she is pleasant on. Lucy conveniently accepts offerMr Ritter a supper invite for MissLewis The very first difficulty develops when Lucy shares the information with Ricky, that spanks Lucy for conflicting and also makes her pledge to offer the note back to MissLewis But, when Lucy continues to offerMr Ritter the note anyhow, he assumes the invite and also misconstrues is from Lucy herself. This brings about a not successful strategy by Lucy to preventMr Ritter and also Ricky’s informingMr Ritter that he could have her. In spite of all these unexpected accidents,Mr Ritter and also Miss Lewis perform in reality end up with each other, never ever to be seen on any kind of future episode.


LucyFakes Illness

air day: 1952-01-28

Afterall this time around, Lucy has actually lastly located exactly what she thinks to be the ideal option for entering movie industry. After Ethel provides her a publication concerning illness, Lucy determines that she will certainly act that she is experiencing many mental conditions to make sure that Ricky will certainly sympathize with her and also allow her enter into movie industry. To encourage Ricky that she is actually “” ill,”” Lucy claims that she does not understand that she is, and also at one factor “” assumes”” that she is Tallulah Bankhead! When Ricky ultimately discovers Lucy’s method, he works with a counterfeit physician to scare Lucy back to wellness.


LucyWrites a Play

air day: 1952-02-04

Lucyis persistently creating the manuscript for the play that her females’s club is mosting likely to place on, a something called “” A Tree Grows in Havana,”” and also she requires Ricky to show up in it. When Ricky sees the manuscript, he instantly decreases. So Lucy is after that entrusted to no option however to obtain Fred to concur to do the function. Deciding that Fred would not be great for representing a Cuban personality, Lucy determines to revise the play to make sure that it is embeded inEngland Later, nonetheless, Ricky determines that he wishes to remain in the play when he listens to that some extremely important enrollers are mosting likely to go to the females’s program. So he takes care of to method Fred right into providing him back the function. But Ricky does not understand that Lucy has actually revised the play. This brings about some rather dreadful outcomes.


Breakingthe Lease

air day: 1952-02-11

Thereveal opens up with the Ricardos and also the Mertzes relaxing the Ricardos’ piano, vocal singing tracks with each other. After the Mertzes leave, Lucy and also Ricky end up in a disagreement: Lucy wishes to leave the room home window open, while Ricky desires it shut. The Mertzes, that are aiming to obtain some rest, are most aggravated by the sound. They madly phone the Ricardos and also need that they lowered the noise. This, as you could visualize, brings about a large quarrel in between the Ricardos and also theMertzes Lucy and also Ricky determine that they cannot take it any longer, and also they wish to vacate. However, there is a minor trouble– they’ve authorized a lease. The Ricardos hence determine to come to be one of the most unwanted occupants ever before to make sure that they could damage that lease. They be successful in doing so, however eventually determine that they cannot relocate away which they need to ask forgiveness to their pals.



air day: 1952-02-18

Evennevertheless this time around, Lucy still yearns to obtain right into among Ricky’s programs. When she discovers that there is an opening in among Ricky’s substitute a ballet professional dancer, in addition to a burlesque comedienne, Lucy determines to take a ballet class-which brings about some rather dreadful outcomes. Fed up, Lucy after that works with an educator to educate her the art of burlesque funny. It is then that Lucy discovers that Ricky still has one area offered in his act. Falsely presuming that it is the burlesque comedienne, not the ballet professional dancer, that Ricky requires for his act, Lucy mosts likely to the club and also trouble occurs.


TheYoung Fans

air day: 1952-02-25

A timid young teen called Peggy has a significant crush onRicky Ricky, nonetheless, is tired of all this “” interest”” that this woman is providing him, so asks Lucy to have a talk with her. During their discussion, Lucy asks Peggy to think about a few other young boys her very own age that she may prefer to go out with rather. Peggy, it appears, likewise suches as a kid called ArthurMorton Unfortunately, Arthur is shateringly reluctant and also could not dance, so Lucy volunteers to offer him a dancing lesson. But it is then that Arthur ends up being captivated with Lucy! To obtain both off their backs, Lucy and also Ricky think of an option: they will certainly spruce up and also imitate 90 years of age, and also frighten their “” young followers”” back to truth.



air day: 1952-03-03

Lucyends up being worried that a person of her brand-new next-door neighbors is intimidating to eliminate her and also encourages the others that the next-door neighbors are aiming to eliminate them … which obtains them right into large problem.


