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Drama, Action & Adventure TV Series Pacific Blue (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 1996-03-02 by USA Network Channel. Serial was created by Ralph Hemecker, directed by . Cast include Jim Davidson, Paula Trickey, Darlene Vogel, Marcos A. Ferraez, Rick Rossovich, Shannon Tweed. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 5.6/ 10.

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air day: 1996-03-02

Ambitiouslaw enforcement agent Chris Kelly is presented to the Bike Patrol after she’s moved from the P.R. Department of the Santa Monica PoliceDepartment T.C. Callaway, at a crossroads with his long-term partner, deals with added family members stress to give up the pressure and also sign up with the family members service in NewportBeach The whole system is on the path of a savage car-jacker functioning the coastline location.



air day: 1996-03-09

Whilethe Bike Patrol is being utilized as a CRASH Unit to eliminate gang task in the coastline location, Cory McNamara is compelled to fire a gangbanger taking off a criminal activity scene. When no tool is discovered, the case comes to be possible “” negative shoot””. The scenario is worsened by the truth that Cory is 3rd generation in blue and also the “” very first shoot”” needs to be a tidy one (a cops practice and also superstitious notion). Cory should manage a refusing police officer daddy, the gangbanger free, the hazard of a base claim versus the division, and also her capacity for absence of nerve on the road.

A bold trouble-making young celebrity pertains to the coastline to fire a section of his attribute movie, and also participants of the bike patrol are designated as intermediaries. Once an attractive idolizer in the eyes of Chris Kelly, he quickly confirms his egotistic, wild-man online reputation is well gained. Victor, no follower of the star, is charmed right into playing a little component in the movie.

A band of rollerskating pocket pickers are functioning the boardwalk, their area, dip, h.


NoMan’s Land

air day: 1996-03-16

Whilementor del Torro to browse, T.C. runs into a band of extremely territorial Surf Nazis harassing a Hispanic internet user on the coastline. Operating from a coastline bar enhanced with Nazi icons, the leader of this gang went to legislation college and also is well vested in his civil liberties. T.C. and also Victor, that is Hispanic however does not look it, are both proded right into a fight that causes T.C.’s suspension.

Coryand also Victor chase and also apprehend an irrepressible sixteen-year-old black “” tagger”” that strikes every little thing from passages to structures to Victor’s bike seat and also the side of the firehouse. After seeing his residence and also masterpieces, Cory recognizes the tagger is absolutely gifted and also acting out utilizing his paint abilities. Unfortunately, after an experience in the firehouse cell with the leader of the Surf Nazis, the tagger comes to be a target for their fear and also need to inevitably be conserved by our policemans.

“”TheCove”” has actually long been a prohibited naked coastline, however political election day is quick coming close to and also a tally procedure could mak.


Overthe Edge

air day: 1996-03-23

Afteruncovering an old buddy, a man T.C. felt he pull down, has actually passed away in a dubious sky diving crash, T.C. insinuates himself right into a team of extreme-sport adventure hunters that he thinks lag the “” crash””. With T.C. looking for redemption worldwide of adrenaline addicts captured up in undersea obstacles and also mountain bicycle auto racing,Lt Palermo and also Chris Kelly are concerned simply exactly how much T.C. will certainly risk himself to locate the awesome. Ultimately T.C. pertains to holds with the truth of his very own constraints, and also lowers the severe team that are utilizing their mountain bicycle to carry out the adventurer burglary of an armored automobile.

A handbag nabbing pet is fingernailing customer after customer on the VeniceBoardwalk The pooch adds behind ladies, grabs their bag in his teeth then takes off via streets and also under fencings.


Outof the Past

air day: 1996-03-30

Whena dead female’s body shows up on the coastline with an origami angel on her breast, Palermo recognizes that the serial awesome that left him with a long-term leg injury has actually gone back to the location. Obsessed with discovering the awesome, he remains his trip and also flexes all the policies to reduce the Angel of Death prior to he eliminates once more.

There’s been a string of feline thefts at a high end resort that accommodates pairs having events. Unable to capture the burglar by traditional ways, T.C. and also Chris need to impersonate fans the to capture the evasive outlaw.

Mariah, the bicyclist that trips much faster compared to the wind, comes to be a difficulty to T.C. and also Victor’s vanities as neither of them could capture him after numerous broadband efforts.



air day: 1996-04-06

Whilethe system is on the path of a triad of greatly armed takedown burglars, T.C. locates himself in person with among the perps on the roofing of an alcohol shop. After being gotten to fire T.C., the young shooter has chilly feet and also flees. T.C., understanding his very own death, comes to be consumed with the instance as he spirals right into self devastating actions. In the last act, our policemans get involved in a high stress scenario as 2 of the heavies attempt to take a girl captive in yet an additional market. When T.C. locates himself once more challenged by the very same young shooter, he needs to speak him from eliminating an injured TonyPalermo

Victoris stunned to uncover that the skinny, uncomfortable lady he required to the senior high school senior prom and also later on disposed, has actually simply looked like the centerfold in a Playboy- like publication. He starts an individual (and also amusing) pursuit to attach and also move with his old senior high school sweetie.

Aftera series of stopped working partnerships, Chris ultimately fulfills a guy that could manage that s.



air day: 1996-04-13

A scorching heatwave has actually come down on the coastline and also is making every person insane. Palermo has 3 troubles simultaneously:.

