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Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Supernatural (season 1-10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) was released in 2005-09-13 by The WB Television Network Channel. Serial was created by David Nutter, directed by Eric Kripke, Terri Hughes. Cast include Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jamil Walker Smith, Cory Monteith. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.6/ 10.

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The Creepy. The Demented. The Unexplained. The Unearthly. Sam Winchester matured searching such scary points. That’s all past. Regulation institution bids him. Does security and also normality. That is, till Sam’s separated sibling Dean shows up with unpleasant information: their dad has actually vanished, a guy that’s pursued wickedness for 22 years. To locate their dad, the siblings need to quest what their dad pursues … and also Sam has to return to the life he would certainly instead leave behind.

Brothers Winchesters confront the darkness that crept on the earth. She is the sister of God, and it wants to get everything. Crowley is trying to take control of the Darkness, to have supremacy. Sam and Dean are trying to kill her, but Dean was the label, and plagued Lucifer Sam vision. Darkness could win only with the help of ancient artifacts that have been well spent or lost. God declared the brothers Winchester and is a writer Chuck Shirley. After a brief struggle with the God of Darkness reconcile and disappear together. Sam comes up with Castiel to the shelter, where sits a woman with a gun. Angel transferred to paradise, the gun shoots presumably Dean.

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air day: 2005-09-13

2 siblings, Sam and also Dean Winchester, witness their mommy’s paranormal fatality as kids and also mature educated to combat by an anxious dad that desires absolutely nothing even more after that to pursue the important things that eliminated his better half. Sam leaves to university to begin a brand-new, typical life, however obtains drawn back in after Dean turns up on his front door to inform him their dad is missing out on.

Adhering to ideas from a creepy phone message from him, the young boys take a trip to a village and also experience a malevolent spirit called the “Woman in White” that after that begins to haunt Sam.



air day: 2005-09-20

Sam and also Dean comply with the collaborates left in their dad’s journal and also land in the center of the timbers where they examine the loss of a number of campers. Both siblings quickly discover they are taking care of a Wendigo, an animal made renowned in Native America tales. A Wendigo is a previous human whose cannibalism has actually changed him right into an animal with superhuman stamina and also rate that delight in human flesh.


Dead in the Water

air day: 2005-09-27

Sam and also Dean examine a series of mystical drownings crossed out as self-destructions. They find the spirit is a mad little young boy with the power to take a trip via water that is retaliating on specific community residents for a dark secret hidden long back. Dean creates a bond with a young kid that appears to have the power of feeling.


Phantom Traveler

air day: 2005-10-04

On TransNational trip 2485, a guy had by the spirit of the Phantom Traveler creates the aircraft to collision, leaving just 5 survivors left active. Sam and also Dean need to purge the upset spirit prior to it strikes the survivors. The siblings recognize the only method to do that is to take the fight to the skies.


Bloody Mary

air day: 2005-10-11

In rural Nebraska, a team of partying senior high school teenagers amusingly risk their pal Charlie to consider the mirror and also repeat “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary,” unknowning this will certainly release a series of mystical murders. Sam and also Dean recognize that Bloody Mary has the power to take a trip via all reflective surface areas when she is searching a sufferer. Stressed that teenagers are mistakenly mobilizing Bloody Mary, Sam and also Dean race to damage the fierce spirit prior to she could eliminate once more.



air day: 2005-10-18

Sam and also Dean involve the help of Sam’s old university friend after he is implicated of a murder he vows he really did not dedicate. The siblings find a shapeshifter is taking on the similarities of others and also killing individuals. The siblings’ race to quit the shapeshifter takes a scary turn when he moves right into the similarity of Dean.


Hook Man

air day: 2005-10-25

The notorious “Hook Man,” a malevolent spirit that eliminates his targets with a glossy hook that acts as his hand, terrifies a tiny university community in Iowa. Sam and also Dean discover that the targets are linked to the child of a regional preacher and also race to locate and also damage the Hook Man’s bones prior to he comes for them.



air day: 2005-11-08

After a building employee is eliminated by pests delving right into his mind, Sam and also Dean examine the community’s background and also locate that the brand-new real estate advancement is being improved spiritual Indian land. The Indians placed a curse on the land after their appointment had actually been ravished and also damaged. Sam and also Dean need to locate a method to make it through and also eliminate the fatal throng of , cicadas, crawlers and also beetles.


