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Drama, Action & Adventure TV Series Pacific Blue (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 1996-08-17 by USA Network Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Jim Davidson, Paula Trickey, Darlene Vogel, Marcos A. Ferraez, Rick Rossovich. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 5.6/ 10.

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air day: 1996-08-17

Ananti-technology terrorist is establishing bombs around the coastline, and also will just allow T.C. and also Victor dismantle them. He desires all power in Santa Monica closed down for twelve hrs on the initial of the month. An FBI representative can be found in to help the device, butting heads with Palermo by making Chris his intermediary. In completion, it’s the Bike Patrol– and also not the FBI– that finds the bombing plane’s real strategy is to make use of the power outage to draw a multi-million buck financial institution break-in. While this is occurring, T.C.’s partner Sandy goes back to cope with him, with the problem that he not inform her anything concerning his task so she will not fret. But the arrangement winds up making points harder on both of them.



air day: 1996-08-24

T.C.’s partner Sandy is assaulted in the house by a serial rapist called “”TheDaystalker””. During their examination, the Bike Patrol have to handle a by-the-book investigative that has her very own suggestions concerning exactly how the instance ought to be dealt with. Afraid that the Daystalker will certainly proceed to one more community prior to they could capture him, Cory volunteers to function as lure in a catch, equally as he goes across over from serial rapist to serial awesome.

Elvisis hexed by a Rastafarian supplier on the boardwalk. After uncovering that Victor is really in charge of the resulting odd occasions, Elvis has actually the hex moved toVictor



air day: 1996-09-07

Withaid from some skinhead cronies, the brand-new supervisor for an apartment on the Venice Boardwalk makes life heck for the renters. The proprietor wishes to take down the existing structure and also develop expensive apartments. Cory and also T.C. are sent out to “” keep an existence”” to maintain the circumstance from leaving hand.

Oneof the renters, a previous Navy SEAL/ battle hero, chooses not to move. Despite continuous encounters with the supervisor and also his gang, he chooses not to push fees, making it difficult for T.C. and also Cory to earn any kind of apprehensions.

Palermohas lady problem on 2 fronts. He’s dating a lady a number of (obvious) years his junior, which enhances his worry that he’s aginged. When his sixteen year-old child Jessie suddenly reveals up to live with him and also does not take kindly to the brand-new lady in his life, Matters are made complex.

Lifeguardcaptain Mackie Smith is back, testing the Bike Patrol to a roller-hockey video game versus the lifeguards. The lifeguards turn up with NHL hockey celebrity Rob Blake p.



air day: 1996-09-14

Whilehaving a hard time to conserve a young teen, Ricky, from a life of gangbanging, Victor discovers himself succumbing to the child’s perky older sibling,Linda Just as Victor begins to get across him, Ricky flees, persuaded Victor’s just socializing with him to obtain in excellent withLinda Victor needs to discover him prior to he devotes a significant criminal activity which will certainly joined him to the gangbanging life for life.

AtCory’s invite, Chris accepts remain at her apartment or condo for a week while hers is being repainted. The resulting “”OddCouple”” circumstance nearly damages the relationship.



air day: 1996-09-21

Duringa battle with a heist suspect, T.C. is knocked senseless and also his weapon taken. T.C. takes it hard, and also points become worse when they discover the burglar … eliminated by a bullet from T.C.’s weapon. The path of the weapon brings about a number of various other criminal offenses, and also ultimately comes under the hands of a sixteen year-old child that’s being obtained by a team of children on the boardwalk. Fearing additional physical attacks, he’s chosen not to report his harasses to the BikePatrol This weapon is a means to lastly do away with his browbeaters … completely.

Victorand also Chris are come close to by a 8 year-old child reporting his pet dog has actually been taken. They do not take the record really seriously, till a partial certificate plate number is mapped to a kennel which provides pets to research study laboratories.

Asa prank, Cory indications Chris up with a video-dating solution. Initially trouble, Chris involves watch it as a superb means to display hundreds of prospective guys without the headache and also frustration of a full- blown initial day.


