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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama TV Series Night Gallery (season 1, 2, 3, 4) was released in 1971-09-15 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by John Meredyth Lucas, John Badham, directed by , Rod Serling. Cast include Rod Serling, Ellen Weston. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.0/ 10.

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TheHand of Borgus Weems

air day: 1971-09-15

When he finds an attacking visibility has control of his ideal hand, a determined guy looks for out the assistance of a cosmetic surgeon.


TheBoy Who Predicted Earthquakes

air day: 1971-09-15

An extremely effective young seer unexpectedly chooses not to make more forecasts.


Phantomof What Opera?

air day: 1971-09-15

When he alarms a lovely young vocalist,ThePhantom of the Opera obtains the shock of his life.


MissLovecraft Sent Me

air day: 1971-09-15

A vignette regarding a sitter as well as her most recent customer.



air day: 1971-09-22

Bricksas well as mortar number in a spouse’s strategy to finish her other half’s suffering.


Witches’ Feast

air day: 1971-09-22

A short necromancy in knowledgeable while a coven hungrily waits for a past due participant.


Classof ’99

air day: 1971-09-22

A finishing course of the future takes an especially enlightening last examination.



air day: 1971-09-22

Anemployment recruiter authorities has problem aiming to load a placement for a very specific consumer.


A Death in the Family

air day: 1971-09-22

Takinghaven in a funeral chapel, a damaged awesome experiences a mild undertaker with an odd key.


TheFlip-Sideof Satan

air day: 1971-09-29

An unsympathetic video jockey is provided as a terrible sacrifice at a deserted radio terminal.


WithApologies toMr Hyde

air day: 1971-09-29

Dr Jekyll experiments with a brand-new remedy.


SinceAunt Ada Came to Stay

air day: 1971-09-29

An university teacher believes that his going to auntie is an old witch– with layouts on occupying his spouse’s body.



air day: 1971-10-06

A reckless show-off mistakenly overemphasizes his weak abilities to a crackpot doctor.



air day: 1971-10-06

A widower explores an abnormally stringent military college for his overdue kid.



air day: 1971-10-06

A spin on dad’s twelve o’clock at night feeding.


A Fear of Spiders

air day: 1971-10-06

When he finds a hirsute– as well as self-willed– little visitor creeping in his kitchen area sink, a phobic premium writer looks for assistance from a lady he rejected.


ThePhantom Farmhouse

air day: 1971-10-20

A psychoanalyst locates himself succumbing to a mystical female whose last site visitor was eliminated– so cops end– by wild pets.


SilentSnow, Secret Snow

air day: 1971-10-20

A young boy’s attraction with snow starts to attract him right into a lovely dream globe.


TheDevil Is Not Mocked

air day: 1971-10-27

A Nazi basic searching for resistance competitors obtains an oddly cozy welcome at a Balkan castle.


A Question of Fear

air day: 1971-10-27

Anbrave mercenary approves a $15,000wager to remain over night in a haunted residence.


MidnightNever Ends

air day: 1971-11-03

A driver as well as an aquatic hitchhiker experience an extraordinary experience that they’ve shared previous experiences.



air day: 1971-11-03

A romance regarding the odd animal as well as a friendless teen she catches in a deserted quarry.


ProfessorPeabody’s Last Lecture

air day: 1971-11-10

Whileunmasking old cults, a scholastic unwisely discounts the incorrect god.



air day: 1971-11-10

Aneccentric farmer assures a “” huge shock”” to a team of young boys … if they mine it.


A Matter of Semantics

air day: 1971-11-10

CountDracula sees a blood financial institution.



air day: 1971-11-10

A ferocious chatter writer obtains a present journal that shows up to create its very own frightened entrances– prior to the occasions happen.


Dr Stringfellow’s Rejuvenator

air day: 1971-11-17

Andishonest medication guy in the Old West assures recovered health and wellness– or a rebirth– to a bad farmer’s passing away little girl.


Hell’s Bells

air day: 1971-11-17

A current initiate is shocked to discover Hell a little tame for his preference.


A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank

air day: 1971-11-17

Andishonest medication guy in the Old West assures recovered healthâEUR” or a resurrectionâEUR” to a bad farmer’s passing away little girl.


House- with Ghost

air day: 1971-11-17

An unfaithful other half systems to murder his spouse with the help of a ghost.


Keepin Touch – We’ll Think of Something

air day: 1971-11-24

An anxious artist asks the cops in order to help him discover an evasive female.


TheDark Boy

air day: 1971-11-24

A teacher in a frontier community aims to get to a shy, hauntingly odd 4th .