The Journey Home

air day: 2005-11-15

Sam is haunted by a vision of a lady caught in his youth home and also encourages an unwilling Dean that they should go house. After arrival, they fulfill the lady in Sam’s feeling and also she exposes that your home is haunted. Checking into their individual background, the siblings find their dad had actually gone to a psychic after their mommy’s fatality and also they count on the very same lady for responses of their very own. With each other they find a malicious apparition has actually populated your home and also laid out to purge it, however are blindsided when one more undetected spirit action in.



air day: 2005-11-22

Sam and also Dean examine a deserted sanitarium and also find that when the health center was open, the people held a rebellion versus the terrible and also uncommon penalties caused by the head medical professional. While the siblings browse the properties for 4 shed university student, the hurt spirits trigger them to go outrageous, transforming Dean versus Sam.



air day: 2006-01-10

Sam and also Dean ultimately reach their dad, however he informs them to quit searching for him and also sends them on one more ghost-hunting work. Irritated with their dad’s evasiveness, Sam lays out alone to locate him while Dean remains back to follow his dad. Dean explores a village in Indiana where pairs have actually gone missing out on the very same day every year and also finds the farmers are compromising them to a Pagan God that takes the kind of a scarecrow.



air day: 2006-01-17

While fighting a satanic force, Dean is electrocuted, causing long-term damages to his heart and also leaving him with just a few months to live. A sorrowful Sam searches frantically for a method to conserve his sibling and also thinks he might have located a solution via a preacher that declares to recover the incurable. Dean and also Sam find that the preacher is obtaining aid from the Grim Reaper that is trading one life for one more he really feels is much less worthwhile.


Route 666

air day: 2006-01-31

Dean is gotten in touch with by his puppy love Cassie, an African-America woman, that asks him to find to Mississippi to examine a string of racially inspired murders. Each murder is connected to a mystical vehicle that appears to have no motorist and also leave no tracks. Sam is shocked to see this brand-new side of his sibling as Dean battles to find to holds with the recurring sensations he has for Cassie.



air day: 2006-02-07

Sam has a feeling where a guy is eliminated, however the murder is made to resemble a self-destruction. Sam encourages Dean that they need to examine the situation, however both are puzzled when they cannot locate anything that shows that the fatality was supernatural in nature. That is, till they learn that Max, the reclusive child of the very first sufferer, has actually been utilizing his just recently gotten power of telekinesis to eliminate the member of the family that as soon as abused him. Sam likewise finds Max’s mommy was eliminated by the very same intense satanic force that took his very own mother.


The Benders

air day: 2006-02-14

Sam and also Dean go to Minnesota where a young kid witnesses a guy disappear right into slim air. After looking for ideas, Sam is abducted by just what he thinks is a supernatural being, and also Dean is delegated browse anxiously for his sibling. Both are shocked when they recognize the abductors are human, and also utilizing the slaves as human target for a twisted searching exploration.



air day: 2006-02-28

Sam has a get-together with a lady he as soon as satisfied, Meg, however it ends up that she is utilizing the siblings to tempt their dad John to his ruin.


Hell House

air day: 2006-03-30

Sam and also Dean examine the situation of a maniacal ghost occupying a lengthy deserted Texas farmhouse called “Hell House.” They think the ghost is the spirit of a dead Depression-era farmer that eliminated his household, however they quickly recognize it is something much more effective.


Something Wicked

air day: 2006-04-06

Sam and also Dean fight a Shtriga, a witch that creeps right into kids’ bed rooms and also draws the lives from them. Dean has to experience his youth when he bears in mind that he came across the Shtriga years back.



air day: 2006-04-13

The Winchesters need to handle a harmful spirit bound to an old household picture that brings misery and also fatality to any individual that purchases it.


Dead Man’s Blood

air day: 2006-04-20

To acquire a mystic weapon with the ability of damaging the satanic force that eliminated their mommy, Sam and also Dean need to join their dad John and also challenge versus vampires.



air day: 2006-04-27

John has actually understood where the satanic force will certainly strike following and also the Winchesters head there to quit the following murder. Meg starts eliminating John’s buddies and also requires the Colt or she’ll maintain going till everybody John recognizes is dead.


Devil’s Trap

air day: 2006-05-04

When Meg flaunts that John is her detainee, the young boys go to a buddy of their dad’s to obtain details regarding demonic ownerships and also methods to catch a satanic force. It ends up Meg is not just what she shows up.

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