TheEnemy Within

air day: 1996-09-28

TheBike Patrol examines a series of house intrusion burglaries influencing Asian households. The instance is uncommon because the burglars make use of tricks to acquire entryway and also battery-powered bikes to earn their trip. The device finds that the burglars impersonate valets at high end dining establishment parking area to obtain accessibility to house tricks, which among the ringleaders has really close connections to among the targets.

Whenher older bro, Peter, all of a sudden starts getting deluxes for his family members, Cory finds that he’s funding his acquisitions with loan taken from dope dealer. Her bro assures to quit, however Cory feels he’s tarnished the honor of being a police officer– and also his very own condition as her venerated older bro.

TheBike Squad generates a psychic in order to help them on the house intrusion instance. Although incredibly hesitant initially, Chris involves count on his capabilities when he properly forecasts her oral problem.


Linein the Sand

air day: 1996-10-06

Palermo, T.C. and also Chris apprehension 2 web surfers that attack a kayaker “” attacking their grass””. Out on bond, the web surfers start an ever-accelerating scare tactics war the kayaker’s partner to maintain her from indicating versus them in court.

Elvisis delighted to be welcomed to a swingers event. The just catch is that he needs to bring along a day to “” exchange””. Chris approves Elvis’ invite to the intended Charity Ball, without any suggestion of exactly what’s actually in shop.



air day: 1996-10-13

AgainstPalermo’s dreams, a Lieutenant from Santa Monica Metro sends out Chris covert to capture a male that’s laundering loan for Latino medication cartels. Chris’ task is to hack right into his computer system and also download declare proof, however after hanging out with the enigmatic computer system whiz she starts to ask yourself if her sensations are totally unbiased. When he trusts to her that he’s retiring and also welcomes her to join him on a remote island, Chris discovers herself taking into consideration the deal.

Corydamages up with nouveau riche sweetheart Steven, however he asks her to take him back, assuring to reform. When she rejects him for the last time, he places an emotional strike versus her and also her family members, covering his tracks all right to ensure that Cory can not definitively confirm he’s the offender.

T.C. and also Victor ferret out a team of rollerbladers that are terrifying boardwalk clients with paintball weapons.



air day: 1996-10-20

Texasstick-up musician Jackie Earl Bates gets here in the area with partner ErleneKeene Jackie’s informed her they’ve won the lotto, and also she’s delighted to seek her desire for ending up being a centerfold design and also tv celebrity. Once in Santa Monica, Jackie remains to rob shops, however the Bike Patrol’s initiatives to capture him are consistently warded off by Tyrone Justice, a fugitive hunter that’s complied with Jackie fromTexas

WhenCory and also Victor find a pair assumed shed mixed-up, the occasion makes the broadcasts. MTV-style program “”BlastOff”” host Ginger Delvecchio sees the record and also employees Victor (and also Cory) to give safety on her established versus 2 frat children aiming to take her swimwear top. Later, Cory is revolted to discover the saved pair organized their loss to enjoy the financial advantages of offering their tale.



air day: 1996-11-03

TheBike Patrol joins the “”Eco-Relay””, a stressful bike race with the Santa MonicaMountains Palermo is left with the vehicle as assistance. While taking a treacherous route, Victor’s bike is harmed and also Chris opts for aid alone. In the center of the woodland, she discovers a crystal satisfied amphetamine laboratory and also is hijacked by the “” drug stores”” running the area– consisting of a lady remarkably envious of Chris’ influence on “” her”” males.

WhenVictor and also the others try a rescue, Cory is fired and also all are regained. This leaves just Palermo to conserve his staff and also quit the meth delivery from making it to the roads … all without tools or a functioning radio.



air day: 1996-11-10

GeneSavage, the “” unclean”” police Palermo affirmed versus early in his profession, runs out prison and also back in company with a game on the boardwalk. Savage does every little thing he could– consisting of hiring Palermo’s partner as an accountant– to draw Palermo right into a run-in, after that hands the incriminating safety tape over to InternalAffairs Later, a male is located dead on the coastline, and also Palermo’s back-up revolver, taken throughout a break-in, is the murder tool. An adolescent bike burglar that T.C. and also Victor have actually been going after is a witness to the murder, however chooses not to coordinate.

