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Comedy, Action & Adventure, Animation TV Series Teen Titans Go! (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 2013-04-23 by Cartoon Network Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Tara Strong, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Legendary Sandwich

air date: 2013-04-23

Beast Boy, Robin and Starfire go in search of the ingredients for a legendary sandwich.


Pie Bros

air date: 2013-04-23



Driver’s Ed

air date: 2013-04-30



Dog Hand

air date: 2013-04-30



Double Trouble

air date: 2013-05-07

Cyborg has Raven create doubles of himself and Beast Boy.


The Date

air date: 2013-05-07



Dude Relax!

air date: 2013-05-14

The gang try to teach Robin to relax after his high-strung nature begins affecting the team. Later, chores pile up while the team bicker, and soon their dirty uniforms go on the offensive.


Laundry Day

air date: 2013-05-14




air date: 2013-05-21

When Starfire mistakenly thinks she has killed Beast Boy, he sees it as a perfect opportunity to torment her, so he makes himself look like a ghost and goes around doing things to play on her highly emotional state, attempting to freak her out. When she figures out he’s only pranking her, she and the other Titans convince Beast Boy that he’s actually dead. However, Beast Boy then decides to jump into a volcano, thinking he’s dead, forcing the Titans to race to keep him from becoming a ghost, but the other Titans all become ghosts (Cyborg after being mauled by a mountain lion, Robin after plummeting from the cliffs, and Raven and Starfire after being hit by random lasers). Beast Boy reveals he knew they were fooling him, but he ends up falling into the volcano, rendering all five Titans ghosts.


La Larva de Amor

air date: 2013-05-28

Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven agree to take on the responsibility of babysitting Silkie (the baby mutant moth larva Starfire adopted as her pet) while Starfire is away. While making milk mustaches, Cyborg accidentally hits a button, unknowingly allowing Silkie to leave the tower. A few minutes later the Titans realize Silkie is gone and go to look for him. Silkie is meanwhile outside and ends up in a fried chicken bucket, which floats in the ocean, all the way to Mexico. He meets a Mexican women and they hang out. This upsets her boyfriend, a Mexican gangster. The Titans cannot find Silkie and panic, trying to find a way to not let Starfire know. Silike, meanwhile, has an exciting telenovella adventure, defeating the gangster and rescuing the woman, he then ends up back in the chicken container, floating back in the ocean. Later, back at the Tower, Starfire comes back wanting to see Silkie. They try to fool her, but Robin finally admits that they lost Silkie.


Hey Pizza!

air date: 2013-06-04

Cyborg and Beast Boy try to capitalize on Zippy’s Pizza’s “thirty minutes or its free” deal, but the delivery boy is seemingly unstoppable. It becomes a bit of a challenge as an all-out war of wits between them erupts. Meanwhile, Robin struggles with whether to build a senior center or a pool (leaning toward the pool mostly to see Starfire in a bikini).



air date: 2013-06-11

Beast Boy turns into a loud, obnoxious gorilla and refuses to change back driving Robin crazy. Gorilla Beast Boy takes over the leadership of the Titans leading to chaos ranging from not letting a girl get onto Beast Boy’s monkey bars, fighting crocodiles, and freeing captive gorillas from the zoo. Cyborg teaches Robin how to be an alpha male so he can take back his role as leader of the Teen Titans.


Girl’s Night Out

air date: 2013-06-18

When Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy won’t let Starfire and Raven come along on their “Boys’ Night Out,” Starfire and Raven spring Jinx from prison and the three of them have a wild night of their own.


You’re Fired

air date: 2013-06-25

Beast Boy’s behavior causes him to be fired from the Teen Titans and replaced by a pair of shape-shifting twins.


Super Robin

air date: 2013-07-02

Envious of the other Titans’ superpowers following their fight with the H.I.V.E. Five (consisting of Mammoth, Gizmo, Jinx, Billy Numerous, and See-More), Robin wants some of his own. After a disastrous scientific experiment goes awry that merges him with the DNA of the American Robin, he convinces Raven to use her magic to give him superpowers even though she claims that superpowers are a curse.


Tower Power

air date: 2013-07-09

Cyborg plugs into the control panel of the Titans tower and drives the others crazy.



air date: 2013-07-16

Starfire’s new pet is a horribly dangerous parasite, but Robin is the only one who is suspicious of the beast.


Star Liar

air date: 2013-07-23

Beast Boy teaches Starfire how to lie and it backfires as her lies get more and more outrageous.


