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Comedy, Documentary TV Series Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) was released in 2006-04-03 by Showtime Channel. Serial was created by Penn Jillette, directed by Teller, Teller. Cast include Teller, Penn Jillette. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.2/ 10.

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air day: 2006-04-03

TheBoy Scouts of America limits precursor subscription and also management possibilities to homosexuals and also straight men that DO N’T count onGod According to the BSA, gays and also atheists do not make great precursors or excellent good example. If the Boy Scouts of America were an independently financed team, it can victimize and also dislike any individual it damn well wished to. But the Boy Scouts of America depends on Federal, State and also city government handouts. So, the BSA and also their intolerance … are BULLSHIT!



air day: 2006-04-10

Everyoneunderstands that hooking is exercised throughout the land. Where it is lawful – in just a couple of Nevada regions, hooking is intensely managed and also kept track of by the State of Nevada HealthDepartment The females send to mandatory clinical examinations for STDs. No one is required to function as a woman of the street. Pimps do not exist. HIV has actually never ever been spotted. The females make normal incomes and also ideas. Some also obtain holiday and also ill days. And they pay tax obligations! It’s BULLSHIT that it’s unlawful for 2 consenting grownups to make love with each various other!


TheDeath Penalty

air day: 2006-04-17

Werecognize the sensations of craze really felt by criminal offense sufferers and also their households. But – research studies reveal there is no deterrent impact to State implementations. And, DNA proof has actually pardoned 122 guys previously on fatality row! If we’re eliminating prisoners to please a primitive feeling, if we cannot make certain the lawbreaker is guilty as billed, and also we have means to maintain somebody secured and also out of flow permanently and also for much less expense, why does our federal government still sustain the antiquated, primitive, pricey and also vicious BULLSHIT called the Death Penalty?



air day: 2006-04-24

BULLSHIT trips Inverness, Scotland, the house of the Loch Ness Monster, with 2 “cryptozoologists” that aim to entice the legendary titan of the deep to the surface area … with a bag of fish digestive tracts. Later, we explore the current mystical Bigfoot video published on the net. In in between, we sign in with some credentialed researchers for their take on the bullshit “scientific research” ofCryptozoology Will our clinical specialists effectively disprove the presence of legendary animals? Here’s a tip: Crypto implies “concealed” while zoology represents the research study of pets. Put them with each other and also exactly what do you obtain? BULLSHIT!



air day: 2006-05-01

Ithas actually mored than 4 years considering that the most awful terrorist strike on American dirt and also the only pointer is a huge open opening in the center of New York’s economic area. Disgruntled member of the family of the sufferers intend to hallow the dropped, huge companies intend to return to organisation, neighborhood citizens continue to be worried over the wellness threats of living and also functioning close by, and also political leaders chatter on, terrified of making politically wrong steps. Everyone it appears is angling for an item of the multi-billion buck federal government pie to reconstruct the website. BULLSHIT! handles the defend Ground Zero from road degree to New York’s towers of power.



air day: 2006-05-08

BULLSHIT takes its electronic cameras inside the globe of severe pet dog fans where we’ll fulfill reptile lovers, show-cats and also their proprietors, and also a male that asserts to have actually reinvented vet medication. We’ll go to a female that shares her house with 25 pet cats and also a musician that develops pet dog memorials that will certainly blow you away. We’ll also obtain all clinical and also determine why we are naturally brought in to kittycats and also pups. Finally, we’ll obtain to the base of the conditions our 4 legged, fine-feathered good friends are spreading out, like West Nile Virus and alsoMonkeypox If you really feel like it, Go in advance enjoy your pet dog. But c’mon, allow’s draw a line at switching and also scrubing noses saliva … Now that’s doggy BULLSHIT!



air day: 2006-05-15

Slavery, the massacre of Native Americans (and also the confiscation of their tribal land) and also the internment of Japanese Americans throughout World War II are 3 disasters from this country’s past. However, are those that experienced as an outcome of these federal government plans, deserving of cash – great deals of cash? They’re called “repairs” and also like the Indians and also the Japanese prior to them, today numerous African Americans assume the Federal Government (significanceMr AndMrs Due to the fact that their forefathers were when servants, Tax Payer) owes them cash. In this episode, BULLSHIT goes inside the repairs activities and also reveals the facts regarding the internment of Japanese Americans, Indian Casinos and also the Federal Government’s lengthy background of remedying the historic misdoings related to its institutional bigotry.



air day: 2006-05-22

Accordingto a current survey, 8 from 10 individuals in the United States think Americans are ruder today compared to at any time in background. Is that also feasible? Are we truly ruder and also much less well mannered? On this episode of BULLSHIT, we’ll discover that our modern suggestions regarding good manners go back around 120 years to the Victorian duration, a time when there had not been interior pipes an individuals made use of to pee in the road, we’ll fulfill a decorum professional that understands which fork to make use of when consuming salad and also see with a pole dancer that places the whole concern of good manners right into viewpoint. Saying “please” and also “thanks” excel social lubricating substances and also assist you prevent obtaining battered … the remainder of good manners, are basically BULLSHIT.



air day: 2006-05-29

Theystate numbers do not exist, however in the hands of the media, political leaders, salespersons and also pollsters, numbers could be downright subversive. BULLSHIT fulfills the writer of Damned Lies and also Statistics – he informs us exactly how numbers are craftily controlled based upon political association and also program. The numerically unclear globe of Vacation Time Shares leaves our covert operative stunned and also perplexed. We additionally take road disadvantages to Las Vegas – a community improved Numbers – and also disclose exactly how easily a lot of us could be ripped off. And we consider the bullshit behind political surveys, betting probabilities and also state lotto games.




air day: 2006-06-05

BULLSHIT takes place the prowl for virgins! We fulfill females – and also guys! – that are conserving themselves for marital relationship. We discover -exactly what the heck for? Then, there’s sex education and learning! If it is aiding them screw … or screwing them up, We discover out. And we obtain truly accelerated regarding training abstaining just! We fulfill a professional that motivates numerous sex companions prior to settling. He has evidence that sex lowers anxiety and also it launches endorphins that make us really feel excellent. The cherry on the top of our cherry is a browse through to a self pleasure center. Now we’re speaking sex education and learning! We’ll additionally meet the previous United States Surgeon General,Dr JocelynElders She was discharged for supporting self pleasure as a choice to intercourse to stop STDS, which’s BULLSHIT.

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