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Drama, Comedy TV Series Scrubs (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 2006-01-03 by American Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by Bill Lawrence, Janae Bakken, directed by Bill Lawrence, Bill Lawrence. Cast include Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, Josh Hammond, J.P. Manoux. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

Series info

The 5th season of the American comedy-drama television series Scrubs premiered on NBC on January 3, 2006 and finished up on May 16, 2006 and consists of 24episodesFor the preliminary twelve episodes, 2 brand-new episodes were passed on back-to-back every Tuesday at 9: 00 p.m. ET. Then NBC returned to sending one new episode weekly, complied with by a rerun. For the preliminary 3 weeks of this, the rerun episode was a stars liked episode, with used audio discussion tracks on NBC’s net website to accompany theepisodes Guest stars in the 5th contained Jason Bateman and Mandy Moore, likewise the introduction of new duplicating individualities played by Elizabeth Banks and TravisSchuldt This season was picked for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding ComedySeries

Scrubs’ is a comedy that chronicles the experiences of J.D. physician practices Dorian (Zach Braff, ‘The Last Kiss’), who begins his career in a somewhat surreal hospital crammed with an unpredictable template and even more foreign patients, and where humor and tragedy can merge into any time.The Dr . JD Dorian arrives at the hospital to begin his Sacred Heart interim period. Insecure, dreamy and somewhat eccentric, few are explained as J.D. can be such a competent doctor. With him reach his college classmates: his best friend, Chris Turk (Donald Faison, ‘The Exes’,’ Skyline ‘) belonging to the elite of the surgical team, and the eccentric and attractive Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke,’ Mad Love ‘), a doctor with many phobias and manias that irritate all those around her. Always alert to the rookie team are the fatherly chief of medicine, Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins, ‘Cougar Town’), the acerbic and worldly Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley, ‘Smothered’), and comprehensive nurse Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes, ‘Buried’). the series follows the daily lives of inmates and hospital leaders, their relationships, their experiences in the world of medicine and the consequences their actions have on their lives and their Professions. Narrated in first person by J.D., each chapter explores how cases with those found influence the way that doctors understand life, all loaded with large doses of humor and irony.

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MyIntern’s Eyes

air day: 2006-01-03

AttendingatSacred Heart, J.D. presently should handle his own students. Turk has inquiries having children, then intends to secure versus Carla from acquiring pregnant. Meanwhile Elliot has a tough time to situate her technique at County Hospital and does not desire to look like the unprotected private she remained in the past.


MyRite of Passage

air day: 2006-01-03

J.D. desires to exposeDrCox andDrKelso exactly how you could take care of students, nevertheless instead he determines that they satirize his adverse jokes from stress and anxiety and respect.

Everyoneatthe university hospital is remaining free from Jordan to acquire remove her with the exemption ofTurkAn aborted initiative to bond with her reason Jordan being ripped off by Sam, the addict. Elsewhere, Elliot’s fellowship goes sour and she finds herself depending on loose-lippedCarla


MyDay at the Races

air day: 2006-01-10

Whileintendinghis birthday event, J.D. finds a listing of factors he wanted to attain, before he changed30He enters a triathlon to begin. Meanwhile, Elliot reveals a side of her man Jake, that fanatics her out. And Turk is aiming to thrill his companies and takes on a private, that desires to be hypnotized throughout medical therapy in effort to be promoted.



air day: 2006-01-10

J.D. is asked to existingDrKelso at a honors dinner, so he desires to find something terrific worrying him.DrKelso andDrCox each have a private, which they truly feel ought to have the benefit of a new speculative treatment, nevertheless there is simply one open port. Elsewhere, Carla and Turk effort to help Elliot acquire her old working from Sacred Heart back. And the Janitor mocks J.D. with the made up computer game of”Jiggly Ball.”


