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2D remake of the series around the four popular turtle brothers Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo. The four brothers discover new powers and a mystical world beneath the streets of New Year City. You must learn to work together only to overcome the dangers of modern times. The Turtles are different this time not only by the color of their masks, but also by their genus. Moreover, it is no longer Leonardo ( “Leo”) the leader, but his more adult brother Raphael, known as Raph. Leo, however, is the cool rebel, Donatello ( “Donnie”), the technology genius and youngest Michelangelo ( “Mikey”) of the young guns of the troops. Included are again the mutant rat Splinter as a mentor and surrogate father, and April O’Neil, a young human allies of the Turtles – in the new edition of Afro-American roots. (Text: GR)