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Salem ‘it is set in the s.XVII Massachusetts and explores what really pushed to make the infamous witch trials of Salem city and dares to uncover the dark truth behind them in an infamous period of American history . The series focuses on a romance that will give a new vision of witches that if there were real or no.La new series of WGN America, originally developed for FX, is a bold new vision of Salem while a new glimpse into the world of witches. In addition it is the first original series chain writers Brannon Braga (Terra Nova ‘,’ Flashforward ”) and Adam Simon ( ‘Exorcismo Connecticut’) and is carried out by Shane West (Nikita ‘), Janet Montgomery ( ‘black swan’) and Ashley Madekwe ( ‘Revenge’).

The series “Salem” is about the infamous Salem Witch Trials in young America of the 17th century, when Massachusetts was still a British colony. The drama series will roll up the circumstances of that hearings, trials and convictions. The events are considered outstanding example of mass hysteria. Numerous people known the magic itself guilty.