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Drama, Comedy TV Series Scrubs (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 2001-10-02 by American Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by Bill Lawrence, directed by Adam Bernstein, Adam Bernstein. Cast include Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, Mary Gillis, Robert Maschio. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

Series info

The initially season of the American comedy-drama tv series Scrubs premiered on NBC on October 2, 2001 and also wrapped up on May 21, 2002 and also includes 24episodes Scrubs was developed by Bill Lawrence that created the pilot along with 3 various other episodes in theseason Adam Bernstein routed the pilot along with 4 various otherepisodes Neil Flynn was just a visitor celebrity in the very first season, although he showed up in every episode of theseason Bill Lawrence stated if the program had actually been terminated at the end of the very first season, he would certainly have made the Janitor a fantasy of J.D.’s creativity.

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MyFirst Day

air day: 2001-10-02

JohnDorian, “J.D.” to good friends, is a boyishly good-looking, self-deprecatingly amusing, likeable man that would certainly be certain if he just understood his properties. Four years of clinical institution have actually prepared J.D. for his very first day as a trainee at Sacred Heart Hospital – yet he has his uncertainties. As J.D. is tossed right into the disorderly globe of medical facility life, we not just reach see the unusual personalities that he runs into, yet likewise listen to the amusing discourse of ideas streaming with J.D.’s head. By J.D.’s side is his friend considering that university, the certain and also good-looking ChrisTurk As a brand-new medical trainee, Turk shows off about with a arrogant and also gregarious disposition that conceals a horror that he just confesses to J.D. Both individuals at first have the hots for their eye-catching other trainee, Elliot Reid, yet J.D. rapidly figures out her elegance is just gone beyond by her hyper-competitive mindset. Guiding the trainees’ education and learning are those with even more clinical experience.Dr Robert “Bob” Kelso, Chief of Medicine, desires the trainees to believe they could depend on him. On the opposite side of the character range isDr Percival “Perry” Cox, a steamroller of a guy short on persistence. Watching over the trainees with a caustically caring yet teasing disposition, is registered nurse Carla Espinosa, a female that is hot and also motherly at the exact same time – which charms strongly toTurk



air day: 2001-10-04

J.D. attempts to encourage a cigarette smoker client to stop cigarette smoking in order to exciteDr Cox, that is simply really feeling lonesome in his viewpoint. Elliot’s mindset to Carla frustrates her, hence Turk has the ability to take place a day with Carla, when he persuades her to forgiveElliot


MyBest Friend’s Mistake

air day: 2001-10-09

J.D. starts to really feel far-off from Turk, when he leaves him deserted every single time that he attempts to speak with him. Elliot battles with Kelso for calling her “sweetheart,” and also she looks forDr Cox’s suggestions. J.D.’s connection with Elliot enters a time race, when he has 48 hrs to kiss her prior to he is taken into her”Friend Zone.”


MyOld Lady

air day: 2001-10-16

The3 trainees are each designated people with numerous health problems. Statistically talking, among the 3 is mosting likely to pass away. J.D.’s client is 86 years of ageMrs Tanner, that remains in kidney failing. 20 years of age David Morrison is Turk’s rupture client and also Elliot’s clientMrs Guerrero just talks Spanish and also could have lupus.


MyTwo Dads

air day: 2001-10-23

J.D. mentions exactly what appears to be a technological error toDr Kelso, yet it was truly an effort ofDr Cox to conserve a female without insurance policy making use of a dead man’s insurance policy.Dr Kelso and alsoDr Cox reveal J.D. their various methods of considering medication. Meanwhile, the Janitor daunts J.D., Elliot uncovers the recovery powers of her boobs and also Turk offers Carla a pen he assumed he extracted from the Lost and also Found box.



air day: 2001-10-30

Dr Cox is still encountering the hazard of suspension, and also together, J.D. is designated to an unique client: Jordan Sullivan, a crucial board participant. She is extremely requiring and also J.D. winds up copulating her after he faces her. Only he really did not recognize that she isDr Cox’s ex-wife, and also currently the just one that could conserve J.D.’s advisor from being terminated by the wickednessDr Kelso.

