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The Lottery ‘is set in a time when women stop having children so that humanity is on the verge of its extinction. Sorprendementemente, 100 embryos are fertilized successfully, leading to the realization of a national lottery is held to decide which crien 100 newborns. The conflict that creates the lottery to gain control of those children is important for the interests of the government and the most basic power that begins to dominate humanity: the right to have a series familia.La is written by Timothy J. Sexton ( ‘ children of men “) and is executive produced with Dawn Olmstead ( ‘Prison Break’) with companies Grady Girl Productions and Warner Horizon TV.

Canceled after only one season of 10 episodes, ‘The Lottery’ is an American dystopian series set in 2025. Since 2019 there have not been any births in the land because of infertility pandemic. In a world destined to extinction, where women have stopped having children, when 100 embryos are successfully fertilized, a national lottery is held to decide the wombs in which these new beings will be raised. ‘The Lottery’, released in 2013, is starring Marley Shelton, Michael Graziadei, Athena Karkanis and David Alpay.