AnAct of Chivalry

air day: 1971-12-01

A vignette regarding lift good manners.


Pickman’s Model

air day: 1971-12-01

A girl of Victorian Boston locates herself attracted to a reclusive musician consumed with evil spirits.


TheDear Departed

air day: 1971-12-01

Badgood luck complies with a fake fortune-teller as well as his aide’s disloyal spouse after a vehicle crash streamlines the triangular.


Quoththe Raven

air day: 1971-12-08

EdgarAllan Poe obtains some undesirable training throughout a round with author’s block.



air day: 1971-12-08

A haunting romance of a girl as well as her late dad’s associate, a guy clinging frantically to life in a cooled apartment or condo.



air day: 1971-12-08

A brutal lender obtains his just treats with the assistance of a customer’s uncommon telescopic gadget.


TheMessiah on Mott Street

air day: 1971-12-15

Desperateto survive for his nine-year-old grand son, a senior, near-penniless Jew on the edge of fatality pins his expect redemption on the resulting theMessiah


ThePainted Mirror

air day: 1971-12-15

A mirror showing an unusual landscape numbers in an antiquarian’s system to clear himself of an inhuman service companion.


Logoda’s Heads

air day: 1971-12-29

Searchingfor a shed traveler in Africa, British authorities charge an effective witch medical professional of his murder.


TheDifferent Ones

air day: 1971-12-29

Ina strictly conformist future culture, an uneasy dad consents to send his warped kid to a remote earth.


TellDavid …

air day: 1971-12-29

A possibility experience with an odd pair encourages a girl that she has had a glance of the future.


TheTune in Dan’s Cafe

air day: 1972-01-05

A pair quiting at a roadside restaurant experience a jukebox that plays just one tune, a song gotten in touch with an awful love.



air day: 1972-01-05

Andishonest mogul takes radical actions to compel an old widow off her land. His stumbling block: her odd ability for horticulture.



air day: 1972-01-05

A vampire intends his belated, lush– as well as loud– last obsequy.


TheLateMr Peddington

air day: 1972-01-12

A workaday widow shops for the most inexpensive funeral service she could get.


Lindemann’s Catch

air day: 1972-01-12

A recorded mermaid awakens feelings in a cold-hearted skipper, that frantically looks for a means to maintain her to life.


A Feast of Blood

air day: 1972-01-12

An undesirable suitor evens the rating with a determining appeal by providing her with an uncommon present: a hair breastpin that appears nearly to life.


TheGhost of Sorworth Place

air day: 1972-01-19

AnAmerican drifter shields a Scottish widow from the specter of her late other half.


TheMiracle at Camafeo

air day: 1972-01-19

Aninsurance coverage trickster phases an amazing healing from his phony paralysis at a Mexican temple.


TheWaiting Room

air day: 1972-01-26

A gunfighter’s last numeration awaits him in a frontier hangout.


LastRites for a Dead Druid

air day: 1972-01-26

Whena lady purchases a statuary birthing an extraordinary similarity to her other half, he quickly really feels the impact of its version: an old druid sorcerer.


StopKilling Me

air day: 1972-02-09

Convincedthat her other half is aiming to fret her to fatality, a troubled homemaker submits an issue with the cops.



air day: 1972-02-09

A mobster on the lam involves the solutions of a certified merchant.


Deliveriesin the Rear

air day: 1972-02-09

A repulsive surprise regarding a surgical treatment teacher unconcerned regarding the resource of his bodies.


ThereAren’ t Any More MacBanes

air day: 1972-02-16

A sorcery pupil conjures up an old spirit to clear himself of an annoying uncle.


I’ll Never Leave You – Ever

air day: 1972-02-16

Thespouse of a loathsomely unwell farmer makes a decision to compel nature’s hand with the assistance of an old crone competent in the black arts.


TheSins of the Fathers

air day: 1972-02-23

Ina story of an old Welsh funerary personalized, a terrible starvation compels a young kid to enact a sin-eater at a dead guy’s wake. His obligations: to clean the left of transgression by indulging in the visibility of his remains.


YouCan’ t Get Help Like That Anymore

air day: 1972-02-23

Anviolent pair discover that their most recent robotic house maid is establishing survival reactions.



air day: 1972-03-01

A bored colonial on a Malaysian vineyard uses an unique partner– an earwig– in his terrible story to execute a charming competitor.


LittleGirl Lost

air day: 1972-03-01

When they wit a clinical brilliant out of balance by his little girl’s fatality,Militaryplanners unknowingly grow the seeds of the armageddon.

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