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Sam does not fit the typical image of women. The reason for this is quite unusual – the main character of the film “Close” has chosen an unusual profession and became an elite security expert. At the beginning of the story, she gets a new order, but decided to give it up, realizing the seriousness of the situation. As a result, the situation is such that Sam has to take under its protection Zoe – the daughter of a very rich couple. When killed the girl’s father, it becomes obvious that it is also included in the plans of unknown villains. Zoe trying to steal, but Sam saves her time. Count on any protection from law enforcement agencies do not have to: chase the heroines are not just hired killers, but also the police. Trying to escape from persecution, Sam and Zoe’s forced to kill several police officers with a dubious reputation. Sam attempts to contact the security company for which she works, leading to yet another attack pursuers. After that, the heroine finally convinced that she can only trust yourself. Meanwhile, Zoe stepmother tries to take over all the assets of the family, so as to deprive the rightful inheritance stepdaughter.