MyNew God

air day: 2006-01-17

DrCox’s spiritual brother or sister Paige relates to see for her nephew’s baptism. Turk is identifying, just precisely just how unsexy baby manufacturing can be. Elliot helps him recognize that Carla finds the whole treatment to be charming. Elswhere, J.D. and the Janitor start a friend partnership.


MyMissed Perception

air day: 2006-01-17

J.D. goofs an elderly woman’s delight as her desire to stop treatment for a dangerous condition.

Turkandlikewise Elliot fight to situate the resource of a person’s body pain and Carla intends to set up the annual group photo.


MyWay Home

air day: 2006-01-24

Ina”Wizard of Oz” homage, J.D. is intending to go residence, Turk search for a heart benefactor and Carla anxieties, that she does not have the nerve ahead to be a mother and fathers. Meanwhile, Elliot does not assume, that she has the minds to lead a query and option session. Also, the Janitor is painting color coded lines throughout the university hospital for easier navigating.


MyBig Bird

air day: 2006-01-24

J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla are doubted worrying the odd casualty of a person.

DrKelso learns, that J.D. and Turk were away situating a private, Elliot was troubled over identifying that her make-out good friend was joined and Carla was frantic employing university hospital staff members for a group lotto video game procurement.



air day: 2006-02-07

J.D. pleases the klutzy Julie, when he becomes infatuadted, Elliot aims to help out with love pointers. Meanwhile, Carla tries to findDrCox’s soft side, when he picks not to kiss his youngster.

Turkandlikewise the Janitor set up an air band to win a competitors, nevertheless Kelso supplies an exceptional obstacle.


HerStory II

air day: 2006-02-07

J.D. is inflamed, that Julie does not laugh, so Elliot prompts him, to educate her his experiences, and Turk intends to earn use psychology to fix the trouble.

Meanwhile, Carla is upset, when the Janitor defines a new nurse practitioner as a “hot young Carla,” which amplifies her broadening fear, that she is likewise old to establish.


MyBuddy’s Booty

air day: 2006-02-28

J.D. is still managing his present separate and trying not to remove student Keith, that has really happened aggravatingly best. To make concerns even worse, a favored customer continues to be in an extreme coma and each of the group finds their own technique to handle it.

DrCox and the Janitor bond over drinks at bench and Carla makes it her goal to make the university hospital’s gym woman enjoyable. Meanwhile Turk suggests, that J.D. and Elliot situate themselves ‘booty calls’.



air day: 2006-02-28

DrKelso rages, when he reveals, that a bird has really been remaining in SacredHeartHe orders the Janitor to discard it quickly. However, the Janitor suches as the bird a great deal, he secretly preserves it as a pet. Meanwhile, J.D., inflamed with Keith, intends to acquire his student released, nevertheless factors do not wind up as implied.


MyFive Stages

air day: 2006-03-07

J.D. andDrCox go through the 5 stages of anguish with their liked customer, that is reducing in health. Carla stress Turk to happen a string of double days, containing Elliot and her booty telephone callKeithElsewhere,DrKelso hits Ted with his car, thus Ted inevitably has the leading hand with a possible insurance claim.


MyOwn Personal Hell

air day: 2006-03-14

J.D. is ill of ideal student Keith and he’s not the simply one. Elliot’s collaboration with Keith is divulged, so the numerous other students think that he is acquiring distinct passion. In the meanwhileDrCox shows off worrying being called “The Best Doctor in the City” by a community magazine, thusDrKelso assigns him to among one of the most tough customer in the university hospital to reduce his vanity. Also, Turk and Carla continually have a tough time in their search for fertilizing.


MyExtra Mile

air day: 2006-03-21

J.D. motivates Cox and his fellow medical professionals to do distinct, uncommon factors for their customers, nevertheless J.D. himself is unclear he can reduce his most likely to a women undergoing radiation therapy, after meeting a lady that likes his hair. Meanwhile,Turkandlikewise Carla initiative to obtain eliminate all the stress in their lives, to far better their opportunities of establishing. Also, Elliot could not stop using her new man Keith foolish presents.


