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Comedy, Drama TV Series Xena: Warrior Princess (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1995-09-04 by Broadcast syndication Channel. Serial was created by Doug Lefler, Harley Cokeliss, directed by Robert Tapert, Jack Perez. Cast include Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Kevin Smith, Jay Laga'aia. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

Series info

The initially season of the tv series Xena: Warrior Princess started airing in the United States and also Canada on September 4, 1995, ended on July 29, 1996, and also consisted of 24episodes It presents Gabrielle, the series co-star, close to Xena, formerly an additional personality in the TELEVISION series Hercules: The LegendaryJourneys Gabrielle comes to be Xena’s best ally; her first naiveté assists to equilibrium Xena and also aids her in identifying and also going after the”greater good.”

Theinitial season broadcast at United States in USANetwork The season was launched on DVD as a 7 disc boxed collection under the title of Xena: Warrior Princess: The Complete First Season on April 23, 2003 by Anchor BayEntertainment

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Sinsof the Past

air day: 1995-09-04

Xenafights a wicked warlord, a cruel Cyclops and also rough weather condition throughout her trip the home of Amphipolis, where she’s signed up with by a girl called Gabrielle, that’s a clever young protege.


Chariotsof War

air day: 1995-09-11

Xenasafeguards a community versus a band of punks led by a dad and also kid duo, when she is injured, Gabrielle is left fretting for the warrior princess.



air day: 1995-09-18

WhenGabrielle is abducted by a mystic, Xena gets in a modified state of awareness and also should deal with ghosts from her past in order to save her buddy.


Cradleof Hope

air day: 1995-10-02

Xenautilizes sneaky maneuvers to secure a baby that an oracle insurance claims will certainly someday lay hold of the King’s throne. Meanwhile, Xena should likewise make certain that Pandora, the granddaughter of the epic initial, has the ability to reset the lock on her valuable box.


ThePath Not Taken

air day: 1995-10-09

Inorder to quit a battle Xena should conserve a princess that has actually been drawn from her house. The kidnapping might result in a battle. Xena recognizes that a tools dealership is the one that has actually triggered whatever. When she tracks the dealership, she satisfies her old love Marcus, yet she is not exactly sure exactly how she really feels regarding him.



air day: 1995-10-16

Xenais misinterpreted for the awesome that killed a gropu and also assaulted of townspeople and also is prosecuted, triggering Ares, the god of battle to be happy at the success of his strategy.



air day: 1995-10-30

Gabriellemess around with an old scroll and also launches 3 Titans from centuries of bondage. Once once again, Xena should conserve a town from devastation. Gabrielle likewise discovers time for love.



air day: 1995-11-06

Whenthe gods capture Prometheus, the human race starts to shed the presents he provided: fire and also the capability to recover themselves. It’s approximately Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and also Iolaus to aim to complimentary Prometheus from his chains yet whoever is the one that releases him, might wind up dead.


Deathin Chains

air day: 1995-11-27

Xenaneeds to release Hade’s sibling, Celesta, Death Herself, from King Sisyphus that wishes to rip off fatality by holding her captive, therefore lengthening his life.


Hooves& & Harlots

air day: 1995-12-04

WhenXena and also Gabrielle experience the Amazons, Gabrielle attempts to conserve an Amazon and also unsuspectingly discovers herself an Amazon princess.


TheBlack Wolf

air day: 1996-01-08

Xenainfiltrates a band of rebels led by the Black Wolf and also assists them safeguard themselves versus Xerxes the warlord.


BewareGreeks Bearing Gifts

air day: 1996-01-15

Helenof Troy summons Xena and also asks her to assist finish the battle in between the Greeks and also the Trojans, that started over her.


AthensCity Academy of the Performing Bards

air day: 1996-01-22

Gabriellewishes to go into the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards, yet discovers that it is not exactly what she assumed it would certainly be. She assists an additional aiming poet uncover his real narration skill.


A Fistful of Dinars

air day: 1996-01-29

Xenalook for Ambrosia, a material with the ability of transforming somebody right into a god. She wishes to discover it prior to somebody that is not worthy to be a god does.


Warrior… Princess

air day: 1996-02-05

Thechild of King Lias, Diana, is the target of assassins. Fortunately, Xena looks nearly specifically like her. So, Xena goes covert to require the assassins from hiding and also record them.



air day: 1996-02-12

Whenher dead love Marcus, asks Xena to aid conserve great hearts, she takes a trip to the abyss to establish points.


TheRoyal Couple of Thieves

air day: 1996-02-19

Xenaemploys the assistance of Autolycus, the King of Thieves, in order to take a depository from a warlord and also return it to its rightful proprietors – unless Autolycus has something to claim regarding that.



air day: 1996-03-04

Aftercold when faced with threat, a baffled Gabrielle returns the home of Potidaea, where she gets a not-so-warm welcome from individuals, that have actually worked with a supposed warrior to conserve them from a warlord.



air day: 1996-04-22

A young child is pursued by his dad and also sibling. They wish to compromise him to their god, due to the fact that their “faith” requires it. It’s approximately Xena and also a drugged Gabrielle to conserve him.


TiesThat Bind

air day: 1996-04-29

Asthe god of battle, Ares, plans making Xena lead his military, the warrior princess satisfies a guy declaring to be her long-lost dad.


TheGreater Good

air day: 1996-05-06

Xenaassists Salmoneus, also known as Lord Seltzer, when a warlord desires him dead, because of a poor deal. Meanwhile, a mystical blonde lady is trackingXena



air day: 1996-05-13

Thewomen warrior Callisto, attempts to transform the globe versus Xena by devoting acts of terrorism in her name, while Xena battles to recover her real identification and also uncover why this mad girl is doing this.



air day: 1996-06-03

Afterfinding out a raiding event’s leader was accountable for the devastation in their town, Xena and also her sibling laid out to ruin him.


IsThere A Doctor in the House?

air day: 1996-07-29

Xenatries to quit a battle in between 2 bros, while Gabrielle has the tendency to an expectant Amazon sibling, that is lugging the youngster of a centaur.

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