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Family, Comedy TV Series Young and Hungry (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 2015-03-25 by ABC Family Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Emily Osment, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley, Jonathan Sadowski, Rex Lee, Jesse McCartney, Tessa Harnetiaux. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Young& &(********************************************************** )Late

. air day:2015-(*******************************************

)-25(************************************************************************************************* )tries to exercise whyJoshaborted the wedding celebration.(******************************************************************************************************** )takes a desolate Josh on his day.


Young& &Cookin’

air day:2015-04-01 WhenJoshstarts dating a lady that likes to prepare,(************************************************************************************************* )is afraid for her work.


Young& &Munchies

. air day:2015-04-

08Gabidiscovers that her dishes for a publication short article need to entail using

an unique active ingredient.

Episode4:.(*********************************************** & )&Old

. air day:2015-04-

15WhenGabihears its(********************************************************************************************************* )’s (***************** )th birthday celebration, she’s figured out to earn it unique for himandhis sweetheartAndreButGabi’s strategies wind up creating issues in between them, and her efforts to repair her mess just make it even worse – startling Josh, that requires Elliot to obtain him with an essential meeting. Meanwhile, Yolanda determines she wishes to educate her ex-husband Coleman a lesson, however winds up obtaining greater than she anticipated.


Young& &(*************************************************************************************************** )Time

. air day:2015-04-

22(************************************************************************************************* )is thrilled by a forthcoming see fromCooper, specifically because they’re concerning to take their partnership to the following degree. But after that Cooper mistakenly learns greater than he needs to concerning the last individual Gabi was with. Meanwhile, Josh rages to learn that Yolanda is hanging out with her ex-husband,Coleman


Young& &Moving

. air day:2015-04-29 When a bigger home opens up throughout the hall,GabiandSofiaare delighted.(************************************************************************************************************* )to obtain a get on the competitors, they hatch out a strategy when their property owner fanciesYolanda Meanwhile, Josh’s brand-new sweetheart Shauna is maintaining something from him, however it’s not exactly what Josh assumes.


Young& &(**************************************************************************************************** )Wheel

. air day:2015-05-06WhenJoshis seeking an unique present forShauna,Gabiassumes she has a wonderful conceptandgoes behind Josh’s back to earn it occur. When her grand strategy leads to an unpleasant get-together for Josh, But Gabi is frightened. And Elliot hesitates to sleep before his brand-new sweetheart, so he asks Yolanda to see him rest to earn certain he does not do anything humiliating.


Young& &Sandwich

. air day:2015-05-

15TiredofSofiabeing as well choosy when it pertains to her lovemaking,Gabicovertly establishes her up with an on the internet dating account in the hopes of discovering her a partner. But when Sofia assumes she’s discovered the best man, Gabi uncovers he’s concealing a huge trick. Meanwhile, Josh determines to take place a dating detoxification, and Yolanda uncovers that her brand-new sweetheart utilized to be truly close withElliot


Young& &(*********************************************************************** )Woman

. air day:2015-05-

20JustwhenCooperhas actually returned fromChinato be withGabi,(*********************************************************************************** )determines he should admit something to her. Meanwhile, Elliot’s sweetheart, Alan, supplies some unforeseen information and after that follows it up with a much more stunning shock.


Young& &(************************************************************************* )Two

. air day:2015-05-27(************************************************************************************************* )is perplexed after some long-held keys come rolling out. While aiming to find out her following step, she exists with a fantastic possibility that she’s not exactly sure she is worthy of.


Young& &(****************************************************************************************** )(************************************************************************************************* )(*********************************************************************************************** )(******************************************************************************************* )(************************************************************************************* )Back

. air day:2015-08-19Gabihas actually returned from her teaching fellowship inSwitzerlandandfears to face(*********************************************************************************** )after just how points were left in between them. But Josh urges he’s great and urges Gabi to take a work with his brand-new next-door neighbor. But when Josh assumes his next-door neighbor may have a point for Gabi, he requires to snooping to discover the reality.


