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Drama TV Series Quincy, M.E. (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) was released in 1978-09-21 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Corey Allen, directed by . Cast include Jack Klugman, Robert Ito, Val Bisoglio, John S. Ragin, Garry Walberg, Sharon Acker, Cassie Yates. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 7.3/ 10.

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TheLast Six Hours

air day: 1978-09-21

Finallyreachingspend a little leave time with his latest fire, Barbara, Quincy prevents much from LosAngeles They essentially get run the road after that witness a problem. Quincy afterwards finds himself in a life-and-death race to divide a magical poison, situated in the lady’s body, that has in fact presently stated 2 lives.



air day: 1978-10-12

Afteranvehicle racing vehicle accident confirms harmful for a previous Grand Prix driver, Quincy’s postmortem exam trademark name the mishap a possible murder.


A Test for the Living

air day: 1978-10-19

Whenhe crusades for a 7-year old young kids re-evaluation as an autistic youngster,Quincy’s powers of persuasion are positioned to the exam.


DeathbyGood Intention

air day: 1978-10-26

A customer dies just humans resources after having had an efficient surgical procedure. An âEUR˜AffirmativeAction’ doctor is postponed as an outcome of his âEUR˜mistake’ as well as a friend of Quincy’s selects that he will definitely take the blame to save him, as well as the âEUR˜AffirmativeAction’ program. Quincy swiftly gets involved to try as well as save his buddies job.



air day: 1978-11-02

A fire in a little motel area produces the death of the singular women populating it. The evidence exposes that the recognition of the lady is Jessica Ross, the country’s leading newswoman. As Quincy begins a meeting validating her death Jessica walks in with the door, mentioning that the rumours of her death are misdirected. Quincy as well as likewise Asten are surprised nevertheless swiftly Quincy does not believe that this lady is Ross, which his preliminary searchings for were. He presumes that the body was Jessica ross as well as this lady is a cheat.



air day: 1978-11-09

Quincyisseriously hurt at the scene of a criminal task, so it relies on Sam, Asten and also alsoLt Monaghan to deal with the circumstances he was managing as well as catch the person that terminated him.


Deadandlikewise Alive

air day: 1978-11-16

Whenhis mama as well as sis impulse that he is still energetic,Anevidentmurder victim becomes the product of Quincy’s considerable exam as well as acknowledgment.


NoWay to Treat a Body

air day: 1978-11-30

Quincy’s latest ladyfriend moves right into a new house as well as incorrectly locates 2 mummified bodies. He finds himself versus a group of unusual home owners when he seeks out precisely just what is occurring, that the bodies originate from as well as where they stemmed from.


A Night to Raise the Dead

air day: 1978-12-07

After4nights of continuous rains a male finds a body by his vehicle. It had in fact been cleaned up down capitals as well as ended up in his front yard. Once Quincy has in fact ended up the postmortem exam he presents that the individual died of typhoid, a really transmittable ailment. The individual had in fact been illegally concealed in the cemetery in addition to capital truly recently. Quincy wishes the whole cemetery taken a look at to see if there are additional transmittable bodies concealed up there nevertheless he faces a barrel great deals of administration intending to get this recognized.


A Question of Death

air day: 1979-01-04


HouseofNo Return

air day: 1979-01-11

Quincyexaminesthe death of a kid at a house for people that have in fact comitted a criminal task nevertheless are thought of mentally incapable as well as are because of that not penalized to remedy prison. His mama prompts that he was needed to get rid of by the aides, that run the place like prison warders, in a casual boxing competitors versus different other detainees.


A Small Circle of Friends

air day: 1979-01-18

A recap of female of the roads adheres to the death of an expert athlete that obtained a drug-resistant tension of gonorrhea.


TheDepth of Beauty

air day: 1979-01-25

Dueto that she disliked the marks a screwed up treatment caused,Quincydivesright into the world of aesthetic medical therapy after he autopsies a lady that removed herself. He locates that the plastic surgeon isn’t truly actually an accredited plastic surgeon, simply an accredited MD. The guideline allows any kind of private that has in fact licensed as a medical professional to call himself any kind of kind of kind of specialist he suches as.


WalkSoftly Through the Night (1)

air day: 1979-02-01

A leading young people’s TELEVISION celeb, as well as a friend of Quincy’s, is surprised when his youngster dies of a medication overdose. When he finds out that a medical professional suggested the medications to him, He had no idea his youngster was likewise on medications as well as seethes. Quincy as well as the celeb, Brock, probably to take a look at the doctor as well as find a big align of addicts waiting outside the medical therapy. They are all waiting with cash to obtain a prescription from the doctor. Quincy as well as Brock began intending to shut this doctor down as well as to help a young would definitely be doctor in his initiatives to get some kind of medication treatment support system developed in his college.