A participant of a “”GoodSamaritans”” team much like the “”RedBerets”” sporting activities a beret and also a significant crush onCory Despite her cautions versus vigilante habits, he nearly obtains his companion eliminated going after a pusher. Cory should discover him prior to he looks for revenge.


Wheelsof Fire

air day: 1996-11-17

TwoRussian mobsters, ILYA and also GYORGI, obtain Boardwalk suppliers for “” security loan,”” however the suppliers are also frightened to recognize the mobsters to the BikePatrol When ED TARLOW, a paraplegic shopkeeper, is assaulted, he accepts affirm. Palermo designates T.C. and also Cory to give security, however T.C.’s antipathy towards Ed’s suspicious medication history and also cop-hating perspective nearly strikes the instance.

Chrispresumes a triad of karate-trained teen ladies are in charge of a number of attacks on the coastline. One of the ladies, CARA, is awkward with their vigilante assaults, however is reluctant to rely on Chris– till Cara’s good friends examine her commitment.

When Jessie Palermo asks him concerning birth control and also makes him guarantee not to inform her dad,Victor’s in a negative placement. He takes it after himself to look into her brand-new sweetheart. When Palermo discovers Victor’s calling card in Jessie’s pocketbook– together with a prophylactic– Victor’s stuck to his vow toJessie



air day: 1996-12-08

A set of risk-takers draw unsafe, “” severe”” feats around the Boardwalk, wishing to be victors in an online competition on the web. Unknown to Palermo, his child, Jessie, is drawn in to among the men and also is videotaping their ventures for the competitors.

Twohijackers market the items from taken vehicles to different suppliers on theBoardwalk When dishonest precious jewelry supplier MAHMOOD markets her a swiped watch, Chris obtains closer to the instance compared to she understands.

Victor’s mom ROSA pays an unanticipated see, discouraging his initiatives to obtain some “” top quality time”” withLinda When Rosa comes to be excessively interested– in Victor’s viewpoint– concerning Linda’s prepare for marital relationship and also family members, he snaps. Much to his shock, Linda after that snaps at him.


OneKiss Goodbye

air day: 1996-12-15

Whiletaking off 2 ruffians, a male drops from his resort area home window and also involves with memory loss, -a problem which suppresses Chris and also Cory’s examination of the case. As Cory attempts to aid the sufferer restore his memory -prior to the shooters return -she discovers herself brought in to this strange unfamiliar person. An tourist attraction which is totally reciprocated.

WhenT.C.’s partner, SANDY, is approved to a graduate college program in Georgia, she needs to make a decision whether to seek her desire for ending up being a specialist or stick with the male she likes.



air day: 1997-01-05

A fatal brand-new kind of heroin strikes the roads of Santa Monica, sending out the Bike Patrol right into overtime as all heck break out. During the examination, T.C. drops under the sexy spell of a covert DEA representative that’s checking out among the medication suppliers however has actually ended up being an addict herself.

Victoris bought to go to requalifying training on the bike, and also a lot to his scary, his teacher is HANS REY, a previous teacher that made his life unpleasant the very first time around. The 2 take part in a competitive advantage competition, evaluated byChris



air day: 1997-01-12

AnArmy expert, ZACK TORRANCE, holds the coastline captive– consisting of Victor, Cory and also a number of college kids– to guarantee that his info concerning a private Army- funded medication procedure gets to the general public. As T.C. attempts to bargain with Zack, F.B.I. representative FRANKLIN QUILL takes control of, and also his orders lead to Zack’s fatality. Quill ends up to have a secret background with Zack, consisting of a thought association with the C.I.A.

Coryattempts to spruce up T.C. with her college instructor buddy GINA, whose ex-boyfriend DEAN, a lifeguard, isn’t really prepared to offer her up. Gina is injured in the coastline combat, when Dean risks his life to come to her help, Gina understands her love for him.



air day: 1997-01-19

WhenMAGGIE GARRITY, the eye-catching supervisor of a regional sanctuary, involves the Firehouse to report a missing out on runaway lady, T.C.’s inspiration in order to help is much less compared to selfless. During their look for the lady, that has actually dropped in with 2 burglars, T.C. stands up the nerve to ask Maggie out, just to discover that she’s a religious woman.

