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Set in the not so distant future, Peter is a priest who wants to change his life radically. Abandons his wife and travels into space, dondde man has arrived and has begun to colonize planets. Its mission is to found a new colony and preach the faith to the native population to get them the word of God. However, just discovering something totally unexpected that will test not only their own faith but life as conocemos.Richard Madden, known for playing Robb Stark in Game of Thrones and the prince of the royal action movie Cinderella , gives life to the priest Peter. The manager is Matt Charman script (the bridge of the spies), directs Kevin MacDonald (The Last King of Scotland) and series executive producers are Andy Harries (Counterattack) and Lila Rawlings (Shame). The pilot is a co-production of Amazon Studios and Left Bank Productions. The story is based on the book The Book of Strange New Things written by Michel Faber.

In the film directed by Jang Dong Lina described the love for which there are no barriers. Love people who are different from them all others. For society, these people are outcasts, because they do not like at all. A society in which these people live, is not able to support the weak physically, but “strong” people’s spirit. The girl is sick to cerebral palsy, mental disabilities at the guy. Routine, terrible sadness and a full life, not a pleasure. A daily suffering experienced heroes, reduce scrip. One day, everything changed when they met each other. They no longer pay attention to what their incurable diseases, it well together, they love each other. And as if on a separate oasis, away from all the guy and the girl find happiness, joy and peace alone with each other, where love reigns. It seems to them more than anything and do not need to be completely happy.