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Created by Irish comedian and actor Chris O’Dowd (Roy unforgettable Trenneman of computer), Moone Boy is a quirky comedy that follows the adventures of Martin Moone (David Rawle). Martin is a 12 year old and, like most, has an imaginary friend. Shean (O’Dowd), as it is called, gives him a unique perspective on life and helps you cope with everyday life in a small rural town in Ireland. Together they hatch plans for their misdeeds, they will defend themselves against bullies of the neighborhood and to try to understand classes gridded sex of their parents.

The series “Little Moon” Season 2 will continue the story of eleven-year-liked by the audience boy growing up in a small Irish town. Martin – a very ordinary boy, he plays with friends, lead an active life in the school and is one of many unremarkable teenagers. But it is only at first sight: a boy and a dreamer dreamer lives in dreams, so he has a Sean – his imaginary friend. Together, they go through many trials, it helps Martin get out of difficult situations, explains the intricacies of relationships with peers and parents. The boy’s imagination come to life drawings from notebooks, blurs the line between reality and fiction. Sean is always there to the rescue at any time, it’s about this other dream Jr. moon. The second season tells about new adventures of a boy and his older friend who shares with Martin all the mischief and sorrow. They can expect a lot of comical situations, shown with sparkling humor, they will overcome a lot of pediatric trials moon.