Victorobtains Palermo’s brand-new, incredibly costly bike, however sheds it to a road youngster that after that thrills at avoiding him.



air day: 1997-02-23

Theexamination of a string of ATM burglaries brings T.C. and also Chris with each other on a surveillance– and also closer with each other in their individual lives. When Palermo learns that his 2 policemans are passionately entailed, T.C. and also Chris need to make a decision whether to separate or move from the BikePatrol

Palermo’s name shows up in Hollywood madam Laila Stine’s “” little black publication””, placing his profession on the line. He and also Cory find that Laila cushioned her publication with the names of individuals in police, really hoping that after that nobody would certainly follow her for worry of shame.


Lostand also Found

air day: 1997-03-02

Chrisfinds that Rosey Evans, the pleasant lady that offers her coffee every early morning, is a runaway living with her sweetheart, that was likewise her senior high school instructor. When they bring Rosey right into guardianship and also call her dad to choose her up, Chris is surprised to find thatMr Evans seriously defeat his child, component of the factor that she escaped.

Inexchange for a lighter sentence, a criminal provides Cory some crucial info: an effective pusher has actually worked with a hit man to eliminate her bro, Peter McNamara in revenge for coercing him when he was a filthy police. Cory and also Peter need to attract the gunman from hiding and also beat him without notifying any individual on the police.



air day: 1997-04-06

JIMMY GUERRERO, a good friend of Victor’s, is eliminated about a below ground battling distribute, leaving his upset more youthful bro BILLY looking for vengeance. Victor restrains the bro’s wish to retaliate himself, encouraging Billy to present him right into the ring as a road boxer so Victor could discover his buddy’s awesome.

Anworried truce in between competitor Santa Monica gangs– a truce that Palermo assisted assemble– remains in threat of liquifying when SAMMY LUGO makes both leaders think the various other is damaging the tranquility in an initiative to market tools to both sides.

Elvisenters into concealing when he witnesses Jimmy’s whipping and also the synchronised weapon exchange, however a negative instance of claustrophobia makes him an unwanted houseguest for T.C.


TheLast Ride

air day: 1997-04-13

Victor’s close childhood years buddy EMILIO LOPEZ, a struggling youngster that matured to be a struggling grownup– Victor’s mom ROSA has actually constantly considered him to be a 2nd child. Out on parole, Emilio has actually taken a task at the neighborhood senior high school, however bit does Victor recognize that Emilio is the leader of an auto burglary ring that’s currently left someone dead. Victor needs to ferret out his very own friend, that is identified not to return to prison regardless of what.

MAHMOOD, punished to social work for his unlawful tasks (specificed in the episode “”OutlawExtreme””), is back at it when he and also his “” company companion”” SARA FARMAN aim to market the Santa Monica Pier to a wise-guy aspirant LENNY STEINRUDER. But Sara removes with the cash, leaving Mahmood to handle Lenny’s temper– and also finding out far too late that Lenny has domestic links to a New York mafioso referred to as the “”JewishGodfather.”” Cory and also Chris unwillingly consent to aid him just enough time to apprehend Lenny as a means of reaching his father-in-l.



air day: 1997-04-20

TimothyStone, the F.B.I. representative that dealt with the Bike Patrol on the battle instance in “”LightsOut””, go back to the Firehouse to obtain Cory and also Chris’ support in checking out a fake ring operating in SantaMonica Chris and also Cory both discover themselves brought in to Agent Stone, however when he and also Cory start a love, Chris really feels betrayed.

Thecounterfeiter, Lazlo Parkes– that the Treasury Department has actually nicknamed “”Rumplestiltskin””– has actually been working off phony $100expenses at Santa Monica hotspots with the aid of a triad of ladies: Bree, Sheila and alsoLana Lazlo is outlining to trade one million in phony expenses for a supply of heroin from medication lord Alejandro Cruz– a medicine bargain that Palermo has actually bought T.C. and also Victor to explore. Little does Lazlo anticipate that Bree is outlining with sweetheart Nicky Mink to eliminate Lazlo and also remove with the cash … till the various other 2 ladies find the strategy.

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