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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Action & Adventure TV Series Star Trek Voyager (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1995-01-16 by UPN Channel. Serial was created by Jeri Taylor, directed by Michael Piller. Cast include Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeill, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Josh Clark. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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“Star Trek Voyager is a series of the Star Trek franchise revolves around the crew of the Voyager ship, captained by Commander Kathryn Janeway. The story begins with the mission entrusted to the Voyager spacecraft to locate the missing Maquis mission. Captain Janeway then decided to use the help prisoner Tom Paris of belonging to Starfleet.
¬†Aided by an alien known as the Guardian, the ship is transferred to the Delta Quadrant, which was previously sent the Maquis ship. Throughout the search, the crew has some problems.”

Drawn to the much side of the galaxy, where the Federation is 75 years away at optimum lightning speed, a Starfleet ship have to accept Maquis rebels to discover a method house.

The Voyager is drifted along with a second enemy spaceship Maquis a third party being in a lying 70,000 light-years away region of the Galaxy, the delta quadrant. In the emergency situation, the two work together formerly opposing crews to compete the years way back to Earth. The Voyager has to traverse long distances unknown space and overcome numerous dangers.

Star Trek Voyager season 1-7 direct download links

Episode Guide


Caretaker (1)

air day: 1995-01-16

Stardate: 48315.6

While in search of a Maquis ship in an area of room referred to as the ‘Badlands’, Captain Kathryn Janeway as well as her team aboard Voyager as well as the Maquis ship are carried 70,000light years from house right into the undiscovered area of the galaxy referred to as the Delta Quadrant.


Caretaker (2)

air day: 1995-01-16



air day: 1995-01-23

Stardate: 48439.7

As the Maquis crewmembers start to incorporate themselves right into the Starfleet team, Voyager comes to be caught in a quantum selfhood.


Time after time

air day: 1995-01-30

Stardate: Unidentified

After being struck by the shockwave of a terrible planet-wide surge, Voyager explores. While externally, Janeway as well as Paris are unintentionally ‘moved’ eventually right into the past.



air day: 1995-02-06

Stardate: 48532.4

Throughout an away objective in the look for dilithium crystals, Neelix is struck as well as his lungs are operatively eliminated by a disease-ridden race of aliens referred to as the Vidiians.


The Cloud

air day: 1995-02-13

Stardate: 48546.2

In the look for omicron fragments to enhance the ship’s power materials, Voyager unintentionally harms a space-faring life kind.


Eye of the Needle

air day: 1995-02-20

Stardate: 48579.4

The exploration of a wormhole causing the Alpha Quadrant gladdens the team, nevertheless, their only get in touch with within array is Romulan.


Ex lover Blog post Facto

air day: 1995-02-27

Stardate: Unidentified

Tom Paris is charged of a murder he declares he did not dedicate. His sentence is to re-live the last couple of minutes of his target’s life every 14 hrs via a memory transplant.



air day: 1995-03-13

Stardate: 48623.5

While checking out a planet belt consisting of a brand-new aspect, Harry Kim is drawn right into a ‘subspace vacuole’ as well as switched over with a remains. Right after the body is revitalized the team find out that the planet belt is the graveyard of an unusual society that moves its dead in the idea that they progress right into a greater state of awareness. Harry’s look on the homeworld starts to question regarding the presence of their immortality.


Prime Aspects

air day: 1995-03-20

Stardate: 48642.5

Harry Kim uncovers sophisticated innovation when a race of aliens referred to as the Sikarans deal coast leave to the team ofVoyager This would certainly send out Voyager 40,000light years more detailed to house, nevertheless, the Sikaran’s ‘Canon of Regulation’ restricts them from sharing their innovation with any individual.


State of Change

air day: 1995-04-10

Stardate: 48658.2

When swiped Federation innovation is located on a seriously harmed Kazon Nistrim ship, Seska comes to be the prime suspect. When inquiries develop over her real heritage, the proof is additionally re-enforced.


air day: 1995-04-24

Stardate: 48693.2

Harry Kim goes away from the holodeck throughout his holo-novel, “” Beowulf.”” Inning accordance with the personalities, he passed away by a magical monster referred to as “” Grendel””. When Chakotay as well as Tuvok likewise dissapear, the Medical professional is moved to the holodeck to explore.



air day: 1995-05-01

Stardate: 48734.2

After Chakotay as well as Tuvok are harmed in a shuttle bus mishap, a non-corporeal life kind starts to damage Voyager by penetrating the minds of the team as well as modifying the ship’s systems one at a time.



air day: 1995-05-08

Stardate: 48784.2

The Vidiians catch Paris, Torres as well as Durst while on an away objective. Torres is required to a laboratory as well as ‘split’ right into 2 individuals: one human, as well as one Klingon.



air day: 1995-05-15

Stardate: 48832.1

The guy, that developed the tool that damaged all life on the moon of his house globe, consisting of that of his family members, identifies Neelix with a deadly health problem.


Knowing Contour

air day: 1995-05-22

Stardate: 48846.5

In order to bring some defiant Maquis crewmembers right into line, Tuvok provides a Starfleet Academy refresher course.

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