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Comedy, Drama TV Series Xena: Warrior Princess (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1997-09-29 by Broadcast syndication Channel. Serial was created by Gilbert M. Shilton, Hilary Bader, directed by R.J. Stewart, Andrew Merrifield. Cast include Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith, Ted Raimi. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

Series info

The 3rd season of the tv series Xena: Warrior Princess started airing in the United States and also Canada on September 29, 1997, wrapped up on May 11, 1998, and also had 22episodes

TheThird season broadcast in the United States on the USANetwork The season was launched on DVD as a 5 disc boxed collection under the title of Xena: Warrior Princess: Season 3 on February, 2004 by Anchor BayEntertainment

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air day: 1997-09-29

AtAres’s demand, Xena is evaluated by the Furies for not retaliating the murder of her daddy and also is penalized by mistreatment and also insanity, leaving Gabrielle to fix the issue and also attempt and also opposite Xena’s madness.


BeenThere, Done That

air day: 1997-10-06

Theday goes from poor to even worse when Joxer is eliminated, however when the day starts once more … and also once more …Xenaunderstands she’s the just one that recognizes exactly what’s occurring and also keeps in mind the previous days, she has a 2nd opportunity to transform points.


TheDirty Half Dozen

air day: 1997-10-13

Xena, Gabrielle and also 4 warriors face Ares and also his brand-new military that have shield and also tools created by the god, Hephaestus, which could not be damaged by any kind of temporal tools.



air day: 1997-10-20

WhenXena takes a trip to Brittania in order to help quit Caesar’s intrusion, Gabrielle is fooled right into shedding her blood virtue, by taking the life of an innocent, which binds her to the wickedness “” one god””Dahuk.


Gabrielle’s Hope

air day: 1997-10-27

InBrittania, Gabrielle conceives and also quickly brings to life a child lady she namesHope Xena is not sure of exactly what to do due to the fact that the kid is the children of the wicked god Dahuk and also she could not determine in between eliminating the kid or securing her.


TheDebt (1)

air day: 1997-11-03

WhenXena is mobilized to the far-off kingdom of Chin to eliminate the Green Dragon, a job she left reversed years previously, she informs Gabrielle concerning her past in Chin in an effort to validate why she has to dedicate murder.


TheDebt (2)

air day: 1997-11-10

AfterGabrielle’s dishonesty of Xena’s homicidal objectives, Xena is locked up by the Green Dragon and also punished to pass away, and also she recollects concerning Lao Mao’s trainings and also the financial obligation owed to her.


TheKing of Assassins

air day: 1997-11-17

It’s dual problem when Gabrielle, Autolycus and also Joxer story to quit Joxer’s lookalike sibling, Jett, a harmful assassin, from eliminating his following target – QueenCleopatra


Warrior… Priestess … Tramp

air day: 1998-01-12

WhenXena and also Gabrielle satisfy yet one more Xena- lookalike, a virgin priestess called Leah, they need to determine that’s outlining versus Leah and also maintain Meg and also Joxer secure at the very same time.


TheQuill Is Mightier

air day: 1998-01-19

Jealousof Xena’s famous acts, Aphrodite places a spell on Gabrielle’s scroll, creating whatever composed on it to amazingly materialize.



air day: 1998-02-07

Maternialimpulses impend when Gabrielle experiences her wicked little girl Hope, that has actually released Callisto in order to eliminate Xena’s boy, Solan and also intends on cutting the relationship of Xena and also Gabrielle for life.


TheBitter Suite

air day: 1998-02-14

Afteraiming to eliminate each other, grief-stricken Xena and also Gabrielle awake in a weird land called Illusia, full of acquainted faces, where they need to deal with the discomfort and also temper brought on by the fatalities of their kids and also forgive each other in order to live.


OneAgainst An Army

air day: 1998-02-21

Xena, alone, need to fight the callous Persian military and also quit them from ransacking Greece, along with conserve an infected Gabrielle that is gradually passing away.



air day: 1998-02-28

A bold teenager attempts to persuade Xena that she would certainly make a far better companion compared to Gabrielle, by leading the duo to the swiped Urn ofApollo



air day: 1998-03-07

WhenJoxer is defeated to near-death, Xena coordinate with 2 hustler to retaliate Joxer, with a significant disadvantage fraud versus a callous pc gaming home proprietor and also his boy.


WhenIn Rome …

air day: 1998-03-14

It’s everything about power, when Xena need to take care of Caesar and also the national politics of Rome by trading a Roman aristocrat for the leader of the Gauls, which Xena desires released however initial she has to attempt not to eliminate the despisedCaesar


ForgetMe Not

air day: 1998-03-21

Torturedby her memories of Hope and also previous transgressions, Gabrielle sees the holy place of Mnemosyne, siren of memory, and also need to take a trip via her past in an initiative to cope with her memories or remove them for life. Meanwhile, Joxer need to secure Gabrielle’s body while her mind is away.


Fins, Femmes and also Gems

air day: 1998-04-25

Whileaiming to recuperate the North Star that Aphrodite has actually swiped, Xena comes to be consumed with fish, Gabrielle with her very own representation and also Joxer with being an apeman, all many thanks to Aphrodite’s sidetracking fixation spells.



air day: 1998-05-02

Xenahas to board a ship lugging detainees when Gabrielle, in the idea she’s releasing a caught Autolycus, does the very same, however they’re all damp when a tidal wave strikes.



air day: 1998-05-09

Xenaand also Gabrielle partner with Autolycus to recuperate a statuary that is a sign of tranquility in between 2 towns, however they need to take it back Autolycus’s method order for him to preserve his track record.



air day: 1998-05-16

Xenaand also Gabrielle has to quit Gabrielle’s good friend, Seraphin, from compromising herself to restore a siren, however they additionally need to emulate Ares and also Callisto, that are assisting Hope be born-again.



air day: 1998-05-23

WhenGabrielle’s wicked little girl, Hope, takes the type of her mom and also signs up with pressures with Ares to produce a race of superbeings, Xena and also Gabrielle need to quit her regime of horror.

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