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Rillington Place is a dramatic television series based on a series of murders that took place in the decades of 40 and 50 in Notting Hill, London. As a BBC miniseries, this television drama based on real events is divided into three episodes that tell the story of John Christie. Christie is the murderer responsible for killing at least eight women, including his wife Ethel included, strangling them all on the floor where he lived at number 10 on the street Rillington.Contada from the different perspectives of the characters this drama explores the relationships and individual actions that came to play when looking for a responsible for these crimes that had important consequences in the judicial history of the UK, and particularly in the life of Timothy Evans, one of the neighbors Christie who, despite his innocence, he ended by hanging instead of Christie accused of killing his own wife and newborn daughter. It was some years later when, thanks to the discovery of another neighbor, he began to suspect the true murderer, a man apparently normal star witness of the fiscalĂ­a.Tim Roth (The loathsome eight) plays Christie, while actress Samantha Morton (Minority Report) gives life to his wife Ethel. This series is directed by Craig Viveiros (Criminal Debt) and the script is owned by Tracey Malone and Ed Whitmore.