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Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series The Pretender (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 1997-11-01 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Craig Van Sickle, Joe Napolitano, directed by James Whitmore Jr., Tommy Thompson. Cast include Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau, Jon Gries, Ryan Merriman, James Denton, James Dalesandro, Nigel Gibbs. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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BackFrom The Dead Again

air day: 1997-11-01

PHILLY, PENNSYLVANIA – Jarod morns the fatality of his sibling. He after that tackles the identification of a composition teacher searching for a child that has actually been missing out on because Halloween of the previous year. Meanwhile, Miss Parker is stunned to locate that her dad has actually vanished and also has actually been changed by aMr Lyle. With him comes Brigitte, a myseterious woman that is even more complete in searching for Jarod after that MissParker And Sydney, at Jarod’s demand, looks into why there’s no DSA for the last 3 weeks of October before his getaway.



air day: 1997-11-08

MIDDLETOWN, DELAWARE – Jarod obstructs the duty of a genuine safecracker to assist a guy that’s being compelled to take part in another break-in. Jarod additionally begins to really feel the demand of a dad number and also resorts toSydney Meanwhile, Brigitte aims to take control over Miss Parker’s duty in the capture ofJarod


OverThe Edge

air day: 1997-11-15

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – Jarod comes to be a participant of the emergency situation search and also rescue group, attempting to determine truth source of one more participant’s meant suicide-attempt. Jarod additionally aims to rejoin him with his separated mom. Meanwhile, at The Centre, a criminal behaviorist is generated to locate the individual and also question that firedMr Raines’ oxygen storage tank. Finally, Jarod makes use of a sensory starvation storage tank to replicate distance to his mom.



air day: 1997-11-22

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Jarod tackles the duty of a style professional photographer in order to quit a stalker that has actually currently asserted the life of among his targets. Meanwhile, Miss Parker complies with Jarod’s hints that lead her to Rock Cove, Maine and also discovers even more info concerning her mom.


Nipand also Tuck

air day: 1997-12-06

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – Jarod comes to be a cosmetic surgeon to learn that intentionally destroyed the face of a brilliant young trainee. Meanwhile, at The Centre, Broots is paranoid that a person is following him where ever before he goes. Brigitte provides aid, however at a cost.



air day: 1997-12-13

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – While seeing the information, Jarod discovers that of his old simulations he preformed has actually simply been made use of in kidnapping a witness in a murder test versus the Yakuza clan. Outraged, Jarod lays out to turn around the end result of the scenario he’s developed. Meanwhile, Miss Parker presumes the sale of the simulation originated fromMr Lyle, and also starts to use stress in hopes of locating other links toJarod



air day: 1998-01-03

LOST HILLS, VIRGINIA – Jarod comes to be a Special Forces soldier to assist the child of a Vietnam expert obtain her dad’s name contributed to the WarMemorial Back at The Centre, Miss Parker hesitantly babysits Debbie while Broots remains in Florida on a job.



air day: 1998-01-10

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – After experiencing a guy trying self-destruction prior to his eyes, Jarod comes to be a chemical waste specialist to uncover the truths to discharge the male’s sense of guilt. Meanwhile, Sydney looks for long-awaited vengence for the fatality of his family members when a guy turns up at TheCentre



air day: 1998-01-17

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Jarod comes to be an unique impacts planner to learn why a stuntman was seriously hurt throughout the recording of a beer commercial. Back at the Centre, complying with hints left by Jarod, Miss Parker starts her look for aDr Fenigor and also a child called ‘Timmy’.



air day: 1998-01-31

FONTANA, CALIFORNIA – Jarod requires to the wheel of an Indy race vehicle to determine just what occurred to a chauffeur associated with a debilitating mishap. After a strange desire, Sydney goes to his troubling sibling’s side and also openings both himself and also Jacob up in a cabin with a consoling MissParker



air day: 1998-02-07

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Jarod tackles the duty of paid companion to obtain near a real estate designer that has strategies to displace a low-income area for a skyscraper. Jarod additionally is worked with by one more female, in a seperation duration, that believes her other half does not like her any longer. Meanwhile, Miss Parker, Sydney and also Broots are complying with Jarod’s most current route, which leads them to a publication (TheSaddest Little Valentine) that Jarod has actually released.



air day: 1998-03-07

TURNERS RIDGE, IDAHO – Jarod aids a distressed young adult by coming to be an outside therapist. But back at The Centre, Miss Parker is regreting the wedding anniversary of her mom’s fatality. When she’s tipped off by Jarod that there’s going to be a murder effort on her dad, The day simply obtains worst. With just 2 hrs to quit it and also entraped in the Sub- degrees, Miss Parker needs to reach the tower prior to her dad shows up by helicopter.