K.C.B.H. radio is sending their summer season mid-day reveal from a store on the congested boardwalk we patrol. After striking up a relationship with the hot sex-talk woman D.J., T.C. discovers she’s being tracked by a delirious audience set on removing guys he thinks belong to the D.J.’s life. At probabilities with the city investigative designated to the instance, T.C. inevitably utilizes himself as an attraction (impersonating a charming rate of interest in the D.J.’s life) to record the crook.

Coryand also Victor are on the path of the “” partially nude outlaw””. Two girls get in financial institutions and also precious jewelry shops at the coastline, start removing and also dancing, while a partner dedicates heist. No witnesses to the criminal activity could provide any kind of summary of the burglar.

Elvisis encouraged that an unusual series of openings that have actually shown up at the coast line are the outcome of aliens aiming to reach SouthernCalifornian



air day: 1996-04-20

A waitress at Sheila’s dining establishment, that is likewise a body contractor, appears to be linkeded on steroids as she attempts to mass up for competitors. The vendor is a savage body contractor himself, unmanageable as a result of constant use his very own item.

Anold Navy friend of Chris’ pertains to check out after working as a boxer pilot in the battle inBosnia Their relationship relies on love, however Chris is let down to uncover that this policeman is not a gent.

There’s a fight on the boardwalk in between a Korean t-shirt store proprietor and also the odd homeless guy that plays sax before his shop all day and also just recognizes one tune.



air day: 1996-04-27

T.C. talks to an old fire after the boardwalk coffee shop where she’s functioning is burglarized by a till tapper on rollerblades.Shortlyafter reviving their love, she comes to be a witness to a late-night capturing by a mystical number in the very same coffee shop. After firmly insisting that just T.C. can be designated to secure her, the pair need to get away an additional effort on her life. When a lot of loosened ends do not build up, Chris comes to be dubious concerning the girl’s objectives and also begins to follow her much to T.C.’s rage. She ultimately discloses to T.C. that the guy aiming to eliminate her is a sweetheart from back eastern, a wrongdoer that lately devoted a huge ruby burglary with info he compelled her to disclose from her old area of work. In completion T.C. is stunned to uncover that she is not the target, however instead the accomplice in the criminal activity and also was utilizing T.C. the whole time to eliminate her ex-partner and also enthusiast.

AfterTony Palermo is tested by ridiculous lifeguard captain Mackie Smith he asksVictor



air day: 1996-05-04

When a break-in goes incorrect and also transforms right into a captive scenario, T.C. and also Cory locate themselves pinned right into a financial institution. Palermo, Victor and also Chris get here on the scene, after that need to look the coastline for an eccentric computer system wizard that left of this state-of-the-art globe and also is residing in an extremely enhanced rickshaw on the coastline. Inside the financial institution, Cory, that remains in no rush to have kids herself, need to provide a child when the captive takers choose not to launch a lady 9 months expectant.



air day: 1996-05-11

Anfirebug thought to have actually died years back has actually come back in the Venice location. While dealing with T.C. on the instance, Chris need to face her very own youth memories of fear at having actually been captured in an intense scenario. The 2 should likewise employ the help of an eccentric firebug doing a lengthy stretch behind bars for information on how you can capture thePhoenix

Coryneeds to continuously go after the “”Snakeman””, the last unlicensed supplier on the VeniceBoardwalk At one factor, she virtually catches him going through a damp t-shirt competition where she’s tossed on phase, , and also articulated the victor.

Thedistrict is alarmed by a rat that’s consumed its method right into the proof lock-up and also stole a huge section of rate, making the rodent virtually difficult to capture. Rat Man and also Rat Boy, a father-son eliminating group, are generated to capture the animal.


TheBig Spin

air day: 1996-05-18

TheBike Patrol has a brand-new transferee, Scott Kramer, a 10 years expert and also division negative apple that appears to take severe threats regardless individual safety and security. He’s teamed with Chris to quit a set and also attempt of bicycle riders on Harleys that are burglarizing vendors in the Venice location and also taking off on their choppers. After numerous near fatality experiences, we involve understand that the factor this police officer is so negligent is that he recognizes he has much less compared to 6 months to live and also wishes to invest that time removing every last criminal he can. To make complex issues, Chris Kelly creates a crush on this wild loner.

Elvisthe bike technician obtains every person associated with his can not miss out on lottery system, merging increasingly more cash to the factor where greed gets over relationships amongst our regulars.


AllJammed Up

air day: 1996-05-25

A crafty outlaw on a mountain bicycle is burglarizing individuals embeded traffic at gunpoint and also getting away via slim flow means on the roads near the coastline.

Chrisand also Cory are designated covert responsibility as high valued call ladies in order to locate an evasive South American weapon supplier with an unique tattoo on his back side. To make complex issues, Cory’s brand-new sweetheart’s top course moms and dads are remaining in the very same resort and also the sweetheart has actually not disclosed to them exactly what Cory provides for a living.

Elvishas a crush on a girl that workings from Helen’s Bike Shop and also maintains buying unwanted substitute components in order to maintain seeing her. His hangup is his failure to connect well in English, so he employs the help of T.C. Callaway at the various other end of a computer system terminal. His desire relies on scary as he locates he can not stay on top of the young enthusiast he so seriously sought.

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