Meanwhile, Elliot is designated to deal with a reduce whose jaw has actually been wired closed, and also for which she winds up coming to be an individual. Carla’s mother makes a rumor after Turk invests the evening at Carla’s, when she damages her leg, Carla condemns Turk for it.


MySuper Ego

air day: 2001-11-06

J.D. has actually lastly made the area as brightest trainee, yet he’s obtained competitors: Nick Murdoch, that appears to be better, friendlier and also has a far better butt compared to him. But also J.D. cannot despise the man, for he is so good. Since he cannot take the stress of clinical teaching fellowship, But he is stunned when he locates Nick resting in an edge weeping.

Meanwhile, Turk is having issues at the procedure table and also does not inform Carla, that maintains troublingDr Cox concerning it.

AndDr. Cox offers Turk an extremely special tip on the best ways to cool down prior to surgical procedure.


MyFifteen Minutes

air day: 2001-11-15

J.D. and also Turk end up being heroes after conserving a cameraman’s life on TELEVISION, while going to a strip club. But Turk rapidly comes to be the target of a brand-new attention project led byDr Kelso, manipulating the medical facility’s variety.

Meanwhile, J.D. frets about his assessment. Elliot is going out with Carla, yet in the eleventh hour she impacts her later and also off Elliot encounters her in a bar.


MyDay Off

air day: 2001-11-20

When he’s confessed for appendicitis, J.D. obtains to see the medical facility with the eyes of an individual. Elliot analyzes him and also he informs every person exactly how cool and also harsh she is, which owns her insane. J.D. does not desire Turk to operate him, which injures Turk’s sensations.

Meanwhile,Dr Cox is attempting to display to his advisor,Dr Benson, the ex-chief of medication, that is likewise an individual at the medical facility. The just point in his means isDr Kelso, that nearly rejectedDr Benson too soon.



air day: 2001-11-27

J.D. starts a brand-new connection withCarla J.D. acquires a brand-new label – “Scooter” – and also his connection with Nurse Carla progresses as he starts to out-distance her clinical understanding, while Turk shivers, when he finds out that his secret lunch area was declared years back by the territorialDr Kelso.

Elsewhere,Dr When she will not release a bothersome client, Cox offers Elliot the wicked eye.


MyOwn Personal Jesus

air day: 2001-12-11

It’s Christmas, as well as though J.D. and also the others do not truly seem like commemorating, Turk makes a big bargain concerning it. But his confidence and also joy are pursued an extremely hectic evening at the medical facility.

Dr Cox has J.D. video the birth of the kid of among his good friends.


MyBlind Date

air day: 2002-01-08

A female drops and also slides on the damp flooring of the medical facility. Afraid that she could take legal action against the medical facility,Dr Kelso asks J.D. to wait her and also get along, so she will not sue them. But J.D. is extremely hectic withDr Cox’s 24- hr marathon to maintain his ICU people active.

Elliotis determined for some interest fromDr Cox. Meanwhile, Turk breaks at Carla when she swipes french fries from his plate.


MyBalancing Act

air day: 2002-01-15

J.D. is annoyed when his fledgling love with an ex-patient wilts as their days are regularly disturbed by emergency situation telephone calls, while the abominableDr Kelso comes to be much less fearful to the dewy-eyed trainees, whenDr Cox educates them the best ways to stay clear of the blowhard’s bite. In enhancement, a perplexed Carla and also Turk manage their very first sex-related affection issue.


MyDrug Buddy

air day: 2002-01-22

Alexand also Elliot suggest over missing out on drug, and also J.D. has to pick sides.

Meanwhile,Dr Kelso offers Carla a flight to function and also she sees an entirely various side of him. Turk establishes a dispute withDr Cox after he figures out thatDr Cox has secret sensations forCarla


MyBed Banter & & Beyond

air day: 2002-02-05

Aftergoing to sleep and also investing a whole day making love, J.D. and also Elliot most likely to function attempting to conceal their brand-new secret love, yet everyone currently understands it.