A Stand Up Guy

air day: 1998-03-14

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – Jarod impersonates a counterfeiter and also covert FBI representative attempting fracture a criminal activity distribute. Jarod additionally aims to remove the name of one more representative that was mounted after his cover was blown. Meanwhile,Mr Lyle has actually resurfaced and also The Centre gets on side. Miss Parker is briefly removed Jarod’s situation and also hired to utilize her old sweeper abilities to get rid ofMr Lyle.



air day: 1998-03-21

AREA UNKNOWN – During the treatment of his present pretend, Jarod is captured unsuspecting and also defeated, causing the loss of his memory. Jarod is after that saved by Argyle, a smooth-talking con-artist. But his hero quickly begins to question exactly how this scenario can profit him. Meanwhile, back at The Centre; Miss Parker, Sydney, & & Broots are placed prior to a T-Board There, they are questioned to see simply exactly how committed they remain in their look forJarod



air day: 1998-03-28

CINCINNATI, OHIO – Jarod comes to be a participant of SWAT to learn the reality behind why one more participant passed away in the line of obligation. Meanwhile, Sydney has Broots do some looking for him after locating an idea Jarod left. But Miss Parker translates his privacy as a help in safeguarding Jarod and also steps in.



air day: 1998-04-04

EL PASO, TEXAS – Jarod comes to be a kid psycho therapist to assist a little kid, that saw the murder of a DEA representative, burst out of his wall surface of silence. Back at the Centre,Mr Raines is under tower evaluation, many thanks to MissParker When an old individual/ job comes back to haunt him, Things obtain worst for him.



air day: 1998-04-11

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – While awaiting his airplane, Jarod fulfills a boy that is bumped to a later trip. Jarod provides an exchange of tickets to the kid, that many thanks him for assisting. When he listens to later on that day that the airplane has actually collapsed, But Jarod is frightened. Guilt ridden, Jarod lays out to locate the source of the mishap. Meanwhile, Miss Parker is placed in fee of learn every little thing onMr Lyle. And with help from Jarod; Sydney, Broots, and also Miss Parker are getting all the info they require.



air day: 1998-05-02

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA – After removing a corrupt medical professional, Jarod all of a sudden obtains associated with a kidnapping when the dad of the abducted winds up in the medical facility. Back at The Centre, Miss Parker sides withMr Raines on that Sydney is coming to be as well connected toJarod To the factor, also, that it’s making complex the look for him.


RedRock Jarod

air day: 1998-05-02

COMPLETELY DRY RIVER, ARIZONA – Responding to an e-mail he thinks was sent out to him by Sydney, Jarod discovers himself in the hands of a person he when believed dead. Jarod additionally fulfills a child that wants a heart transplant. Meanwhile, Miss Parker surroundsJarod When she fulfills his captor, But she’s in for a shock.



air day: 1998-05-09

DOVER, DELAWARE – Jarod techniques Miss Parker to satisfy him at a financial institution, where they come one-on-one with the mysticalMr Fenigor. When there’s a burglary the very same day, But this setup obtains made complex. When The Centre obtains information that Jarod is entraped in this captive scenario, they enclose and also make certain he’ll not slide with their fingers this time around.



air day: 1998-05-16

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Jarod recieves a letter from a confidential resource and also thinks The Centre is mosting likely to abduct one more boy-genius. Sydney develops a product that permits Angelo to come to be a regular individual once more, supplied he takes all the dosages at the correct time.



air day: 1998-05-16

BLUE COVE, DELAWARE – Jarod, in addition to Angelo (Timmy), look for a means to save the abducted kid. Miss Parker challenges her dad concerning her exploration that she has a double. Sydney stories to lastly have his vengeance versusMr Raines, however his strategy backfires …

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