Meatball Party

air date: 2013-07-30

Raven eats a bad meatball that causes tentacles to spring from her teeth and devour the other Titans.


Staff Meeting

air date: 2013-08-13

When Robin’s long bo-staff is accidentally broken by the other four Titans, he seeks a new one at the mystical Tree of the Universe.



air date: 2013-08-20

When Beast Boy believes that Terra is his new beloved sweetheart and girlfriend, Raven is suspicious of her true motives.


Artful Dodgers

air date: 2013-08-27

The Titans believe they will win an upcoming dodgeball championship.


Burger vs. Burrito

air date: 2013-09-03

Cyborg and Beast Boy are in perfect sync, except when it comes to their taste in food. What’s the best food ever created, burgers or burritos? The two friends have an all-out competition to settle things once and for all.



air date: 2013-09-11

Cyborg’s Love Matcher 5000 program pairs Raven with Beast Boy and Starfire with Aquaman. While Beast Boy does everything he can to get Raven to love him, Robin tries to be more like Aquaman to win Starfire’s heart.


Colors of Raven

air date: 2013-09-18

A magical prism causes Raven to fragment into five distinct personalities which wreak havoc around town until the other Titans can figure out how to rejoin her.


The Left Leg

air date: 2013-09-25




air date: 2013-10-02



Lazy Sunday

air date: 2013-10-09



Starfire The Terrible

air date: 2013-10-16



Power Moves

air date: 2013-10-23



Staring at the Future

air date: 2013-10-30

Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest that lasts 30 years, bringing them face to face with a future of adulthood and responsibility… and they hate it.


No Power

air date: 2013-11-06

Feeling the other Titans depend too much on their super powers, Robin challenges them to go 24 hours without using their powers. To his distress, they all succeed, leading him to question his own value to the team.



air date: 2013-11-13

Robin gets called back to the Batcave but only as a house-sitter while Batman’s away.


Caged Tiger

air date: 2013-11-20

Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin return from a Bro-cation closer than ever, but their bro-mentum is interrupted by Dr. Light!


Second Christmas

air date: 2013-12-04

The Titans trick Starfire into believing in second Christmas with a second Santa.


Nose Mouth

air date: 2014-01-08

Raven’s past powers may cause consequences to the other Titans.



air date: 2014-01-15

After Robin swipes her cloak, Raven’s leggy figure is revealed and she transforms into Lady Legasus. Meanwhile, Cyborg gets stuck in the discarded cloak, revealing a dark side of his personality.


Breakfast Cheese

air date: 2014-01-22

Starfire convinces the reluctant Titans to try defeating their enemies with compassion rather than violence.



air date: 2014-02-05

Cyborg and Beast Boy show their love of waffles by making it the only word they say, much to the annoyance of the other Titans.



air date: 2014-02-19

Cyborg has a crush on Jinx.


Be Mine

air date: 2014-02-12

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the Titans are throwing a dance. Beast Boy knows who he wants to go with, and thing is… he wants to go with Terra, his ex-girlfriend, who already made a crack at eliminating the Titans.



air date: 2014-02-26

Robin removes two mockingbirds from the chimney with a gas he created in his lab. But the chemical mutates the birds into muscular bullies who then move into the tower.


Brain Food

air date: 2014-03-05

Beast Boy is tired of being the least intelligent of the Titans. When all of his efforts to get smart fail, he uses Raven’s spell book to cast a spell – not to make him smarter, but to make all of the other Titans dumber.


In and Out

air date: 2014-03-12

Robin infiltrates the H.I.V.E. Tower to destroy it, but instead he is distracted by its awesomeness!


Little Buddies

air date: 2014-03-19

Cyborg wants Pain Bot to be his “little buddy” but is the destructive robot too dangerous to be a sidekick?



air date: 2014-03-26

Killer Moth offers a reward for Silkie’s return, but will Silkie be happier away from the Titans?


Uncle Jokes

air date: 2014-04-09

Starfire is allowed to join Beast Boy and Cyborg’s revelry, if she avoids uncle jokes.


Mas Y Menos

air date: 2014-04-16

Robin tries to teach Spanish-speaking brothers his superhero ways.



air date: 2014-04-23

The dream worlds of the Titans.


Grandma Voice

air date: 2014-04-30

Cyborg is possessed by a “Grandma Voice”, which irritates the Titans.


Real Magic

air date: 2014-05-14

Robin dabbles with magic, ignoring Raven’s warning that he will anger the magic god.


Puppets Whaaaaat?

air date: 2014-05-21

Robin makes a deal with a sock puppet which turns him and the other titans into puppets.

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