WalkSoftly Through the Night (2)

air day: 1979-02-01

Quincyproceedsin his search to get foldDr Colella’s medical therapy as well as stopped him from continuouslying launch prescriptions for medicine abuser. This becomes a lot less of a problem though after Marty Herrera, the young would definitely be doctor, is nailed for murderDr Colella! Quincy does not believe the youngster did it nevertheless finds that the evidence seems intending straight at him.



air day: 1979-02-07

A substantial visitor jet crash-lands 40 miles outside LA. Quincy as well as Sam are sent out to start the acknowledgment of the bodies as well as to gain specific that the mishap scene is kept intact. Once the rest of the Coroners team has in fact appeared as well as the setups of the bodies have in fact been specified they are all repossessed to LA, where a postmortem exam should be ended up on every one of them, all one hundred of them! Quincy eventually locates that a hazardous flammable gas was being brought by the plane, incredibly harmful nevertheless not illegal.

Heafterthat finds himself with 2 troubles to deal with. The at first being just how you could persuade the airline company firms that moving this kind of flammable product is not a fantastic concept as well as 2nd of all, to get an insurance coverage service provider to authorize that an individual of the unidentifiable bodies was that of a man they assured making certain that his spouse as well as member of the family might proclaim his life insurance policy plan.



air day: 1979-02-15

MonaghanasksQuincy to push the postmortem exam of a young vehicle robber to the top of his leading concern list. The young kids’ buddy is insisting that a cop chased him down as well as removed him after they were decreased in their taken vehicle. When the postmortem exam is completed it might simply confirm that the youngster, Billy Harris, died to a bone intruded his neck, as well as not simply exactly how it could have occurred. This information is sufficient to get journalism printing stories of police officers viciousness as well as a Californians for Constitutional Rights lawyer going into to guard Billy’s close friendSteve.


Physician, Heal Thyself

air day: 1979-02-22

A seventeen-year old female collapses as well as dies after having had an abortion. The member of the family educates as well as wishes a postmortem exam Asten that they will definitely invest for an individual one. Quincy does it as well as presumes that her death was caused by the oversight of the doctor that carried out the abortion. He mosts likely to the clinical center as well as the doctor as well as identifies that the doctor was inebriateded when he ran, validating this is challenging though as he experiences a conspiracy concept of silence.



air day: 1979-03-01

Quincyandlikewise Sam should continue to be late, taking a look at task that was ended up by a Medical Examiner that, it wound up, had actually not been obtained the job. This makes Quincy lose out on yet an extra day with Lynne, his existing sweetie. When they do collecting she advises to him. He changes her down because he remembers simply exactly how he took care of Helen, his preliminary spouse. He was regularly operating as well as never ever before spending ample time with her. Later he truly feels guilty as well as prefers to see as well as go Lynne as well as suggest to her himself.



air day: 1979-03-15

Quincyisasked to do a postmortem exam on the body of a marine that died in a problem throughout his training. Harry Collier, a friend of Quincy’s wishes him to give an appointment, to give up journalism from calling the death a cover. What Quincy finds though is precisely just what he presumes is evidence of a murder as well as he probably to the base to find out precisely just what did happen to activate the young soldiers death, as well as if needed that caused it.


AnOunce of Prevention

air day: 1979-03-22

Whilefinishingthe postmortem exam of a structure and also building worker that depended on his death Quincy locates some unusual troubles. He obtains Sam to run some even more exams to see if there was anything that could have made the individual fall. The results program that he was removed by a big amount of chemicals, chemicals that were covering the tomatoes he had for lunch. Follow up exams disclose that a dumpsite near the area of Rosewood is trickling. The chemicals are polluting the ground around the dumpsite as well as area.



air day: 1979-03-29

A world popular illusionist shows up of retired life to turn up on a real-time television program after his most popular method causes the death of his protege. After the postmortem exam Quincy should find out whether the preview was a cover for murder or whether it was just a problem.


TheEye of the Needle

air day: 1979-04-12

Antroublinglady’s unintentional death outrages Quincy when he locates that she had in fact been seeing a different doctor as well as had in fact been treated with natural medicines rather than medical ones. His perspective worrying the doctor liable though is affected by his choice for her as well as it offers him something to think about.

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