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Executive producers Steven Spielberg ( ‘Super 8’, ‘Falling Skies’), Peter Chernin ( “Rise of the Planet of the Apes ‘), Brannon Braga (‘ FlashForward ‘,’ 24 ‘), Ren√© Echevarria (‘ 4400 ‘,’ Medium ‘) and Aaron Kaplan (‘ Good Christian Belles’) comes’ Terra Nova ‘, a story in which you will travel 85 million years back in time. The series starring the Shannon, a family of the year 2149 traveling to prehistory as part of an expedition which aims rehabitar Earth. At the not too distant future, the world is fading. It has been overdeveloped, overpopulated and overexploited, apart from the intense problems related to pollution. Most plants and animals have become extinct and abuse of science has degenerated into the near destruction of the universe. Once seen no turning back, scientists conclude that there is only one solution to save the Earth: create a space-temporal hole pasado.Los experts working in particle accelerator discovered by surprise a temporary fracture which makes it possible to build a portal to prehistoric times. Few are chosen, but Shannon are among them. Specifically, part of the Tenth pilgrimage to Terra Nova, the first human colony is established in this beautiful, unspoilt and no less dangerous ground. Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara, ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Men in Trees’, ‘Life on Mars’), a devoted father with a checkered past, is the unexpected guide your family in this world of mystery and terror which, of course, also inhabited by dinosaurs. His wife, Elisabeth (Shelley Conn, ‘Mistresses’, ‘Marchlands’), is a trauma surgeon and the latest medical signing of the colony. Josh (Landon Liboiron, ‘Life Unexpected’) is his 17 year old son, a troubled teenager who, despite traveling to rega√°dientes and give up all their luxuries, soon falls for the beautiful and antinormas Skye (Allison Miller, ‘ 17 again, ” Reyes ‘,’ Blood: the last vampire ‘) Maddy (Naomi Scott, “Life Bites’, ‘Lemonade Mouth’), so far the rarita daughter and unpopular Josh, hopes Terra Nova will provide a new opportunity to reinvent itself. Although you may not get it. Elisabeth hiring assures his family a place in the colony, but a mysterious secret related to his five year old daughter, Zoe (Alana Mansour), threatens his invitation to this utopia. When they arrive at Terra Nova, the Commander Nathaniel Shannon know Taylor (Stephen Lang, Avatar, ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’), a pioneer and leader of the settlement. Taylor and his right hand Guzman (Mido Hamada, ‘Nowhere Man’, ’24’) recognize them to Terra Nova Shannon is an environment fraught with opportunities, but neither hide them it is not as idyllic as it may seem. The sky is a clear blue, refreshing waterfalls carry water and vegetation could not be more exuberant. But there are dinosaurs whose diet includes human flesh and even a subset of renegades led by the fiery Mira (Christine Adams, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Whole Truth’) against Taylor and his leadership. Something dark hovering over Terra Nova. Not all are intended to save humanity and Shannon have to find out who or who they are. the world may otherwise disappear before you even start.

The Time Traveler Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) travels with his family 85 million years back in the prehistoric past. While the earth goes to overpopulation and pollution in the year 2149 based on Shannon to preserve on behalf of science with his journey the human race and correct the mistakes of the past. The new Utopia is a colony called Terra Nova, which was founded by Commander Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang). In their new home Jim find his wife Elisabeth (Shelley Conn) and the children Josh (Landon Liboiron), Maddy (Naomi Scott) and Zoe (Alana Mansour) a bright blue sky and vast landscapes with towering waterfalls before. But the idyll is deceptive, because here are also man-eating dinosaurs and other dangers lying in wait. Also does not seem to be really located on the salvation of mankind all the inhabitants of “Terra Nova”.