MyBright Idea

air day: 2006-03-28

Turkfiguresout, that Carla is pregnant, before she does, so J.D. motivates Turk to educate the entire university hospital group to shock Carla with the info. But Carla desires to straight share her baby info with every person, so Turk and J.D. have to swiftly consist of the university hospital babble. Meanwhile, when Elliot areasDrCox right into an undesirable situation, he establishes to acquire regardless of Elliot with Keith andCarla


MyChopped Liver

air day: 2006-04-04

WhenJ.D. rearranges his schedule to allow himself a lot more time to attach Turk, Turk secretly resent linking J.D. due to the fact that time as a result of that it interrupts his own”Turk Time.”

Meanwhile,DrCox and Jordan happen a double day with Elliot and Keith, and Carla covers for Kelso at the workplace, as he regrets for his dead family pet canine.

Later, a private virtually dies, after quiting part of his liver for his brother or sister, and the university hospital group uncovers making sacrifices for people they really value.


MyNew Suit

air day: 2006-04-11

J.D.’s brother or sister Dan returns for a shock see and Elliot learns that J.D. has really been educating Dan that she still likes him. An private with weight-related problems calls for an MRI, nevertheless he’s likewise big for the tools. When they begin to speak about baby names, Carla and Turk fanatic out. Meanwhile,DrKelso assignsDrCox to help Ted with neglect situation files afterDrCox disrespectsDrKelso’s youngster.


HisStory III

air day: 2006-04-18

Turkandlikewise Carla turn J.D.’s old area right into an infant area for the baby. The Janitor takes an opportunity to press J.D. from the photo for a day. Elsewhere, Elliot uses her mother to find information worrying Keith’s peers and Turk & & &DrCox link each numerous other of not being hip.



air day: 2006-04-25

J.D. asksDrCox out for lunch, nevertheless encounters irritating previous customer Jill Tracy, that unexpectedly reveals him something worrying responsibility.

Elliotandlikewise Carla locate that Todd has really been existing worrying all his university hospital “conquests” and think that he’s been a lot less compared with real worrying numerous other problems. Turk informs them not to meddle in his occasions.


MyFallen Idol

air day: 2006-05-02

DrCox starts alcohol usage after his selections trigger the casualty of 3 of his customers. The group intends to cover for him at the university hospital, while everyone intends to motivate him simply exactly how encouraging he is for them.

Turkbeginshis new transforming with orthopedic medical therapy, nevertheless isn’t truly so crazy about his mosting likely to medical professional’s touchy-feely strategies. Thus, J.D. and the Janitor initiative to help Turk situate indicates to bond with his new supervisor.


MyDéjà vu, My Déjà vu

air day: 2006-05-09

J.D. truly feels that the precise very same factors take area over as well as likewise over as soon as even more at the wellness.DrCox returns to work, nevertheless Elliot assumes that he has really drop his usual self-esteem. Elliot callsDrCox on his routines. Carla acquires fed up with Turk, as a result of that he still can do a good deal of points, nevertheless she could ruling out that she is presently pregnant.



air day: 2006-05-16

J.D. checks an urologist’s evaluation on an inquire from for a private trying to find a risky surgical treatment. He furthermore starts to catch her. Meanwhile, Elliot takes into account harming up with Keith, nevertheless Carla is exposing extreme hormonal agent adjustments as an outcome of her pregnancy and intends to dispute. The Janitor andDrKelso are having a little tiff of their own worrying stress and anxiety.



air day: 2006-05-16

J.D. plans a day with Kim on their night off nevertheless Elliot preserves entering their technique. Meanwhile, Elliot throws a youngster shower for Carla.Perryandlikewise Jordan turn over all Jack’s points toCarlaAnd an individual presents an exceptionally stunning pregnancy.

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