Young& &(********************************************************************************************************************** )to Normal

air day: 2015-08-26

Gabisatisfies a charming man called Tyler, however to earn certain Josh is amazing with her dating somebody, she establishes him up with her next-door neighborSarah


Young& &Unemployed

. air day:2015-09-

02AfterSofiastops her work,Gabipressures(*********************************************************************************** )to think about employing her for a teaching fellowship. But Gabi is incapable to inform Sofia that she really did not obtain the work, so she should maintain Josh far from Sofia while she “works.” Alan requires to fulfill Elliot’s rejecting mommy, so Elliot hesitantly welcomes her to check out, where she incorrectly assumes Elliot is involved toJosh


Young& &(*************************************************************************** )Brother

. air day:2015-09-

09Sofia’s siblingBenjishows up inSanFrancisco,andhe’s an unlike the youngsterGabikeeps in mind. Immediately drew in to the full-grown variation, Gabi is delighted when Benji asks her out on a day, regardless of Sofia’s cautions to steer clear of from her infant sibling. Will Gabi’s flirtation reason stress in the ladies’ relationship? Meanwhile, Josh and Yolanda need to obtain imaginative when they need to toss Elliott a stag party on extremely brief notification. But when their strategy entails a dating application for gay guys, every person obtains greater than they anticipated.


Young& &Earthquake

. air day:2015-09-16Sofiais dispirited concerning her absence of work potential customers, soGabitakes her to a psychic to obtain a far better concept of exactly what the future holds. Sofia has severe uncertainties concerning Madame Paulette’s capabilities, while Gabi worries when she discovers that Josh will certainly propose and swears to prevent her employer’s pending proposition. But when the fortune-teller precisely forecasts a quake, it’s clear she recognizes exactly what she’s discussing, so the ladies return for one more analysis. This time she guarantees them loan, love and a package of pleasure, which resembles an opportunity when Elliott and Alan ask Sofia a life-altering concern. Meanwhile, Yolanda aims to assist Josh overcome his anxiety of feasible aftershocks with unfavorable outcomes.


Young& &(****************************************************************************************** )(**************************************************************** )(*********************************************************************************************** )(******************************************************************************************* )(********************************************************************************************* )Back

. air day:2015-09-

Episode17:.Young&(********************************************************* )

air day:2015-09-

Episode18:.Young&(************************************************************************************************************ )änger

air day:2015-09-30It’sGayPrideinSanFrancisco,(********************************************************************************************************************************* )because they have an ideal sight of the ceremony path, Gabi obtains the great concept to sublet their home for the weekend break. Sofia cannot take another of Gabi’s wild plans and chooses not to allow unfamiliar people remain in their home. But when occupants Sam and Gracie show up, a battle occurs, and it ends up Gabi and Sofia have a lot more alike with the unfamiliar people compared to each various other. Josh is delighted when he is welcomed to join an Ed Talk, however his phase shock triggers his lecture to take an unpleasant turn. Meanwhile, Yolanda and Elliot’s weekend break of partying does not end up fairly like they anticipated.


Young& &(********************************************** )Brother( 1)

air day:2015-10-14ElliotandAlan’s wedding celebration is ideal around the bend,andregardless of(********************************************************************************************************* )’s qualms, the pair asks Gabi to earn some wayward appetisers for their wedding. When Josh’s half-cracked more youthful sibling, Jake, turns up for an unanticipated see and introduces he wishes to be a cook, Josh employs him to assist Gabi with wedding celebration preparation. But as stimulates fly in between both, Josh understands exactly what he’s done and mosts likely to excellent expenditure to divide the fledgling lovebirds. Elsewhere, Yolanda worries when she loses Elliot’s wedding celebration ring while among the bridegrooms really feels overlooked of his very own weddings.


Young& &(********************************************** )(******************************************************************************************************************** )(2)

air day:2015-10-14



air day:2015-11-24
GabiandSofiatypically aren’t able to be with their households this vacationseason, so they determine to offer at a regional homeless sanctuary onChristmasEveYolandais missing her youngstersanddetermines to boycott the vacation, a minimum of up untilGabiurges her to connect to her separated sibling,(************************************************************************************ ).Asquickly as the brother or sisters rejoin atJosh’s loft space, nonetheless, old complaints are broadcast,andthe family members party promptly goes from negative to even worse.Butwhen Gabi uncovers Jolanda is maintaining a huge trick fromYolanda, will the siblings ultimately apologize, or is a lot more difficulty imminent?Elsewhere, Josh heads out of his means to comfort an unpleasantElliot, that is missing out onAlan, whileSofiaduke it outs her principles when a chain store staff makes a mistake in her support.

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