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Sometimes in his youth frivolous characters tend to experience an irresistible craving for everything forbidden. But for any action you have to pay, and the price of fleeting fun can be prohibitively high.
Piper Chapman was pleased to learn the pleasures of adulthood without thinking about the future. In the past, she even had a fairly long lasting relationship with the pretty brunette. Pretty women preferred to spend their free time among bohemians, they were attracted to the world of art, painting and architecture. And where there is room for creativity, quite often use illegal drugs.

But the purposeful lady soon abandoned youthful amusements and got married. Now she is a happy caring wife and mistress of a small perfumery store, which the enterprising person recently opened with her partner-friend. Dreaming about the early acquisition of the popularity of her craft in the markets of goods and in anticipation of unprecedented profits, Piper completely forgot about some questionable actions, which she once agreed for the sake of her beloved.

But Alex Woz recalled her existence: the girl has been a criminal for a long time, her main earnings are inextricably linked with drug smuggling. There was a period when the enchanted key heroine helped the deft crook, but she was sure that she had turned over those dark pages of the biography irrevocably. Police officers who complained to the wealthy lady, said that a long-time acquaintance acquainted with the testimony mentioned her name, which means that the plans will have to postpone and drive the site.

The woman remembers the further events vaguely. Piper was sure that they would only interrogate her or arrange a confrontation with the criminal, but instead the casual assistant was in the courtroom in the place of the accused. And the independent ruler of fate appointed her punishment in the form of 15 months of strict regime colony. Look for the further destiny of tv series Orange is the New Black of the satiated luxury of the lady of the passing days and nights, surrounded by hard-hitting criminals.