Fredand also Ethel Fight

air day: 1952-03-10

Fredand also Ethel have actually been addressing each others’ throats for the previous couple of days currently, and also typically aren’t speaking with each various other anymore. (Fred: She called my mommy a weasel!)Toobtain them back with each other, Lucy thinks of a strategy: She will certainly welcome Ethel to supper, while Ricky will certainly welcomeFred Neither Mertz will certainly understand that the various other is coming, Lucy wishes that she could bring the Mertzes with each other so they could speak out their concerns. Lucy begins with her strategy, however throughout supper, she and also Ricky begin to quarrel. By completion of dinner, the Mertzes leave the Ricardos’ house as pleased as larks, however Lucy and also Ricky are currently at each others’ throats. It’s currently approximately the Mertzes to bring the Ricardos back with each other.



air day: 1952-03-17

Lucydisapproval Ricky’s brand-new moustache. In order to retaliate, she adhesives a moustache and also beard on her face. Then, Ricky accepts cut his moustache off, as long as Lucy does away with hers. Lucy aims to obtain the face hair off, and also is not successful. They aim to obtain an unique material to take the adhesive off, to discover that it is not made any longer.



air day: 1952-03-24

Rickyis revolted by Lucy’s fixation with gossiping concerning other individuals. According to Ricky, Lucy acts as if it is her “” life’s blood.”” Fred, as well, is disrupted by Ethel’s love of gossiping. The 2 women after that mention that both Ricky and also Fred have actually been understood to chatter, likewise. The young boys after that test the women to a wager: They will certainly see that could do without gossiping the lengthiest, and also the victors will certainly obtain morning meal in bed for a month. The wager begins, and also whatever is going great till Ricky thinks of a strategy to rip off to make sure that he and also Fred could win.



air day: 1952-03-31

Havingbeen wagered by their partners that they cannot do without modern-day benefits, Lucy and also Ethel spin butter and also cook bread from scratch-an eighteen foot loaf! But after that Lucy requires that Ricky live as if it’s the millenium for him, as well.


TheMarriage License

air day: 1952-04-07

Due to the fact that his name was misspelled on their marital relationship certificate,Lucyassumes she and also Ricky typically aren’t lawfully wed. So she desires them to restore their swears at the very same location in Connecticut where Ricky very first suggested to her. But they lose ground arriving.



air day: 1952-04-14

WhenRicky discovers a wardrobe full of prized possessions that Lucy has actually gathered for a fete, he erroneously assumes that she’s come to be a kleptomaniac. He covertly employs a physician to hypnotize her, however Lucy is important to his strategy and also invents remembering an infamous past.



air day: 1952-04-21

Lucyburns with envy when she obtains an eyeful of Ricky’s dancing parter Renita (LitaBaron) from the “” old days”” inCuba She was a kid after that, however say goodbye to! Determined to maintain them apart, Lucy goes to the club in camouflage, and also discovers herself in the clutches of a wild male calledRamon



air day: 1952-04-28

Where’s the beef? It’s in Lucy and also Ethel’s brand-new walk-in fridge freezer (inning accordance with Lucy, the “” human popsicle””). Of program, Ricky and also Fred have a beef with their other halves, since they paid $483for it. The meat firm will not take it back, and also they cannot offer it to consumers waiting in the regional butcher store, so they’re persevered. And talking stuck, Lucy obtains herself secured the fridge freezer!


LucyDoes a TELEVISION Commercial

air day: 1952-05-05

Desperateto be in Ricky’s brand-new tv commercial, Lucy makes every effort to obtain her means; which ultimately settles. But her one-and-only possibility flops when she is compelled to examine the enroller’s item over-and-over, a vitamin syrup called Vitametavegimin, which is 25% alcohol.


ThePublicity Agent

air day: 1952-05-12

Lucyimpersonates a princess for an attention feat.


LucyGets Ricky on the Radio

air day: 1952-05-19

Lucycovertly publications Ricky on a radio test program.


Lucy’s Schedule

air day: 1952-05-26

Rickyplaces Lucy on a stiff time routine.


RickyThinks He is Going Bald

air day: 1952-06-02

Rickyis afraid that he is going hairless, so Lucy takes it right into her go to aid him: she organizes a “hairless individuals’s event” to reveal him that he’s not so negative, nevertheless. But when that does not function, she turns to revealing some brand-new “hair therapies” (or “abuse strategies” as Lucy calls them) to reveal Ricky just how foolish he’s been.


RickyAsks for a Raise

air day: 1952-06-09

Rickyrequests a raising, however his manager (GaleGordon) transforms him down, motivating Lucy to show simply exactly how preferred an entertainer he is. Her system includes making a great deal of fake bookings at the club on the evening that someone else is playing, after that turn up in different semblances( consisting of Fred in drag) inventing indignation that Ricky’s not doing– and also leave in a huff.

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