MyHeavy Meddle

air day: 2002-02-26

Whena rampagingDr Cox instantly turns up at his door in a weird funk, J.D. sees an opportunity of a development in their connection – till he finds out that Cox blows up in nearly a yearly ceremony. Meanwhile, Turk chooses to companion with Elliot on a study job to make sure that he could navigate her back with his pal J.D., and also Carla has a hard time to satisfy a comatose client’s last demand – playing hefty steel songs in his space.



air day: 2002-03-05

J.D., Elliot and also Turk are getting their very first clinical pupils, and also currently they lastly obtain a possibility to see exactly what it seems like to be beyond. Turk’s trainee is an extremely eye-catching girl, to whichDr Cox is quickly drawn in. But he does not recognize his means around demands and also ladies Turk to offer him a little assistance. J.D. does not recognize the best ways to manage his trainee and also Elliot’s ends up to the be kid of a crucial CEO.


MyTuscaloosa Heart

air day: 2002-03-12

J.D. has an individual that’s disrespectful to him and also the registered nurses and also ultimately passes away from cancer cells. If he was better to him, J.D. really feels horrible for not offering him his full interest and also concerns possibly he can have conserved the man.

Meanwhile, Elliot is persuaded thatDr Kelso is the one vocal singing a tune called “Tuscaloosa Heart” on a tape offered to her by an individual that declares he mosted likely to university withBob AndDr Cox locates himself caught in a love square: He’s falling for Kristen Murphy, his trainee, equally as his ex-wife re-emerges requiring sex– and also there’s likewise his crush onCarla


MyOld Man

air day: 2002-04-09

Anselection of fathers and also mothers come down on their children in the house and also in the work environment. J.D.’s papa is a gregarious yet lonesome divorcee that’s seriously attempting to be simply among the individuals. Elliot’s individuals, on the various other hand, are a snooty pair whose pompous actions puzzles their child. Similarly rattled is Turk, tense by the bonding of his partner, Carla, and also his brassy mommy. But one of the most vexatious moms and dad without a doubt is the custodian’s daddy.


MyWay or the Highway

air day: 2002-04-16

Turk’s competition is beginning to frustrate J.D., specifically when it goes across the line of individual jokes and also involves client’s issues.

Meanwhile,Dr Cox lastly has a preference of great coffee, yet many thanks to his fight withDr Kelso, the only registered nurse that had the ability to make it obtains terminated. Elliot fulfills an extremely eye-catching client, which she promptly recognizes, yet has a truly tough time obtaining him to ask her out.


MySacrificial Clam

air day: 2002-04-30

J.D. is afraid being infected with Hepatitis B, after a needle unintentionally sticks his lower arm.

Meanwhile, Elliot has a difficult time incorporating her brand-new connection and also staying on top of researches. Turk stresses concerning obtaining in form, after Carla makes a fat joke concerning him.



air day: 2002-05-07

Jordan’s sibling Ben is confessed at Sacred Heart for having a mishap with a nail weapon. J.D. finds out that Ben has leukemia, yet will not think it, considering that there have actually been several mixups in the medical facility recently, so he takes place a look for the actual examination outcomes.



air day: 2002-05-14

Bentakes the information of his medical diagnosis very well – at the very least much better compared to his sibling Jordan and also J.D. Remarkably, it isDr Cox that is the voice of factor and also concern, till his very own worries obstruct.

Meanwhile, Turk and also Elliot have their very own concerns to manage. Since he had not been selected to help on a tough surgical procedure and also Elliot is slammed throughout rounds by Dr, Turk is distressed. Kelso for the 100 th time.


MyLast Day

air day: 2002-05-21

It’s J.D.’s last day as a trainee, and also quickly he will certainly end up being a homeowner. Carla and also Turk are suggesting concerning dating other individuals. Elliot lastly rebels versus being every person’s mat, and also J.D. is simply attempting to avoid of individuals’s means.

Jordanhas actually gone back to obtain a physical and also a brand-new client,Mr Bober, has actually been confessed, since he requires his gall bladder got rid of. He truly requires the surgical procedure, yet does not have the insurance policy to spend for it. They employ the assistance ofDr Cox,Dr Wen and alsoJordan

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